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This erotic tale has sent us the governess, pseudonym of a mother who is not considered mature,

but illustrated in the sexual arts. In this story, you will discover not only the combined techniques of oral and anal pleasures,

but also the sense of freedom and enjoyment that brings tear down the taboos partner.

Naked in the mirror, slowly he is watching every corner of your body. He had learned to love.

The roundness of her hips, thick thighs, buttocks and belly upturned slightly swollen impudently showed the traces of time.

Late thirties, and fulfilled the wishes of motherhood, her experiences were read clearly on your skin.

But there was much deeper marks, invisible signs of the soul that had succeeded in creating a new woman.

The same that hid a renewed spirit of adventure lost years ago, no longer hid the urge to jump into learning all that will bring satisfaction, and lead to a new sexual nirvana.

He turned on the bedside light to begin his intimate ritual of lust, that would lead to the path of excitement.

And so incandescent displayed when Alberto arrived.

His fingers began to slip into the skin slowly through each pore, erizándola and turning their irrepressible desires to be loved.

He grabbed her breasts with both hands and gently pinched her nipples; his body, automated, wet sex in the act.

He kept looking in the mirror with zeal of orgasm, without complexes, without traumas; loving him as it was.

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He kept stroking her belly, going over memories of motherhood, smiling always do … Her husband tenderly kissed their brands, making them beautiful.

He continued to explore what he knew so well; He massaged her hips and tight, buttocks clenched.

Orgasm longing possessed. He pressed and released her buttocks, bordering the climax and reining in their desire to be thrust …

Lydia opened the box. The hidden at the bottom of your closet ark kept the holy grail of the games long ago,

resuscitated his marital sex life. His mind flamed with memories, and his body burned in desire;

secret appetites again feel her husband come from behind, only definable sensations with howls.

Pushing all the vibrant artillery, he pulled out what their dreams were asking; anal plug of a thousand orgasms,

little sidekick sleepers and pleasures that never dared to enjoy until taboos almost froze their marital life.

He closed his eyes and introduced gently, while her clitoris lightly touched with fingertips.

The perception of fullness possessed, and carrying the times when he thrust Alberto mercilessly.

It was something animal, almost instinctive. I had to slow down because only the memory of his encouragement led her to orgasm.

He reminisced about all the dirty words whispered when they did, the words she asked,

and her fingers instantly accelerated in ever wider circles, each wetter moment …

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He looked at the clock on the wall. In ten minutes I start the game. The stomach knotted.

Finally, he heard the door. The familiar sound of the keys to store them in the drawer, and slight cough.

Still, holding my breath, I could hear the beating of his heart accelerate.

The bedroom door opened very slowly; he looked at her and smiled. At that time, a teen modesty invaded her cheeks, sonrojándolas completely.

You drive me crazy. I’m dying to taste Alberto said with bated breath, untying his tie and releasing the first button of his shirt.

He came over and, without removing the rest of her clothes, lay beside her. He started kissing her slowly; forehead, nose and chin.

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It was slowly lowering his tongue down her shoulders and stopped at her breasts. She moaned and closed his eyes.

Alberto alternated tongue and teeth with gentle pinching her nipples. Lidia’s body was already a tahona of uncontrolled passion;

his fingers pressed the clitoris and, opening his mouth, led her eyes to her husband.

For a moment, Alberto stopped the delirium unleashed on her breasts, to understand that the look was begging touch.

He slid his long fingers and touched her anus. He noted that had the plug, as he had asked,

and how moisture trickling down my legs and began to soak the sheets. Its member reacted to forced marches,

fighting to be freed from the straightjacket pants. But today’s game contain the beast required

She went down to her clitoris. She quickly pulled her hand. Alberto put his mouth to her vulva and savored unashamedly;

he had become addicted to perfume his wife.

His fingers gently parted lips, and began the oral ritual.

The clitoris gushed insulting, in the act, ready to be worshiped by his tongue; a brush with which he painted masterpieces, fleetingly eternal works.

The canvas showed the geometry of pleasure and triggered ovations; abstract circles and sharp moans.

And the lips covered her lips, and the hand of Alberto moved the spring anal joy, while Lidia’s vulva offered exultant.

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Alberto fingers found the tension of tissues; Lidia’s chagrin was at a point of no return, in that agonizingly pleasant descent without brakes, to which a single mother who is carried away by not going to stop.

As peers, I’ll kill you! Lidia cried, loving the art of her husband.

With the frantic ring yolk entering her vagina, breath condensing her vulva and tongue electrifying her clitoris, Alberto pulled the plug pulling it in one fell swoop.

Lidia became convulsive spasms and thousands of gasping shrieks. Orgasm had hit harder than ever before.

And, like a boxer on the canvas, Lidia asked the fighting ended by K.O. technical.

Seconds later, he opened his eyes and watched him smile. Even with the accelerated breath and gasped, asked: What have you done to me?

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