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Here is the third erotic story of this popular series of rough sex. Its title “Blow” appears that says it all, but there is much more …

I can only tell you that, at this point, Elsa is a determined unleashed fierce to consummate their wildest hopes.

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If you read them, delight in this issue of oral sex …

Ricardo abruptly pulled my mouth from his penis.

Not because he was doing blowjob she disliked him,

but rather by some kind of childish modesty impulsively came when Joseph told us that we were arriving at Park West.

-Aparca On Paseo de Ruperto Chapi gestured Raul Joseph, as he pulled his fingers in my vagina.

A little below where the bus Jose Angel gets -confirmó.

We recompusimos fleetingly, as if nothing had happened. Each discreetly buttoning his pants,

and I awkwardly placing the thong, dress down and relocating my breasts.

We parked beyond the marquees, near a small hut hidden among the pines and cedars surrounding the outside of the park and rides and keep their secrets.

We left the car almost silent. Streetlights illuminated in the night shadows and trees a kind of instinctive collective shame, which tried to wriggle away.

I Well, where’s the party, guys? I asked to break the ice, leaving the lights and going to the dugout.

Everyone smiled, but Ricardo.

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I’m calling Eve. He said he would be here with her friends in the dorm explained with a straight face,

as she took that mobile prehistoric and few meters between them, as if to order a stock transaction.

Angel began a banal conversation about male fever summer to avoid the bad feeling that began to reign,

and Raúl José encouraging to participate in it. I just thought fuck. To continue fucking …

Guys, sorry to interrupt your philosophical debate about the heat that is doing and the perverse consequences of the summer,

but I want a drink. In fact, I want another rum and coke ‘I told them the arrogance that gave me being the only girl in the group.

Actually, what I wanted was an excuse to spend the night with them and experience more libertine sex, hooligan and carefree group.

My body demanded more war; He wanted to know what was an orgy first hand, and one of those annoyances could be susceptible to ruin his girlfriend, Eva.

At that time, Ricardo was returning hanging up the phone.

I’ve caught Eve back to his dorm. But I have convinced to give around and join us said with haughty tone.

Apparently, the others went to a party at Pacha he added.

‘I think it’s great that Eva will join us. I do not know who he is, but I find it ideal death. Now, I want a drink now! Any ideas?

Eva brings leftover liquor Decanter immediately replied Ricardo …

The idea that it was built during all those years; all wet dreams; all the times he had masturbated me …

So naughty and sensual dust that had cast in the Faculty, faded as morally disfigured dominant cockiness.

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It had just become the scales of justice macho, meat Promethean detestable in the eyes of a silent Inquisition.

That fiery body an hour ago I loved that sensually hendia me,

had become a penetrating look that etiquetaba me as the most detestable bitch, the new Whore of Babylon.

But I would not fall into that trap.

Great, liqueurs and other cheerful woman night! I exclaimed, grinning from ear to ear.

Well for me the night is still very happy, Elsa Angel muttered, crestfallen and mischievous smile of satisfaction.

Probably they passed through his mind recent pictures in which she masturbated in the car or watching how Ricardo fucked me in the parterre of the Faculty.

There was a small silence, and we all laughed out loud. All but Ricardo.

I think I’m going to meet him.

Eva knows very well the park -justificó serious tone, pretending to look the phone and going out to meet with a brief fanfare to tell us returning.

At that moment, we looked at how children look looking for a leader to lead them to consummate devilry.

What’s wrong? Raul asked, shrugged his shoulders.

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what Men all said, staring into his eyes. Puerile unfounded jealousy …

But do not worry, we will go much better without him … without his girlfriend. Do you want to organize a small party?

We’ve been trying one answered Angel while.

Well, then listen: we will follow this little road until we find a secluded bench where we can be at ease.

But one of you has to take care of bringing the glasses. What do you think?

Joseph was the shyest of the three, and he had not done anything with me. So he offered to go for drinks.

Angel joined as a good friend, leaving me alone with Raul.

Are you afraid? I asked the moment they leave.

Why should it? He replied with a slight stutter.

It’s what it seems I whispered, pulling ahead.

I hung onto his shoulders and began kissing her neck. He stood, did nothing, but her body was receptive.

His skin was responding to the caresses of my tongue, now, wet spinning in circles for his jugular, straining tendons.

Intermittently, my mouth was pretending to grab their muscles and their lobes and interspersed again with more tongue …

And my nails into his torso.

Elsa Damn, I’re putting a hundred … confessed quelled.

even’re Not really excited answered defiantly, posing the palms of my hands on his chest.

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I pulled one meter and ordered him to not look away from me. I began to undress. His eyes bulged.

The more noticed his chagrin, the more excited me.

I took off all my clothes, I pounced on him with my bristling and rocky breasts, and we throw ourselves on the grass.

Probably, that was the moment when he tore my shirt.

I meet again drugged by another wave of burning desire and sexual arousal that brutalized me and,

without forgiveness, annihilating any possible resistance Raul.

It was left out too, so I restrain my instincts wolf.

I posé astride his belly and grabbed the shirt slightly to look into his eyes, now fragile and submissive.
All right, Raul.

Only you I’ll ask again: Do you want to fuck me?

Of course, Elsa.

But all this is giving me a little cut. I think I need a little more alcohol to assume …

But you want? Yes or no? I asked, once again.

Yes! She cried vociferously.

For a moment we laughed … We smiled and gently kissed.

I do not know how long I was over him, stroking his face and kissing him tenderly as if I had fallen in love. B

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ut I know the romantic moment ended abruptly when we heard Angel and Joseph approaching from afar.

You want to help you get dressed? he asked hastily Raul.

Are you going to get jealous as Ricardo if they see me naked?

No, of course not -reafirmó honestly.

Joseph and Angel were decelerating step as they approached, certainly disbelievers …

I guess centrifuged their minds the question whether it was really naked.

Guys, come! -Les urged cheerfully. You must not be afraid of a naked woman, a long time ago that your gender bitten apple …

They came with such childlike, mischievous and wordless, as charming smile. They opened a bottle and served drinks.

I invited him to talk about everything that had happened during the night …

Naked in front of them, asking them to be honest with your feelings. And they spoke.

And we laughed … until I took my theatrical side and I got serious and the most vicious and perverse histriónicamente melody, told them that their trousers down.

What? He exclaimed Joseph, I almost choked.

os’ll Make some blowjobs able not forget. Or do you prefer to say fellatio to sound more refined?

The three left their glasses on the floor and unbuttoned almost in unison. I told them to come.

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I let my knees fell on the fine soil of caminillo. Raul was on one side and Joseph on the other,

so I ordered Angel tuck his penis in my mouth, while grabbing the yards of his friends, familiarizing myself with them.

I had never done anything remotely like that, except in my wettest dreams.

I had to concentrate to keep the balance and rhythm.

Alcohol not help but heat seeping through my pores, the fire in my veins, could with everything.

I gritted their penises with my palms down so that when one’s skin, my fingers noticed the glans other.

My tongue played with Angel member in my mouth; as if he were doing a massage,

he pressed the tip of her tongue against his bridle and absorbed with their lips; the he rested on his foreskin and again absorb.

For a few seconds, he tried to flipflops deep throat, for noticing my bell and the pressure of my throat against his glans.

I wanted to keep you in that state for a while, but could not hold …

Soft, discreet groaned and turned away to pour himself a drink at the bank. I stayed with Jose and Raul, looking at his knees.

Who wants to be next? I asked -Les which schoolgirl.

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