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Porn for women is the trilogy of erotic stories in which the sublime Valérie Tasso makes a journey

around the ways in which a woman,

no doubt about their likes and passions, live and feel pornography.

Like a great movie xxx it were, it has crumbled in the hottest frames, feelings and thoughts female,

uniting them sexual sequence which sleeker porn video.

This is the first where you will find the main character reveling in a bacchanal.

Dieter asked me when the meeting doubted it for a moment.

He was a good guy, but lacked the virtue of

knowing exceeded without overreaching.

Is there any special requirements? -asked.

I said no, no costumes or weird things.

There was not even dress code.

Organizes’m very serious, dear, very professional … pointed as if to finish convince people.

I jotted down the address in the unique role he had at hand, the happy electricity bill,

while another million outstanding things were spinning in my head.

Where the fuck?! Left that set with lace silk La Perla, wickedly expensive !?

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At first, I felt concern about the excessive number of people who had gathered at the attic of the street

Bonanova. I did not get to tell exactly how many we were.

Could not.

The semi-naked bodies tend to look alike.

Suddenly, concerns were allayed.

I suppose you take ice … said, handing me a glass which I assumed was our host.

He was a handsome guy, swarthy and melodic Argentine accent,

she held a beautiful blonde legs even longer than the intent with which scrutinized me,

and I assumed it had been rented by the city for the occasion.

If you mean whiskey, yes. If you mean the blonde, I prefer it alone.

The blonde came over and gave me a peak. I stroked her, without more, the cheek.

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Dieter I could see in the distance, sitting on a beautiful chester three places and how a petite girl, and seemed hungry,

contained in his mouth all their generous member. A group of four or five people closely watching the scene masturbating.

When he saw me, smiled Dieter half smile, which responded by slightly raising my glass as a sign of “To your health!”.

The music was still audible, without fanfare, but I knew that in just a moment,

would no longer be heard,

muffled by the howls and moans, incoherent speech and fierce desire.

He smelled of sandalwood and musk.

Soon, the smell would also be lost.

I walked among the people chatting, fucking masturbated or simply watching others.

Suddenly, I felt like a hand gently grabbed me by the belly,

a hard member while leaning on my buttocks, as if seeking shelter.

turned slowly and, without looking at his face, snuggled my lips to hers.

could smell in his mouth, the taste of any of the pussies that were offered by the room.

descended slowly toward the belt, almost as slowly as unzipped his pants to free the imprisoned animal. …

He throbbed, I, palpitábamos together.

His feet were bare, and her breathing was stirred when I stood in front of his purple glans.

Sit ‘I ordered.

leaned against the tip of my tongue on the frenulum of his foreskin,

while with his right hand,

drew two ice cubes that left gently on the ground.

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With my full lips, I pinch his penis hard, as he placed his feet on the ice.

Noticing the cold, my unknown lover arched her back in time with a dry throaty noise, spasmodic.

before Melt, you’ve probably run ‘I announced solemnly.

started with my mouth, gently down from the glans to the stem,

making pressure with varying intensity until the saliva allowed my lips circulasen on his phallus like rain kisses the sea.

started to give him different language touches on the glans and frenulum, while masturbated spiral.

Someone from behind me gently pulled his legs and began stroking the inside of my thighs.

When my victim ejaculated, I lay face up on the carpet, staring at the ceiling moldings.

The touch of hands playing on my thighs had begun to take effect and nothing mattered to me that suddenly disappeared my panties lace.

could feel the warmth of a new breath on my belly.

Someone started me gently stretch your arms back, and a tongue began to explore the palms of my hands,

while another was busy with my feet, walking, one by one, the gaps between my fingers.

How many people had about?

He could hear the murmur of the crowd, as she felt like my ass and beat back the heat of the carpet.

seemed to distinguish a elderly couple, holding hands, watching me. no longer hear the music.

Someone I gently parted the vulva and began to caress the clitoris,

while other languages fiddling with my nipples joined.

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Something was introduced with strength in my vagina, and my body contracted;

skin crawled, while my dry throat emitted a sound.

lost sight of ceiling moldings.

heard moans that I did not produce.

body is narrowed, it was shrinking, contracted about himself and pressed all my energy just before the great expansion, the universe, nothing, were shared to infinity.

body was no longer mine, it was indistinguishable from the bodies of others and the joy did not belong to me,

it was not mine nor was anyone … it was everyone.

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