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I served the glasses again, I approached and offered them each drank a little, my wife was completely sweaty, his breathing gradually returned to normal, you liked my love?

I asked if honey, replied, is that Toño has tremendous cock to complete may go in, from the beginning I felt I was coming,

but I wanted to enjoy and I held prolong my orgasms, I think there were three seguiditos.

And tranquilized, Toño said, going to bed to keep more comfortable, of course,

I said and went bedroom wing leaving the door wide open; see my love, I also want you, quickly love answered,

I will prepare other drinks, well I already felt a little dizzy, or rather, thought more of the account,

as I answered are now six prepared glasses that I take and as I do not usually strong drink,

I already felt over the account, but happily excited.

Toño mind later lifted and carrying her laid her on the bed their bodies were seething with desire, passion.

Toño was placed on my wife received him with her legs wide open, Viky completely naked;

he kissed her eyes closed and was moving toward the center of her pleasure, kissed her ears,

neck while whispering how much he liked and continued with her wet caressing, went through her nipples,

sucked her prominent breasts metiéndoselos or more possible in the mouth for a long time until they were in a state of full erection.

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I was paralyzed, mute, I could not believe what was happening, my wife was being possessed by another man in my presence,

Finally, he asked: metemela again Toño all, I want her all in! Make me yours!

I want to feel you inside of me! Since morning I saw you I liked you a lot and see the size of your organ, barbarian,

is the size told me my cake, this if I will fill.

So he bended front opened her legs took his member between his right hand and leading him hurriedly introduced to the bottom, he disappeared completely into her wet and hot sex.

They began their game slipped it and pulled him toward a circular motion, input, output, it was his again, and was within her,

was stunned disbelief to have my wife with him making love! ,

He was in and out! circular motion again came to the bottom of their delicacy feeling that came to each envestida were long minutes to enjoy ami woman. In this position;

I took it to get it out with his right hand and masturbated her cake,

but she whispered to him: do not take it out my love! Everything !, fuck me all up inside, how nice these taking me, you are what you craved,

still maaaas Move !, Máaaaaas! Put it all !, all! said to him, stand still! and she gave him a good dose of vaginal contractions that gave the impression of wanting to eat your penis,

what a treat that amazing feeling to feel your throbbing sex imprisoning my body Toño said., followed with slow movements, enjoying the beautiful feeling of seeing,

K. having finally completely naked and giving him passionately, was accelerating the pace as Viky.

He asked: faster Toñito.! Faster … more … more, more, maaas,!;

How rich feel! The have good thick R.! !!!It is the maximum!!!!

Ah, ah, ah! I come I come !, I love you, you, you rich! Maaaas! Máaaaas! Put it all, everything.!

There, there, maaas! How beautiful you do me !, that rich you catch me.!

Move more, quick, fast maaas, put it all Máaaaas! Everyone mmmáaaaas! !!! Aaaaaayyyyyyy !!!!!!

Then Viky straddled him, front and leading with his right hand his penis, again put it, and began to ride moving up and down in a circle,

panting, moaning and screaming with pleasure: there , ay that rich treat! Ah, aaah! That beautiful! Ah, ah, ah, ah !, you like honey.?,

vidios bokep

You want more ?, while with both hands clutching her breasts fondled her nipples, and moved up and down, slow, fast, circular motion ;

Aaah that delight, that tasty !, must be divine !, I’m already yours!, I’m already tuyaaa! Let me enjoy it a lot! How happy I doing Toño.,

AAAIE that divine !, Aaaayyyyy !, and when about was coming her orgasm again stopped, carefully rose, turning, turned her back sitting back on him,

stretched his right hand on his buttocks and taking precious board placed it on her vagina rubbing it with energy and is guiding her put it back saying it’s the richest and most flavorful thing I’ve ever tasted !,

Give it to me baby! I want to feel in the glory ah! Ah! Give me more !, More! I want more of your thingy! Take me all, all, yours !, let me move!

OH! OH! Over fuck me more, more! more more! How rich you have to thick cock!

I felt tremendously excited to see nothing in that position beautiful buttocks of my wife and how my friend’s cock in and out of her exquisite cake disappearing completely;

up, down, she entered, left, slow, fast; and my wife circular movements while exclaiming ah, ah, aaahh, that divine love that exquisite !,

you do, Toño said, grab divinely have the biggest cake I’ve ever caught, you’re beautiful and very horny.

Now they separated again placed Viky.

vidios bokep

face up placing their rich buttocks on the edge of the mattress, she spread her legs and standing in front medium lifted them to his shoulders and now he took his body with his right hand,

placed it against her sex, he located her clitoris and brushing against slowly he masturbated until she.

excited again, he no longer resisted and asked: and Toño!

vidios bokep

Put it! and again let her go to the bottom and movements, first slow was increasing the pace,

it is now completely opened her legs, my wife, with her hands, frantically caressing her breasts, squeezing her nipples,

arching and engaging their movements to him, moaning, sighing and almost out of control and asked again: more love! Faster, faster, maaas! plus! plus! ,

Now if I come again !, Toño he went right leg over his shoulder so that its image is fully reflected in the mirror, this excited me too see the body of my friend.

in and out of her sex, with slow movements, and he quickens it. I kept exclaiming: more, read more Ooooooooooh!

Over my love! I I come, I come to you, again !, I come, I veeeeengo, put it all. up in, the more, faster, more! Woe, woe,

Aaaayyyy! Put it maaaaaas! Maaaaaas! Ayyy you have it tasty! How rich feel it! Move more, faster, faster !, Máaaaaaas! Woe, woe, AAAIE!

Everyone put it! Toda¡ I’m coming! I’m vinieeeeendo! Oh, Oh daddy, AYYY! Ayyyy papi! Aaaaahhhh! . . I veeeengo me !, AAAAYYYYYYYYYY! . … Me and came !.

Paralas more Viky. i want to get everything in you, her.

He moved closer to him and took his penis, guided to the entrance of her sex,

more to and pushed shoved it deep into her vagina, wet, still throbbing, my friend started rhythmic, slow movements, was gaining pace , fast, faster, faster, more !.

vidios bokep

My wife turned to stimulate and again asked: faster love more, more, more I want to come again !, the two together !, this stimulated me,

vidios bokep

I was excited as ever, again listening, watching with Toño is picked my wife and she completely liberated as delivered, enjoying, moaning words full of passion, eroticism.

The also completely excited circular motion was moved in and out, slow, fast, slow, fast !,

Viky, he writhed, moaned, and asked: fonder.!

I want her all !, all, more, more !; he felt his orgasm and also close up the pace; came in, went out, I got everything goes in comes out, she shouted:

I again come Daddy.! more more!; when he placed a pillow under her buttocks and fully open their legs,

he quickly put it back in this position his penis entered completely,

all the way completely disappearing inside her vagina to accelerate the pace he felt was coming, me come too, said Toño !.

How rich, tasty cake that you !, you rich, it’s mine, mine !; again my wife said,

I also come to me, as with both hands her two huge volcanoes he stroked, and when the point was to come her orgasm my excited the most woman whispered.!

Give me more of your “cock” Dad, plus! Plus, máaaaaaaas !, that tasty, rich !, I feel that all up inside, what a treat, and again on the verge of orgasm almost shouted:

Máaaaaas Máaaaaaaaaaass cock !, cock, cock how rich you Papi I vengooo me!,!

I come! How rich I’m coming Aaaayyyyyy papacito cute !!!!!! AAAAAHHHHHHHG.

while Toño orgasm also consummated, he shouted shouted !

vidios bokep

Alas, alas, AYYY !!!!!! …. Ah, aaaaaaah! that tasty I’m coming, I told my friend that rich cake, it’s mine, it’s mine, beautiful,

aaaaahhhh! and they came together; Toño when the reached out and dropped his jet him milk that came to the breasts of my m woman h a bit near the corner of her lower lip,

Viky with both hands her breasts with semen smeared fell him he turned to me and sticking her tongue licking barely reached his index finger wet with Toño milt.

vidios bokep

I was surprised, the force of my friend and extremely horny my wife,

but many drinks I’d had made their effect and slightly I fell asleep on the couch after about thirty minutes I awoke to hear moans again ; was my wife and Toño, they were again taking, I

straightened up a little to see how my friend placed Viky crouched on the edge of the bracera chair, next to me,

pointing their exquisite buttocks toward him in position they call “goat on cliff,” enjoying his view those delicious buttocks had and that in that position looked even larger,

fleshy and appetizing, is the observed deliciously, is caressed,

he approached his member again at the entrance the cake of my wife, I rubbed a few moments,

as he realized it was deliciously wet, again slipped it began its circular motion, input and output to almost hit with her eggs,

she felt again delight his thrusts, then began to move first in a lilting until mated their movements he realized that the position where more pressure felt her vagina,

was at the entrance, so he chose to take it off all and then out again to blow to the bottom,

Viky again till you excited whisper: more love! Faster, faster, the more! Maaaas! plus! metemela all, so I really like what a treat, I feel you all in my !

vidios bokep

I feel now bigger and thicker penis that you have rich daddy, I do not get tired to enjoy it, to enjoy it; Ah, ah, ahhh, what a treat,

I want more, give me more cock than rich have it, more, faster but, now, let me enjoy my ass, metemela by the year my love, my husband gave him my virginity and I give you my ass;

Toño put the tip of his cock at the entrance of the anus of my wife, I push out a little! Ayyyyy LOVE HURTS !, please Dodgy said Tono,

took spittle between his fingers, he dipped the entrance ass of my wife; Dodgy ponte, he said again, again pushed;

I was able to see half the head of his cock entered, he pushed a little more and go! He broke his head; my wife complained again:

PAPI AYYYY HURTS !, aflójate fonder, he told her; He pushed again and shoved HALF !, ayyyyy, complained AGAIN MY WIFE!

Almost Toño said, a little more, another push and what a barbarian, I thought you would not come, but I told my friend,

a quiet time remained for the ass what my wife received the enormous member he was inside, complete;

gradually they began to move, my wife’s breathing was now too fast but already very hot said,

and I gave my ass Tono, and start to feel pretty; they began to move and already very excited whisper: now I love fill me the ass,

fuck me tasty and engaging their movements again excited the most they shouted: Máaaaaaas cock !, Máaaaaas cock, what a rich cock you have Papi I vengooo !, !

vidios bokep

I come from me! How rich I’m coming Aaaayyyyyy papacito cute !!!!!! AAAAAHHHHHHHG. Juanito Come, come my love give me your cock in the mouth;

I quickly approached, I only got my pants, pulled out my cock between trusa, OH, was not large, I placed it at the entrance to his lips,

opened them and I practically sucked, came and went, I already it was too hot, too soon approached my orgasm; Ayyyyyyy my life!

I just managed to say, I pulled my cock from his mouth and flung on his face my milk jet AYYYYYYYYYY, ME !,

AHHHHHHH VINE. while Toño orgasm also consummated, he shouted shouted !! Alas, alas, AYYY !!!!!!

Ah, aaaaaaah! that tasty I’m coming, I told my friend that rich cake, it’s mine, it’s mine, beautiful, aaaaahhhh! and they came together;

Toño when you get caught and released a jet him milk bath that my wife’s back; is henderos and approaching me with a still very hot kiss told me:

MY LOVE, I AM YOUR WHORE And you will be my pimp.

vidios bokep

They sat down on the bed, I went to them asking such, they liked? Toño said Viky really wonderful is all a socket, and your Toño interrupted my wife, well,

I think the experience was complete, I hope, continue giving me my friend, than the first and last time.

Of course he not responded Toño every time you invite me I will be ready to accompany them and enjoy their privacy.

my wife retired to the shower, followed her and got into the shower together, like children enjoyed tickling, kissing passionately,

he soaped the body completely; she did the same, and stooping to soaping eggs again my friend’s cock to mouth got;

He was at rest, but its size does not lose the extension in length.

I thought my wife henceforth no longer going to masturbate after catching, I think you have filled; not just her vagina, but also your ass.

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