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When we were kids, the nanny was accustomed to bathe before lunch and then to us sleep naked in the same bed. Helenita remember since my little sister was eight years old and I-nine.

We recommended that we cherish because we were brothers, we did not know is that it took advantage of the afternoon to enjoy her body, as Helenita discovered at age eleven.

One afternoon in February, in midsummer, was awakened by the heat and looked for drinking water.

Passing by the service department, he heard a cry that made her uneasy, looking out the window, he saw surprise naked on the bed, with a device coming in and out of her vagina as she moaned desperately.

Her legs ran a liquid wetting the sheet. I was shocked and ran to wake up,

Fernandito, Fernandito! something happens to Josefa, awakens Fernando.

What do you say?

If he is crying naked in his bed with steep knees and legs in and out a thick black long tube.

I got up in a bad mood and naked approached.

Unintentionally strong closed the kitchen door to avoid the wind that chilled us to get to the window we saw Josefa sleeping well covered.

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Helenita, you’ve dreamed of.

And we got into bed.

No I have not dreamed Fernandito I saw it with my eyes.

The door opened and Josefa came and asked us if we were walking through the kitchen.

we have not raised.

We capped and left.

My sister did not stay quiet and the next day without telling me he got up shortly after we climbed and slipped quietly into the bedroom of Josefa.

She was naked stroking her breasts to lick with his tongue, his side was long and thick black tube.

I was awakened to her mouth to not make noise and told me very angry Oh! Fernando men are useless.

I protested What?

Look Josefa this naked stroking her tits.

Helenita’re mad as a hatter, let me sleep.

Fernando not lie, come for you to see

I got up and I said get dressed, it’s cold

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Indeed our nanny, a beautiful very shapely woman with wasp waist, prominent breasts, long legs, shapely very beautiful, a mouth with full lips and nice face wallowed in bed with closed eyes stroking her whole body especially his vagina, he is leaving a liquid flow carrying his mouth greedily savoring.

He took the pipe and thick black hose and suck it like a lollipop, passed his tongue and came through her vagina as she moaned desperately.

The scene caused despite being children excitáramos us. We stared with open mouths and Helenita touching my penis made me realize he was standing and very hard.

Cautiously take my sister to bed, I kissed her and I told him tell Mom

No, I not tell me not to say anything, find out –


If Fernando, find out No doubt women are more perceptive than men.

The next day, back in the convent school where he studied (they are the worst), my sister came excited, with quelled, sweaty face, very restless, took my hand and led me to the bottom of the garden to reveal without us listen to their discovery.

Her friends told him that what he did was Josefa masturbate because that getting pleasure. I chided Do not you talk among friends ?.

The truth did not occur to me.

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It is good to let them know that my parents are experts in romantic conflicts, a point also discovered shortly after Helenita (I will tell you),

this is the reason why Josefa walked excited all the time and spent the afternoons for solo sex,

so we bathed before lunch for us to sleep. Josefa was watching my parents and looked like they were making love.

They also told her friends that she was very rich caress the body and if it does someone else is better.

Is this the Fernando your older you are and you know nothing?

I was thoughtful What should know?

As usual we bathed, ate lunch and we slept naked.

My sister started to fondle her little hands all over my body, to remain indifferent told me that fool you,

I caress you and your nothingness came over to my mouth and gently kissed my lips.

It was the first kiss of a woman, I did not answer. Helenita reacted angrily.

Why do not you kiss me?

¿Helenita what’s wrong?

I explained Fernandito my friends say that if you feel something very rich caress.

Here began our sex life. Indeed I kissed her on the mouth.

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I received with open mouth and felt something very rich, so much so that I became greedy not want to stop playing with his tongue,

lips, saliva exchanged and we liked it so much that did not return to sleep.

We got up and spied Josefa every evening indulged in solitary pleasure, teaching us not knowing that we looked at all forms of masturbation.

The scenes seeing a beautiful woman enjoying her body, wallowing pleasure,

soaking the sheets and groaning as the dildo to his task in the hair and delicate temple that all women have between their legs,

they go crazy men who devoured taking fluids emanating when we reach orgasm, excited us so much that we begin to feel rich and delicious things, not just kissed us, acariciábamos our body,

our sex- instinctively began to kiss the virgin vaginita Helenita that freaked me only thought of how delicious it was stick my tongue play with the vaginal lips waiting for my signal crackles sister I played my prize because it came hearty soup Angel Hair sipping avoiding waste.

Friends do not want to abuse your attention, soon I will continue with my memories and Helenita.

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