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I take this opportunity given to me to tell me something that has been happening for some time, since I began to be aware of my own sexuality.

My first sex was with my cousin.

It happened during the summer in the village, at naptime.

It was late, maybe warmer than all others. In the old and huge mansion and there was not a sound,

only the monotonous and pitiless sound of cicadas put the sound at that hour band.

I shared a room with my cousin Fuencisla, as I was also a perfect whole girl.

You were lying in bed dressed only with our innocent white panties when “Fuencis” sat up and whispered something about the volume and then my breasts began to show, she reached out and stroked gently but firmly.

My boobs reacted as I could never suspect, nipples got hard and my cousin caught them between the index and middle fingers, pulling them together.

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He said he liked my big boobs and no smaller hers and offered me asking me to be the touch. They were hard, but hard tits small as sweet lemons.

It was not long before falling both naked, touching, caressing, playing with our bodies but above all experiencing.

My first kiss was with Fuencisla tongue and my first orgasm couple she brought me with his hand, firm and smooth.

That summer we had in that bed, in the loft, on the river and taking long walks, always together, always alone.

In bed making love in our own way, we bathed in the river as we had occasion naked and those long walks or talking about our stuff ended up in the attic or behind a wall with your hands under skirts.

I started vacation always dressed with pants and ended up addicted to dresses which left delighted especially my Aunt Matilde,

always sewing dresses for her nieces.

When I returned to the city did with the memory voice, the smell of your skin and the taste of his mouth. We wrote some letters,

not many, full of cryptic phrases, but mostly full of longing.

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He returned the summer and returned to the village, Fuencisla had changed, he had grown up, she was tall, long hair with golden highlights, thin, brown skin and deep black eyes, a whole beauty. To me they had grown my tits even more.

When I saw it I went straight to her, I greeted her giving him a big hug, pressing against her to notice my tits in your body and I notice his. He looked at me in a somewhat enigmatic and whispered to wait for the night.

After dinner, we went for a walk, told me she had a boyfriend, he was very much in love and that although I loved could not be together.

He asked me to understand. I replied that I understood, that is all I wanted us to remain as before. Keeping our secret, taking walks, bathing in the river and napping together.

Fuencisla not respond, we follow a while the ride in silence when almost were at the door of the house of the grandparents told me that he accepted the conditions for secrecy and no one ever knew and never interfere in the relationship with her boyfriend.

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I said that word cousin, her boyfriend not interested me. That night we made love like never, drowning out the groans so that nobody could hear us.

The summer was spent as it should do, long and sweaty naps, walks, visits to the attic and baths naked in the river. Sometimes Fuencisla went with her boyfriend, sometimes at night, I’d kept the secret.

During the celebrations of the town, my cousin introduced me to her boyfriend and some friends, I placed a companion to a pretty nice guy and polite that left me in the middle of the dance because their parents took him away.

I returned home, I went to bed and fell asleep immediately.

I did not know what time it was when I woke up feeling something strange was my cousin des lying back on the bed, his body illuminated by the light coming through the open window.

Naked and with his right hand between his legs, left coursing tits, knees together, eyes closed,

biting her lower lip, panting, straining the body; It was clear he did. I knew from experience.

When he finished he turned his head to see that I had been contemplating. I got up and moved to his bed. We hugged, we kissed, undressed me,

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I kissed the whole body, the whole body, without anything without kissing and I ran. I did the same with her. Then we embraced, and we talked, we have our stuff.

She explained that her boyfriend had warmed up much, he wanted to make love but her boyfriend went home and brought excitement had masturbated in bed.

I told him what had happened to the guy who had introduced me.

Dawn was breaking when we promised that when we pass something like that, it would solve the two our way.

Fuencisla that summer was not able to make love with her boyfriend but I deflowered me this boy so obedient, but really I think we desvirgamos each other.

Every failure of Fuencisla the remedi√°bamos between two wonderful orgasms and my great success we celebrate it as well. I think my cousin was jealous, just for a second, but did.

It was healthy, like mine for all the grooms who had envy.

We never share guys, nor had group sex, but when we had sex for pleasure and it was not our place, and we told each other we celebrated our way.

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We never had sex with another woman if ever made the comment on the possibility of including a girl, especially one of our grandparents vecinita special beauty.

Even today, as we can, we escaped and we go to the apartment we maintain between the two to make love.

They are no longer innocent and inexperienced girls these two practices, we have evolved and learned many things.

However, some things have not changed, tits Fuencisla remain small and hard as sweet lemons. The white and big as my adorable cousin, soft and tasty mine.

The two enjoy sex with men and sex between us, if I’m not bisexual or simply keep pining for the good times I spent when I discovered sex.

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