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What do you think what we are doing Toño, I asked, you do not believe that we are exceeding ?. Look Juan think we’re mature enough to know what we do, and if you like what you wanted, if you wish and your wife as well, who cares, also continued, in society and age that no0s lived, everyone It seems it really is not; and he affirmed what I already knew, perhaps women who walk alone or accompanied by her boyfriend,

her husband showing buttocks tucked into skirts or pants tight and trasluciendo your underwear, do you think I do not know what they do ?, clearly they know, and couples kissing and fajan in public, on the streets, in schools the students only think and want to go to bed to catch up with that place them; friends, teachers, and teachers with their students, so they do everything to insinuate her breasts and buttocks, do not worry Juanito, my friend, our company is fully eroticized,

something Sigmund Freud asserts that human happiness is based the quality of their intimate relationships, and justifies the neurosis and schizophrenia of many people because of their sexual frustration tactical masquerading result of false myths that prohibits or prevents them enjoy their sexuality freely. Juan, believe me, he said, you’re one of the few people, along with your wife, you really know how to live, to enjoy their privacy without inhibitions, unapologetic, and I thank you I take into account to participate and I promise I’m not going to Viky fail, which incidentally, is very good few times I had in my hands buttocks and chiches as it is exquisite.

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By listening to Tono, I did not realize I had finished my drink, so I prepared myself over and said good Toño as health, health answered by your woman, just take the drink of toast came Viky of the chamber; that barbarous neglillé only wore a white transparent without bra, so her breasts looked completely; its extremely erect nipples pointing towards us, a thong of the same color that shone through his pubic hair completely, uyyy gentlemen, do not invite anything to this poor woman ?,

she said, clearly Toño responded and offered her spleen, she accepted being very close to him, he took a drink and immediately grabbed him by the neck to kiss him on the mouth in very hot way, Then they sat together on the couch; Toño the right side of my wife stroking the hands of my wife telling her ear, she smiling replied course I wish, finishing saying this lowered his right hand to the legs of my wife, she circled her neck with his hand, too right, and pulled his lips offering intertwining in a fiery and exciting kiss; he kissed her neck, her ears, preparing with great experience my wife putting more and more horny making her moan and whisper: That cute !, still, do not stop!


You make me so happy! Follow, follow!. By then Toño had taken her two huge volcanoes completely taking them in his hands is the mamaba metiéndoselos alternately and almost completely to his mouth. I was paralyzed sitting on the couch watching aside so passionately about how my wife was delivered to my friend. While still in the hands of her breasts with her erotic caresses saying that was as I had imagined they were like two volcanoes have them huge, Viky, exquisite, my wife and beside himself he offered them completely naked saying,

Go, today mámamelas the gift you !, Eat them; are yours!; so having them my friend. He continued his wet caresses went through her nipples, they were sucked and sucked for several minutes, metiéndoselos as possible in the mouth for long time giving your nipples circular movements until they were in a state of full erection, she at once told delirious : Do not stop me you’re up to the clouds !, not stop, Toño, that rich suck me !, mámamelas more there! Let me breasts tasty !. MAAAAAAASSSS!

Shortly after he lifted her gently, and sat opposite her took the neglillé, my wife wore a beautiful white thong that long ago had bought him and that showed the dark cloak of its abundant pubic hair but delicately cut in such a perfect triangle I would never have seen; said also excited surprised him: OH! Viky that are beautiful that delicious bizcochito going to eat me.

He sat back on his left side, while he his pants down and his shirt leaving only the trusa He sat down, and again embraced based on very hot way, while his right hand was slipping between her legs very slowly, and was gradually rising up to her sex, K.

opened them slightly to make it easier for the edge of her thong dip his hand and completely posarla on her sex and was extremely humid which indicated that my wife was too excited he stroked again Viky opened them completely to enable him to take his hand by placing his heels on the edge of the couch; with his fingers Toño located her clitoris with soft circular motions, she arched several times forward as he kissed her and whispered in her ear as he wanted and he was thankful even more now that consent, while his fingers toyed with her clitoris this brought her to climax again and again moaning Ah! What a treat, not even love.! Oh how nice !, that rich I am, how beautiful!

Hearing this from Toño said, for I will give more pleasure and I knelt between the legs of my wife and put his lips to her pussy, and started giving a fantastic blowjob; with his tongue toured the whole environment of sex thrusting his tongue into her vagina, she locates her clitoris and like sweet licked it first and then I suck his thumb in a very delicate way making my wife bowed at the waist whispering: ayyyyyy TOÑITO THAT BARBARIAN, ME’re driving me crazy, AYYYYYYYY EVIL AND I’M COMING, AND, NOW, NOW, MORE MORE, MAAAAAAS! And this form came her first orgasm. He straightened

and sat in place, she already recovered from her first orgasm kissed his frantically down his head slowly; also knelt between her legs and on the truza he began to kiss his penis, with the right caress her hand for a moment crossing it in its entirety to the base of her eggs, she lowered her panties slightly, took his member with right hand and removed, that barbarity immediately parted his lips,

kissed repeatedly on the tip, sides, removed completely trusa and already fully released, he opened his mouth and head first went, he savored his tongue , put it a little more, he took out and on the third occasion swallowed complete, this way he began to masturbate with her mouth while, he retired lifting her face to him and said: ay Toñito that rich instrument you have, I feel like I’ll really enjoy.

At that time Toño asked wanna fuck with me? and with a hot, wet kiss that reflected his acceptance to him, my wife replied: Oh yes, I want to be yours! Make me what you want !.

Love me, make love, if I want to fuck you Tono, with the two together.!, I want to enjoy it as I have ever done. Toño when he gently lowered her thong and made him sit on, front, my wife.

She spreads her legs and sat naked; Toño took his member with the right hand, now I checked five bigger than mine centimeters but that if much thicker, my wife rose slightly to accommodate the entry of his Toño cake made him short circular movements to find the little hole and he popped it slowly, first just the head, again gave one two three circular motions, a little more, almost half Viky rose a bit and came back to sit completito, my wife issued an erotic moan aaaahhhhh! That cock !! rich have !!! It’s very thick honey, I thought it did not come How rich! what a treat!. ‘Ayyyyy that rich daddy, all metemela, more, more, maaaaassss !.

My friend had in front of his face the enormous breasts of my wife, with both hands raised, the stretched metiéndoselos alternately almost entirely to the mouth, joined her two nipples and together they are sucked giving circular motions with his tongue, Viky up and down, he got it and took it,

was happy, enjoying for the first time, a different me cock. Tono again cleared to masturbate her clitoris and again penetrated Aahhhhhhhh ¡¡¡!!!!! How rich! she moaned while the member disappeared inside, now he began to move slowly in and out and every three jostling drew his entire body and rub it on my wife’s clitoris and then put it back down. ‘Aaahh !!, Aaah !!, what a tasty !, continues … continues! … She said.

Still fixing his whole entire organ, now I saw even bigger. Until suddenly my wife contracted a violent orgasm. ¡¡¡AAAHHHHHH !!! ….. My love, ‘all metemela please !!, I want her well in! Everyone! Maaaas! Maaaas !. Move fast, fast maaaas !. AAAAHHHHHHHH! MÁAAAAAS! Ayyyyyyy RICA VERGA AYYYYYYYY !. Toño kept staring until the contractions were decreasing and she was loose, sitting on it. Then it cleared, she got up and sat beside her head resting on his shoulder.

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