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It was my fourth month working in the largest Call Centre in Dundee,

one of the most important cities in Scotland (not to mention one of the few), half an hour of head of the swamp,

meaning in Gaelic Kinnettles.

This was the town that my company had chosen to celebrate the traditional festival that would be my first, and ultimately,

unique Halloween: an evening of terror, sex, bondage and submission. What I did to end up there?

No work is more or less easy to hook up the blanket to the head and accept any offer that also allows you reside abroad.

That so desirable word that indicates the strange, however, always gave me hives. I did not want to leave my people, or my family,

or my friends … I had to go into exile in order to move forward, taking refuge under intense gray and green land where the bizarre killed Rob Roy and William Wallace.

Probably, they did not reach my meter ninety but surely,

they had even half of the fears that plague me. I even get scared of people who are scared of me!

The biggest show of gallantry was leaving my girlfriend … And fit his slap without spilling a tear. The truth is that I did not want to stick with it.

Just we had sex and when we did, even ran me. I do not know if she came though in every point, had left me to import …

Guantazo that took place a few minutes before sail for Scotland, where this time used his hands and arms extended receiving open me.

All except those of Silene.

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Spanish mother and Scottish father, Silene was not only my supervisor, but a stunning and enigmatic hybrid blond hair and swarthy,

and with a height similar to mine. Often he exhibited the cleavage of a perfectly round and enormous breasts,

which accompanied with a fierce and cold, searching and serious look. I imagined nipples and areolas as small as seducers,

still endowed with the greatest presence to the rest of your bust. Because persuasion was part of his nature;

I not even need to talk to it do what she wanted. We were their dogs …

The day before the party, was the first that I heard screeching to an employee.

Gary was a poor devil drunkard who used to be late for work with tremendous hangovers and sometimes even in full melopea.

For a moment, I imagined his trousers at the knees, prostrate face down on the lap of Silene, and this,

shaking ass whipping in while shouting: Bad boy. Bad, bad boy! I accompanied the scene,

I noticed how my member butting and rubbed against my glans pleasurably tucked into pants …

The excitement dissipated by the time Gary’s office smiling Silene out; the thing did not seem to go further.

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The next day, we were picked up at the door of the lobby of the building where was the Call Centre,

and were taken by minibus to the castle Kinnettles.

The strong cold made the perfect couple landscape; moorland that had only the souls of those peevish and parsimonious Scottish sheep and cows.

We enter a narrow path on which and the small castle was visible, with the typical tower princesses a 12 year old girl draw to realize their dreams goodnight story.

As in those stories, gray clouds quickly began to cover the sky, at the pace we went down to collect our belongings in the trunk.
A premonition for the best Halloween party! Kathleen said, our general manager.
She was the ideal woman.

A young, intelligent and sweet, all candor and condescension. He never raised his voice and always worked with passion.

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It was as if he were constantly fighting against their identity; He escaped with 26 years of Stornoway,

some glaciers near the northwest islands and kept asking how it was to live in Spain. It was just perfect

To penetrate her from behind, cocking her panties and tore his clothes in tatters, after each attack, the pace of plop your butt …

But every time he approached could not look at her body, saw only his eternal smile .

Silene not take his eyes off us when we spoke. In fact, as we climbed together for the steps of the castle,

I again feel his gaze on my neck. This time, I did not turn me …

Always smells the same, right? he asked Kathleen.

What do you mean?

A Scotland replied with mild dejection. Everything smells like wet rock …

but today it does not matter because we’ve got a terrific costume party! She cried with happiness he always wanted to convey.

The breeze had become watery blizzard, just before entering the reception towards our alcoves.

All staff members shared bedroom and-apparently by Raffle- me had touched me with Gary.

Of course, the possessed individual suites heads. And to ease the pain, Kathleen told me about how lucky

I was, to be able to share the room with such a fun companion. Anyway, these are childish things …

Those without explain why, always -creíble (or incredibly) – comforting. He spent the palm of his hand on my arm,

I winked and I quoted in the tent where the first social meeting of the company would take place …

When we went down, and we had taken a couple of shots of Jhonnie Walker.

Like my feeling of loneliness, Gary flask was bottomless.

Where is Silene? Gary asked.

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Almost before I could open my mouth, Kathleen interrupted us by surprise …

Your envelopes at reception! He -exhortó with a serious gesture of command, hitherto unheard-. In them,

you will find that your task -sentenció- table.

We did what we ordered, as she walked with a firm step toward the central dais. Meanwhile, hotel employees loomed in full swing;

it seemed they were organizing a banquet loading and leaving things back and forth …

Hello everyone! Kathleen said, hailing from a small peana-.

One more year, we give appointment to celebrate our special Halloween party … Does anyone know where Silene?

He stopped, while the rest of diners we denied head. Well, I hope you have not had any mishaps with ghosts … quipped.

He continued with the typical speech of thanks to the staff for the work done,

the results of the company and other Mandango that all memorized office responsible to raise the morale of the staff, rather than increasing wages.

At the end, he asked us to open the envelopes that we picked up at the entrance …

In them you will find instructions for role-play equipment and the location and direction of your

we costumes he said, before making a gesture to the waiters serve dinner.

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The banquet with meat and an array of spirits, made me befriend Gary. The other partners were insufferable;

two Englishmen, with their pompous accents, boring adventures narrated by three Scottish

Highlands who drank hastily …

The tent reverberating echo of celestial was crying; the rain which added that no one had invited guest,

but everyone knew that would make an appearance … like the sublime impertinence of Gary.

Problem is never able to be Scottish! He bellowed the English, as he pulled the flask to mix whiskey with champagne.

Luckily, this happened when we had finished dessert, so we dispersed following the instructions of our custom envelopes.

Mine, led me to the wardrobe of one of the suites, located in the tower.

The night had closed the only brightness of gray clouds, which only intermittently discovered the moon.

The water began to hit hard the windows, the rhythm of our steps on the rickety stairs, and spontaneous chaos of peers to their destinations.

Gary, come with me. You go up to the other tower suite ‘I was convinced, after reading the instructions and tell her about three times that we start the game.

I pushed him into the bedroom and closed the door. It was the last time I saw him.

I went to the adjoining suite, ready to follow the rules of role-play; I had touched the “ghost prisoner”;

my outfit were the corresponding sheet and chains waiting in one of those rococo castle built all used as an accessory to subtly persuade the charms of the past.

The room was heavenly; stonework surrounding a wooden four-poster bed and medieval carving, huge pillows,

coats of arms with evocative coats of arms and other military fantasies -históricamente- matching furniture.

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I opened the closet and found they were going to be my exotic garments.

I stayed a while watching them, fantasizing about those memories that emerge only when you are numbed by alcohol …

I took off my sweater and shirt. Hardly, I sat on the bed for my shoes … Socks … pants … What if I go free without underpants? -I thought. Not even kidding! ‘I replied in a hint of sobriety.

Deep and superficial discussion between the omnipotent restricted desire and my will, let me knocked out in a physical impasse,

raising and lowering the ass out of bed depending on what my body or my mind pidiesen me; the hard decision to take off or underpants …

At that moment, he started playing a ballad with grim touch …

Where the hell is that music? I wondered as I watched my flaccid penis. I’d definitely stripped of all …

Fuck! Who’s there? I asked, when I realized that the song came from the same suite.

Still! she ordered a familiar voice.


I turned and discovered a woman who was so artificial sensuality personified; the objectification of the most atavistic desires.

It was all latex: a translucent mask, openwork floral motifs that simulated human expressions; matched the bra,

thong, suspender belts and stockings were lost in a stiletto heel shoes. Everything was latex. Medusiaca all gave it a silhouette;

petrify beings sentimentally more glaciers than myself.

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Silene? I repeated, shuddering.

He walked slowly as if in a fashion show, and pressed his forefinger against my mouth to shut me up.

Do not say a word! he threatened vehemently.

The stairs brought voices and soon began to hear people rushing on the floor below. The storm increased in intensity;

lightning and thunder volume realized it. My penis and my scrotum cringed when I noticed that the grab with his glove.

Moment when a cry of immense pain was heard in the suite of Gary …

What was that? Stop Please! I pleaded.

That’s your friend Gary … dying at the hands of Kathleen replied smiling as she squeezed my testicles.

Like a wandering ghost for mercy it were, the final cry of Gary down the hall. It was a howl of death. It was a sign of expiry.

Please do not joke about this … I was very drunk. I have to lend a hand … I I pleaded again.

Thunder Tremar piled up against the windows.

I am not kidding. Now your turn to see what the pleasure of pain …

He pressed a breast against my chest, turning to embrace my armpit with latex of her bra, as she bit my arm.

He ordered me not to move. I trembled. Went to the dresser, opened a drawer and pulled out a sound wives … They seemed shackles!

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What are you doing? I asked contradictorily unwary and knowing what he wanted.

I’m going to make you the source of my -aseveró pleasure.

He pushed me against the bed and my meter ninety, fell painfully violating the medieval accessories …

El Canopy will break! I exclaimed.

Do not be a girl! … Or rather, I know everything I command you girl! he said slyly.

This is only the beginning of a beautiful friendship … Next will -sentenció strings.

He tied me as the most educated FEMDOM, but without any resistance on my part; I could have left the face,

but no muscle in my body responded to aggression. It was as if they felt at ease …

Please wait! I stammered in an attempt to know myself with the reins of the situation.

He had already imprisoned my four limbs with real shackles, and was tying with ropes my arms, chest and calves …

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I said shut up! he shouted, while nailed me a dirty look from my knees.

Now you’re mine, ‘he said, after rising precipitously and pass your wet tongue on my face.

He came to my ear as she placed her wet and hot on my thigh sex, and began to tell a story:

Whores conquer the … And when the princes fall I will be the Resurrection … -susurraba in my ear.

My body and mind were fighting in the same duel of old, will vs desire; vs moral need … But, just yearned to know the end of the story …

The bumpkin man picked up a stick lying on the floor while he continued panty separated, smearing my leg with his flow-.

Billy lambasted the priest who fucked your parent … Yes, your mother became a ghost that could not even mourn …

vidio bokep

My mother was crying! I cried shuddering.

Much less than you … she whispered in my ear wetly. Do you know who is the murderer of this story? he asked as he tightened the ropes.

Noooo -clamé a dull howl. Who? I yelled as I ran.

It’s me: -sentenció latex milk.

Nothing I assert it, turned my penis with her vulva, rubbing it all over my body to the mouth.

She pressed her fingers to her lips to open just when it passed over my face and began to rub it in my mouth.

My tongue could not stop … And my member again expel the nectar of life …

Soon, I heard again the cries of Gary, which was willing: he was alive and Kathleen was doing something similar to what I was trying Silene.

Halloween orchestra continued until dawn; the rain was torrential; the grotesque lightning; unbearable thunder; and latex Silene irresistibly orgasmic.

I’ve never been so scared. I will never a Halloween party … But always adore her Silene and latex, they found me a terrifying dimension of sensuality.

Perhaps that my will never waited … Maybe, I love the strangeness of the submission; perhaps, I always missed submissive to dominate me.

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