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I wish I could tell as I imagine Mrs. or Miss Q, which writes the stories are called “Q Card”.

The first say that I find very exciting stories and I wish to live any. As I’m young I’d be Alfonsito, one of his nephews or friend David.

I am not an expert in women or anything, but I guess the Q girl from a very nice and exciting way.

I imagine higher than the rest of women, very proportionate figure, with rounded shapes and marked.

I imagine brown hair and something clear but well tanned skin. I really like to brands bikini.

I find them very exciting white body parts of beautiful women and Q is very beautiful, or so I imagine.

I imagine her brown hair, long, wavy care that frames a beautiful face I imagine, with a determined expression but also sweet.

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I imagine her eyes the color of honey, or black, sometimes do not know what color, because I close them, but are deep and beautiful, that I have for sure.

The ears are provided, half hidden by the hair, beautiful earrings adorned with gold and precious stones.

The cheeks are rosy and firm, only with those fine lines with people who smile a lot.

Straight nose, fair, delicate and beautiful size, as the goddesses of the Greeks.

The lips are attractive, a delicious pink, something chubby, like bad girl, but that frame white teeth to form the most beautiful and captivating smiles.

The chin is decided, delicate but marked, it gives the face a quiet look.

The shoulders are rounded, dark but above all very soft, like the skin of peaches.

The arms are firm, shapely but not muscular arms that are best hugs given.

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The chest is great, strong, dark with very white white triangle, which surrounds a firm nipples within a Rosadita, delicious and tasty aura.

They are not big breasts even of good size, are round, firm breasts,

a little caiditos what makes them real and then more desirable for being natural, become flesh, be amadora woman.

I would lay my head on his chest and dozed kissing those two wonders hidden under his clothes and shows only those lucky enough to enjoy their confidence

Also it is shown on the beach, but that’s just an offering to the gods of the sun and the sea.

The grains of sand that stick to your skin and hang from the wonderful boobs are the object of my envy,

they may publicly perform the most desired breasts I’ve heard.

I envision a little round belly, not too big, not too deep, in the middle of a tummy or belly, whatever you want to call it.

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It is firm, delicate, soft, with an emerging prominence under the navel that make it even more beautiful.

It is not a belly of those more typical of a woman practicing excessively muscular sport. It’s just a beautiful woman tummy.

Waist around the belly is pronounced. And it seems even more because the hips are rotundas, forming a great,

powerful, ass molded, rounded shapes, soft, white boy by hiding the sun, more whitey that the naked breasts because these sometimes.

Just as white is the triangle that hides the sun, and looks, a dense and black mop of hair carefully molded delicately plucked to the shape you most excite her or her lovers.

Sometimes, as a gift shaves art forms in the forest of privacy.

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I imagine that the lips of the vulva, those who close the vagina, are soft and delicate, and sensitive vagina, sonrosadita, fresh and juicy.

Under those lips she hides a surprising clitoris, when the excitement comes,

she calls him that delicious feeling born between the legs and spreads throughout the body,

the clitoris looks, grows, stretches and pop submerging in the joy.

I imagine kissing and playing in that wonderful and pleasant way of your body between my inexperienced but eager to eat whole lips.

Her thighs can only be compared with an arch of triumph carnal, pass between them is similar to the overall winner parade in the streets of old Rome.

A place where I’d be, between her thighs. That’s a great victory, a great victory, a dream.

The legs are delicate as the arms, but turned soft.

The feet are tiny, provided, of stubby fingers. I would eat.

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And how fucking Q? Oh I do not know! but I’d love to know. I imagine moaning in orgasm after another.

It is my desire that I happen someday ride her or let her ride me, hug and embrace me. Eat it with kisses, everywhere, without exception.

Being your slave, stick it into the vagina and pull it out, and wearing again to get, note how it runs, as her pussy is filled with liquid from it and mine.

I’d fuck her bareback, without a condom, let your body within my personal memory. Put it in four and let me enjoy his extraordinary body.

But above all, do not close your eyes as I do now. I imagine fucking Q and excited me so much that …

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