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vidio bokef

Javi and I had already moved to a separate room and did life partner, I continued with my job security in a financial and Javi had any work computer programming,

we were happy together, but openly not yet declared my sexual orientation, many people including family suspected that our relationship was much more than just cousins.

Our sex life had dropped something and thought that this was all couples when they live, but I was wrong,

very unfortunate Javi was impregnating a enamoradita your neighborhood and all over. She did not even face me, just told me in a text message and left.

My world came crashing down and went into a horrible depression, all that I gave with love got shafted, my first man cheated on me with a cursed woman.

vidio bokef

During my days of grief and pain I examined as homosexual and I realized that even he did not see me as one of them,

my body seemed a heterosexual man belly hair all over the body, battered and fat everywhere skin,

that I It led to think that Javi got bored with how I look and decided to change his appearance.

At work was the opposite, I was promoted to Supervisor District and saw the exact opportunity to change my appearance,

finally, with different uniform I thought that not much notice the change.

I bought creams depilatory and I Epilate whole body, also creams skin softeners and I had a facial to remove hair and all kinds of stains and marks,

I subtly Epilate eyebrows, I started a strict diet and I joined a gym to reaffirm abdomen, slimming and lift the rear.

After a month, I started to see some results, I looked more carefully and delicate, though without reaching the end and I felt more sure of myself;

I knew my work was whispered behind me my change and I liked that.

Two months after the change was much more evident, I looked in the mirror naked and I felt wanted, but wanted to go further.

vidio bokef

I bought women’s clothing, makeup and a wig, I went to another district, rented a room in a hostel, I dressed woman in a blue short dress,

low heels, subtle makeup, a black wig, long feminine perfume and left a nightclub atmosphere, the place was quiet and pleasant,

felt the eyes of the boys and I feel excited desired. Occasionally some passed behind me and rubbed her pubis with my butt,

others subtly touched my hard buttocks and one or two were telling me compliments racy, I felt more woman that night in my life.

I continued frequenting the place a couple of times until I saw one day come to one of my subordinates work,

I watched from afar and I noticed that liked the atmosphere and the company of homosexuals, but I chose to leave to avoid being discovered.

Convinced at last to be desired by many men went to look for Javi, I dressed even more provocative and quoted in a park near my room,

when I saw him arrive I was sad, was unkempt and regretful, saw me and was surprised, he tried to hug me but withdrew

Let the room if you want ‘I said.

– Let he Answered then excited.

On the way admire not stop, he tried to touch me but I went back to avoid.

vidio bokef

Once in the room he threw me on the bed and began kissing and caressing the entire body, felt his penis very hard under his pants and when the room is bare boat as it was.

– Tell your little wife that I gave you, no one will give.

I did not hear complaints and entreaties, I sent home calato who knows what to invent an excuse to his wife.

I had excited to see naked Javi and after a while I went to the disco to link the first insinuated me something,

did not have to wait long, a young dark-haired, tall and beautiful eyes told me I was beautiful and I melted,

I got carried away and do not regret, we went to his apartment and treated me like a woman,

kissed me all over the body and caressed my buttocks, showed me his long penis and sucked it with frenzy,

it was delicious and did not want to stop , then he puts on a condom with rings and penetrated me slowly,

I could feel every hoop that entered and went my soul with each pumped his hands caressed my back and chest while I was moaning like a cat in such pleasure.

vidio bokef

Then he lay down on his back and I sat over his huge cock, and rubbing my whole eating her buttocks on her eggs,

then he took my legs over his shoulder and shoved me hard until he ejaculated inside my ass.

I removed the condom and I took his hot milk and sucked the entire penis, he was happy.

We continue to have sex all night and it was wonderful in the morning I called my job and I report sick and went to bed with my lover who continued to penetrate me until midmorning.

My ass and I were happy.

Upon returning to my room I found Javi sitting outside.

– What are you doing here, not I tell you to get out?

– I can not Victor, I miss you and I need you, let me at least show you that I love you.

– And how are you going to show? I do not need, I have new partner and are happy.

– Let me make love again to prove it

vidio bokef

My ass did not want more penetrated, but Javi at least deserved a dignified farewell as a couple and accepted,

entered the room and undressed in front of him, then he also undressed and started to suck that delicious cock and Javi licked my buttocks and my irritated anus and penetrated me how I like it,

as he can do and made me delirious with passion.

The ass was burning so many cock penetrated but Javi was worth it, feel it without a condom is divine, natural.

I felt his stream of cum inside my ass and squeezed to not leave anything, then kissed me on the mouth and fell at his feet.

Now we are lovers, he has his wife and I have my partner, but occasionally we surrender to the passion of sex.

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