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She woke up when turned on the light and noticed that he had passed his hand over his body to squeeze her tits while his hip was pressing against her buttocks.

His whole body reacted to the pleasant sensation of massage on tits.

He pinched the nipples and massaged her tits firmly while hard penis sought a path between the buttocks.

At first she was carried away but remembering how unpleasant it had been to fellatio decided to take the initiative.

He turned to the man and hugged seeking him mouth with his mouth while he spent his leg over his waist.

He made his tongue entangled with your partner while squeezing her exposed hip against hers. They turned and she straddled him began to squeeze her tits again.

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She and leaned forward to turn off the light as he moved trying to penetrate.

She sat up again, rose slightly on his knees and with his right hand member of man into her already dripping pussy while he let out a long, low sigh and began to move his hips with gentle oscillations soon acquired intensity and accompanied with marked his hip rotations

The man was still clinging to her shaking tits and left for an unknown merchitas do. Rampant seemed as ready to enjoy that moment like no sex.

His mild initial moans were becoming clear expressions of pleasure and the movements of his most intense and deep hip. They were no groans, they were shouting.

His hips moved me looking for an intense and deep penetration.

His companion completely overcome could barely do anything but keep erection, massaging her tits and pinching the nipples very tough.

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The man was locked with that waste of sensuality and sexual activity.

The whole room smelled of sex, felt her thighs moisture pussy woman each time she let down in that within and amazing inside. Suddenly she burst into a whimper staying rigid and beginning to slow their movements dropped on the man and began kissing her in the face while moving to rub the breasts on his chest.

By keeping the man erection and she slowly pelvic movements were becoming increasingly intense and profound might not have retired.

were only a few minutes when she stopped not utter unintelligible words accompanied by gasps, squeals and large and slow movements hip.

The man was a mere spectator of that waste of small and repeated orgasms continuously vibrated to Mercedes.

Only the spectacular timing and intensity of his excitement enabled him to maintain an erection despite its passivity.

She had taken the initiative in such a way that not even move, only minimal movements that could make from time to time.

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She was moaning and panting continuously moves slowly ceasing moaning and getting softer until it imperceptibly. She was silent and still for a moment and then slid aside.

In doing so the penis out of her vagina dripping making a funny noise like bottle opening.

mouth onto his back stroking her belly while trying satisfied regain normal breathing rate.

While he had stayed as it was, he faces up, with the instrument in hand. Seeing she asked:

‘Your do not you run?

No let me, on your own you did everything.

‘So this wetting?

Your alone.

Was it both?

-Spectacular Not know you were capable of that.

-Me neither

She smirked and thighs separated slightly noticing the hand began to fondle her pussy looking for him.

The hand of man achieved his goal and felt the result of repeated runs each of your orgasms moisture.

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‘You’re soaked!

It’s true, go Wetting what is all mine?

Yeah, it’s all yours, go wash up and then continue.

Merchitas stood beside the bed and looked crotch.

Several bright trickles down her thighs and knees and reached.

Pussy hair was completely wet and swollen vulva shiny effect of the fluids were coming from those lips.

He went to the bathroom and for the third time sat on the bidet to wash your pussy again.

In doing so he felt the pleasant sensation of warm water and movements with their fingers around the clitoris to soaping.

He also noticed the smell of her juices mixed with soap.

He felt the soft and warm touch her vagina when fingers are introduced.

He was carried away by the intense desire and masturbated while sitting on the bidet running water bathing pussy.

Overexcited and ecstasy he not is warning him watching from the doorway.

When he realized burst into another intense orgasm after which he finished washing.

I stood up and dried before him carefully all the folds of her pussy while occasionally raised his face with a flirtatious and mischievous smile.

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He dropped the towel on the floor and held her tightly against man as he sought his mouth.

Come my turn to my fun.

He put his arm around her waist letting down the hand to the buttocks and together and went to bed.

Then he grabbed her shoulders and placed it on all fours, with slightly raised ass and legs apart.

He stood behind her and taking the penis with one hand supported him in that hole that seemed to have become the object of desire.

With a continuous, slow and steady movement introduced the penis from the anus of merchitas to let out a cry of pain, it was her first time.

The pace picked up and was ramming deeper and deeper and more and more strongly.

Each onslaught Mercedes complained gently, but pain I felt was discomfort. If the attacks were less strong perhaps came to feel pleasure.

In any case it did not seem unpleasant even when given several sound slaps on the buttocks that left him marked in red on white skin, hands and fingers.

With a roar ran the inside of his ass, he pushed forward and collapsed on top of her.

Soon he turned and dropped onto the bed. Mercedes stood still, still sore from the buggered.

Nevertheless he had liked. She had always dominated feel energized when practicing sex. It was one of her fantasies.

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He gave a resounding slap on the buttocks and told him to wash his, that he was leaving milk in the ass.

She returned to the bidet, wash again. When he returned to bed he slept.

It turned out the light and lay down beside her, he tried to do his back but it hurt the ass, neither side felt comfortable so he got upside down.

Just could not even sleep a few seconds, I was uncomfortable, the ass threw him and had a strange feeling.

The effect of the wine had happened and felt hungover, tired and uncomfortable. So he got up and went to the bathroom to shower.

Before he walked through the house collecting clothes carefully placed on the secretary’s bedroom.

He went into the bathroom and made his needs, then entered the shower was one of those with various effects and different jets.

He opened the hot water in a heavy stream and dropped it on his neck and back. so It was a good time until shut off the water,

looking for a shower gel that did not have much flavor and began to lather using your hands to spread it.

He slowly caressed her breasts whose sore nipples reacted to the touch.

He gently soaped pussy and ass with special care.

When removing hand he realized that was bleeding a little. It dried up and left the room.

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She opened her purse and pulled out a small bottle of perfume that was applied to the chest and neck.

Then he put on his clothes and calzó- Passing near the bed. He realized he was awake and watching.

-You’re leaving now?

Yes, he was already well.

-It was great.

He waved goodbye with his hand, grabbed her purse and at the door turned and said:


-¿Adiós Better ?, to another.

No, today was the farewell, we agreed that we can not go on being coworkers. In addition, we both have a family and a life apart.

Maybe another day, if we want, we can repeat, but so far no, do not want anymore, I do not want.

-¿De Moment?

-of Time but do not hold no illusions, do not expect anything else, nothing forces me to fuck you.

He picked up his coat and left the house, closing the door carefully.

Passing through the portal noted as the goalkeeper protruded from his cubicle to look at his ass.

It hurt and tight trousers made things worse.

He feared that the blood coming out of her ass you could stain his pants and noticing.

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Instead of heading to the car went into a nearby bar and ordered coffee, I needed to smarten up a bit.

He went to the bathroom and tiny pants and panties down and observed.

There was no stain on her panties and that reassured partly because he feared not take off the delicate fabric of the garment.

They had bought her husband and never had put to him.

From that place her home only took a quarter of an hour.

When he arrived he greeted and quickly took off his shoes, grabbed some clothes in the dresser of his room and into the bathroom.

He closed the door, undressed and took off with her panties that hid inside the bucket dirty clothes.

vidio bikep

He turned to shower rubbing skin with sponge, especially between the legs and aching ass that fortunately bothered him less.

some clean panties He stood and protected them with a panty liner, dressed nightgown and went to the room where her husband and son were.

I ‘I’m going to sleep, I’m tired and I do not feel well, I ate something today that I did not sit well.

They wished him good night and retired.

He lays remembering everything he had done that day with the conviction that this strange relationship had already finished.

A good ending for the film thought in a whisper.

He fell asleep exhausted quickly.

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