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We meet in the house of the parents for the summer; there were not going to a nearby resort on foot,

with all amenities for day and night we returned to the house for dinner and sleep with our old.

There were about fourteen in total and order, mattresses on the floor and etc.

We managed well. Among them was lola (obvious name) with his 15 years old but with our genetics,

was biggie having that voluptuous condition and age divined that generated with men getting strident in their behavior

Cute blonde hair long legs, good tail, emerging small breasts,

white skin and black bikini was that combination that made more than a boy and grandecito also flutter around her at the resort.

One night at dinner sat beside me, asking me No pass me a piece of bread tiiito.

I obeyed As a not pretty.

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She took him thanking me with a more than suggestive look smiling.

I thought I had to stop being ridiculous thoughts a middle-aged guy with a niece who saw little and I liked a lot.

A couple of times moved on the table to talk or reach for something and I could see his tail sideways because her bikini sank in the buttocks.

That night I went to bed thinking I was the woman, her smile, her small breasts, her buttocks and her walk between innocent and provocative.

The next day when we returned from the resort and after having looked all day we realized some oversights and she went back to look for the forgotten.

Returning to the items we take a different path as fun, it was time that I could not help,

we went up a small hill and stay on my ass in the face kiss on one cheek and she turned surprised face.

– What do you do?

I took her arm and nearly tocándosenos lips as I said I liked and that I was crazy. She let go of my hands and wanting to catch it again I fell stroking her legs.

I shouted his name to come back, I wanted to apologize to his knees I realized what I had done and what was coming.

I prowled the house trying to prepare for the worst or leave cracking, did not seem upset with a decision to deny everything and make me the victim returned to the house.

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Are not-and for certain trotes- said my sister

Lola says he ran a race, while arrived.

I smiled and walked to the bathroom passing on the way the crossed and looked at me for a few seconds with hatred and lowered his head when he smiled.

That bitch I thought. At night, in the round, I felt his conceited and having it look crossed her legs in front stroking the buttocks in well disguised form;

I exploded with rage and fever; did not know whether I had plenty, if it was revenge or innocence had no notion of what he did.

I could not sleep and at dawn I went for a walk, could not accommodate thoughts or feelings, I found her lying back to a tree.

He had all the provocative pose, one leg forward, sucking a finger in the mouth that covered part of the triumphant smile.

I apologized for what happened thanking that there had indeed said anything and I started to go my way.

-¿Sos Fucking? I Look here behind me.

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There was the dream pendeja, served in appearance but do not know if she knew what she was doing and in my mature condition was I who had the decision of a feverish but pendeja wrong.

I could not resist and I pounced on it,

for a second I remembered I was a child and kissed her slowly but intensely to stick my tongue in her young and fresh mouth and listen as she moaned while my hands roamed her dream body and delighted with their tough meats and dig between legs closed giving me the pattern of her virginity.

I found her breasts and she looked at me asking my tongue in them, tasted as ever, hard nipples and saltaditos and my hands on his tail.

I went down with my tongue down her stomach to start unleashing the side of her bikini.

– What are you gonna do ‘I asks.

-Tené Trust love. I asked.

You suck my pussy losing face within his outstanding drumsticks attempting to protect the vaginal invicta groaning and shaking legs,

I felt her juices poured and drank it all; dick had to stick and I did play while kissing her again.

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Do not do it you’re going to hurt. Sob.

There was no way to reverse without separate mouths. I made a throwing her to the floor jack.

No, it does not look that grito.-whispered.

The tap a little to the hymen and suddenly poof! In.

He writhed digging her nails in my back and in my collarbone teeth as I felt his warm blood on my cock and after a few seconds started pumping appreciating and exciting me with his whining and pleas enough already.

I pondered so beautiful and divine for giving me this sacred moment and kissed up coming out of it.

When we started to dress told me he had not liked, that was a brute and would not see me anymore.

I just kept quiet and took the road of return, she hugged me back and stopping up and kissed my ear saying

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-Puto, How nice you deflower the male you like.

We have returned to have meetings like reissuing that night and although she is a woman and sometimes I can not help feeling that infamous take a decision.

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