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Q, the name by signing and know the author of Letters Q, has decided to establish a communication channel with your readers.

So we have opened an email account from where the mail received is automatically forwarded to the account Q.

We decided to do so to protect the identity of Q.

This address can not be copied with the usual tools because it is an image.

To send mail you must manually copy the address into the address box of your email program respecting capitalization.

Q decides the answers you give, or conversations can be maintained, they are not the responsibility of the page Bedri,

corresponding exclusively to Q faculty and full power to answer the mails in the form and manner it deems appropriate.

If you decide to contact Q, we expect you to do an honest, respectful and polite.

I already had advanced as it began my relationship with the neighbor sixth floor right above mine but I want ampliártelo.

It happened one afternoon returning to pretty hot house.

He had tried to take the garden to a particularly attractive guy but the thing could not be, his girlfriend arrived.

So without any tail between my legs I returned home.

video hokep

In the portal we agreed several neighbors, a couple of old gossips indigo hair, the third and the fourth,

sixth and my neighbor I was left me in the fifth.

We entered the small dressing room elevator by reverse order of departure,

not clogged, so the old ladies and the neighbor in front and behind sixth.

It was closed the cabin door and feel a strong fingers clenching me buttocks and sought the crack of my ass.

They were only a few seconds until it produced the first stop,

the old woman turned to her godmother and agreed departure the next day before smiling goodbye neighbor,

I do not look like it, another few seconds later another old got that he turned to the neighbor, ignoring me completely, took leave with you tomorrow.

Upon reaching my floor there was the conversation that you know.

All with hands magreándome the ass, since the doors were closed without removing them when old turned to leave.

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  1. That is great & too bad. I unrnsdtaed the need to take a break though, you’re right about it being like crack. Oh, so adictive. Hope all goes well for you & I’m looking forward to your new venture.

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