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I went on holiday alone this time, I have 22 years old, sweet face, good body with tits normal girls,

prominent tail and superhard by gim (which the Paraguayan employee house, who unfortunately I could accompany it mostly handles)

and something ready to follow the advice of my domestic sexual guide you get to have sex either; with someone hungry and not capricious like me.

A morning of shopping noticed a sign of what could be, was buying firewood when I saw him from the thighs was gathered legs for his fatness and copiously sweating her dark skin,

lips was as drawn between chubby cheeks . I looked at certain nerve and he answered me with astonishment in his eyes.

I said excuse me Do you understand this roasting?

He smiled politely answered that it lived on holiday.

He had a prominent stomach and 1.80 must walk the 160 kgs, frizzy hair and body cortito mass seemed to fall as decorated cake

I’m glad I said I need someone like that for a night Do you work alone?

It depends for how many serious?

-Only You and me.

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I looked between annoyance and surprise examining my body cheekily to which he replied

No problem but let me know in time, here’s my card like I’m always over here, if you ask at the local all know me.

I kept thinking I could get him to warm A challenge yourself,

or know how my Paraguayita said the hunger of someone who never would dream to have such a woman in his arms? Would you be married?

So fat he could. What about the heat? I saw him a few times on the beach but did not notice my presence,

walking on the sand in slippers and entangada celeste with my tan color skin called a lot of attention and that was when reaching the area of rocks it crossing.

Hello -apuré greeting.

– How are you? he replied seriously.

With problems you help me go through the stones ?.

As no.

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And he took me by the hand. I overdid my clumsiness to take his arm pretending afraid and asked him to grab me please.

I took the waist and slid back something daring but keeping the distance and helped me cross as he repeated that will not release me until I hugged him enjoying watching his bulk seemed to widen.

We were front and asked him to within 2 nights wanted barbecuing at home and how much it cost me the service.

I said ‘I can not work-that night, roast for 30.

Do not be bad making me the nena- I said I’ll pay double.

I’ll see what I can do, maybe send one of my assistants.

But I want you to come with you.

Impossible if the next day, but day.

Give him hope you and tell him where she lived it waited for the third morning in an exaggerated way, had gone to the hairdresser,

was made up, high heels and black dress onesie very short, gala morning, more provocative impossible but I wanted to desesperarlo as a fad of what would follow.

It came with everything and starting the fire once asked me if I had come from a party; I replied that I dressed like this when I wanted something to happen.

-Haaa Is stupid cabal answer me.

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I decided to help you with something to move and legs and show little something more.

We talked of many things and told him that he had no boyfriend that I was not interested to have it and that no one noticed me.

We were washing the vegetables and he looked at me laughing.

Look if you will not look babe.

‘Look,’ I said-I dress well and you think it’s something else.

stayed frozen at me, I quit my job and held her gaze, wet the corner of my lip with his tongue very quietly and shook my head passing.

I realized that was what he wanted from me; before putting his tongue in my mouth I grabbed my buttocks and caressed with tenderness and devotion.

He drowned in drool and sweat and almost airless asked us to go to bed. Way to the bedroom put his hand under my skirts and whined pondering my thong,

we kissed braiding languages and for a second I gave that filthy disgusting fat but I had to endure the challenge.

I went and was undressing, I sat on the bed and peeled off a beautiful and well erect cock, big black full of nerves and curved.

He took me by the neck and I leaned to her; The holding her belly up while I devoured the piece, he sucked balls and tongue cleaned the glans.

I did bed and hit me a blowjob shell I think even surpassed those of my Paraguayita. My breasts became rock and asked him to please me fuck her.

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He pulled over and I penetrated to rough raising his belly everything he could and began lying on my pumping.

I was afraid his copious sweat, gave me baba asquete its abundant hot but I liked her body as I was wondering if between fever and heat will not affect the heart.

I looked myself in the mirror, it was impossible, that amorphous mass morocha spilled all over my be making me disappear.

A few minutes later he pulled his tongue out of my mouth and looking at me asked where I wanted milk.

I groaned -in shell.

He started kissing me again and inundating milk faster move. Panted to regain air being totally soaked in sweat,

I helped pull the sheets and bathe together caressing each other’s arms, he kept touching my ass and I promised that I would not crazy.

Just he kept kissing me warmly without taking your hands off my tail; I asked him please not to insist but did not stop and went to the bedroom,

I knelt on the bed but at the edge of it and opened my legs asking swear I was going to do slow, I did not answer.

He moved with his beautiful hard cock, I was ensalibó fingers, raised his belly and began to enter; and as he pushed up his belly resting it on my buttocks,

and I felt the heat and insulted and cried and just felt his sweat falling on my back and the sentence “Shut up bitch” and the incredible ardor.

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Your milk fills me again. We fall exhausted and within minutes the shower again.

He napped with me, woke up first and observe; Amorphous only scattered black meat,

excellent cock that cherish and remember that zeal did everything and I lie hugging him and at night went to work,

I asked if he would return, fly saying -Only when you have to catch scratched.

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