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It had only been a biological father for my parent; anyway, and with the consent of her mother dying mother,

they decided to bring him home to live in the department of the fund.

With my grandfather we had seen only in occasional forms since Dad both his parents and four brothers did not have a family atmosphere,

in fact the vast majority of my cousins did not know and many claimed that Mom was to blame for the separation of smaller and forgotten brothers but dad told me otherwise.

So was the grandfather came to rest at home, with its seventy or so in tow relatively well kept.

At home we worked all and I also studied, it was that way with my twenty year old had no boyfriend wanted.

Blonde with tanned swarthy face between passable and cute thanks to my green big eyes, with good legs, a prominent tail,

good boobs, freshness gait and an almost permanent smile.

Say drew attention from the neck down but more than anything and class types cuartuda seeking to support the collective.

The routine every so often he was eating with us but mostly preferred to be alone.

The times I was gregarious asked him about my father’s family and although sometimes I felt liked to listen to their lies.

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Housework had no name, which was made them, period.

An afternoon of those was cleaning under furniture vitriado, he was wearing a ajustadísimas black tights and a red hearth.

Blended in mine after a few minutes observed by reflection of a glass watching my grandfather,

I was stunned for a few seconds and I thought his eyes were not necessarily filial affection.

I noticed something back but in doing so angry and was no longer in the courtyard that was where I looked.

I went into the yard and saw before entering the department lowered his head,

I thought with some logic that was guilt. I went to knock the door decided to teach her a lesson;

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Shims got up while I noticed the lips of the vagina and with my hands stretch the neckline sundress.

He stepped between fearful and feigning astonishment

-Something happens? – I asked for.

Nothing– No Hesitation

– Sorry I thought you were in the yard …

He could not help looking down and almost puteo but basically I was the culprit.

– If you need anything decímelo please.

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And I turned around walking toward the house knowing that looked revoleada of my ass.

At night I was between intrigue and fear and if he was a degenerate.

After all we knew nothing about him and on the other hand I considered a sort of irresistible could destabilize a person of my own blood.

Two days later we were alone and I wore a miniskirt crazy that despite age my mother forbade me in his presence.

I started getting up windows clean up, figuring that would watch me from the bottom.

After a while, with the excuse of some mates I went to ask him to accompany me,

he relented and in the kitchen preparing the mate I bent down and stretched my imagining the delight of their eyes because under only had a black thong.

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I sat in front of him crossing my legs and chatted with her looks getaways.

– I have to go.

I said standing up and noticed there rather erect his bulge outside a good size penis; I was alone with a sense of guilt, triumph, misery, whatever.

I did not know I was going so I decided to investigate it and went to see him, without opening the door told me I needed to rest,

was as hectic and my vainglory thought masturbated me.

I insisted that I open despite everything he did and gave up in my struggle back to the annoyed house because deep down,

I wanted to hear from his mouth was crazy about me, my body could even with the modesty of my own grandfather;

one chiquilinada but now I seemed necessary because if he was able to look What was the problem prove myself to where would I?

Would not it have some genes in this?

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At night we had dinner together, then watch a program reporting and as light apagábamos always with the idea of asking some of the veteran presenter put a hand on his leg;

He smiled and replied without taking his gaze from the TV; I was on the limit and I crossed my leg taking advantage of the long tablecloth,

leaving it almost to the bare buttocks but to my disappointment did not go beyond a few looks.

That night I slept with him masturbating me furious; in three days we would be left alone again and thought out of my head,

in the end if I wanted to go crazy old me left over pasta and candidates. I was aware of him with all corresponding dissimulation,

I pretended coldness and received the same answer from you that maddened me more and tried to take care of myself;

Mom is very perceptive and observant father but had confidence and a time to discover what my curiosity.

‘We’re not gold coins to want us all- said Dimensioning do not know why but I heard a message for me or so I thought.

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We were alone and had not seen him all morning when I called her name, appeared to my surprise a few minutes in the kitchen asking if I was going something-

– I had not seen him and wanted to know if you like something was wrong.

She wore a black dress onesie, short and low-cut backless, a manifesto that seemed indifferent to him and decided avanzar-

– You Want to tell me something, like what?

‘Do not, it seems to me dodges Can I say the same thing ?.

-Mentirías – I answered-I want to be with you

I put a hand on her waist and leg forward took a deep breath.

‘I dream about it answered looking down.

– But I imagine your grandfather and I am confused with the dream of having a child like you in my arms and my age.

I could not help, he won and so I took my waist dress and pulling up I took it out staying in tits and thong in his sight; I turned toward the bedroom with a sentence.

– Enough; if you like cerrá the door and vení, please I ask.

I threw myself face down on the bed with her legs open; He came and began to undress as he said

Oh mommy.

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She kissed my legs and turned me looking my lips; did slow but intense, I sat on the bed and hugged, was dry and wrinkled skin with a restless but well-managed ultra hands. I pulled the thong making me stop and open your legs well. He knelt putting his face in my crotch and started licking my clitoris with incredible mastery. I touched my tits until shortly told him to take me ponder which finished its flavor. I got up to kiss him and I started down, dry nipples, falls, hairy belly, navel and pecker was hardening with my tongue, I went all over my face and tongue under the glans sucked his bran to taste him eggs and only he showed me the way up legs and my mouth sought his ass.

I rolled onto his back and rode me to bare cock entering me and moving well; I wanted to protest the non-use of condoms. He stared at me and said.

– When your male female you catch the silent and enjoy.

So happened to me was the discovery of the forbidden and a sense of it; for him a whore in his bed.

I made love and he picked me up and making me a favor.

It masterfully outlined shoed me buttocks and began largar the semen;

He panted with a whimper and asked me to stay still, that way to finish, smiled and left on top of me to stroke my leg and look mischievously their milk hanging from my labia.

He lifted his finger and put it in my mouth; I looked with contempt and smiled cynically.

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– If you can not stand a real macho not mess with me, you have a decent body being well used.

He took my hand and went to the bathroom, was washed dick while I drooled neck and slowly I poked in the ass and then suck, what other time I would have been disgusting in his eyes I thought I saw devotion to a tunnel of chaos that only knew in my fantasies.

– I can take you to an ecstasy that you do not know

– No- answer and asked to leave

my panties as a trophy It was as he and smelling her goodbye with a up anytime.

I closed the door and leaned back in her confused not know if regret or feel that at one point I had come over him and immediately I began to imagine that they could spend more.

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