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The night was warm but not overbearing and the head holding my hand all naked we went to the pool.

We laughed and my lover friend was with the other two while I was hugging back by my “boyfriend” feeling in my buttocks as its member tended to harden.

My friend piquitos was given to them as he stroked its members under the water, she obviously knew well that it was.

We went out for dinner in very frugal but necessary way, me and my male dried his hands did not deprive any of my pores.

We lengüeteamos delicately and started drying doing the same work with to achieve full erection.

Those of my friend each had a hand on her buttocks and she lowered alternately to savor the lags.

It was the first time in my life I sat at the table to eat naked with others;

I cuddle my male was giving me morsels in her mouth and stuck out her tongue my friend to receive from their mouth pieces of food.

Everything was far from disgust and oddly enough I saw exciting.

We ate quiet laughing, my beloved did not remove my hand from my leg as I stroked his cock every now and then.

My friend got sweet nipples sucked and his friends, followed with a strawberry taken from her vagina that ate the three sharing it in unison.

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They went to a bedroom and I was alone with bonnet;

I sat on the lap and started kissing so passionately as I fiddled everywhere, had good cock and his stomach was me between nasty and perverse so hairy.

His dick to handle and we got to besándosenos foot;

He took my hand and led her to her to pajearla, took me by the neck and started me down until I was with my mouth against that hard and full of veins nerve;

I closed my eyes, opened my mouth and put it inside. I tried to suck gently and passion but it was hard, I did not know, I separated the face saying

-Angelito To do with the tongue, with the tip Is the first dick you suck?

Do not be bad daddy teach me, but I do not.

If so bebita tongue around now like a lollipop slowly daddy takes your mouth.

I spent a few minutes being caught by mouth before his gasps and movements; and I liked its taste when it became savor the balls and totally lost the scrubbed my face

Daddy, daddy do me whatever you want, degenérame please.

I got up to hug me and start walking toward the bedroom.

On the way he motioned for silence and peered into a room, there she was with a man’s face between her legs while the other put his cock in the mouth.

Changing the position and until you put the two dicks in the mouth, we go way to the bedroom, I picked her depositing me in bed with silk sheets counterbalancing the color of my skin.

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He sent me the tongue in the mouth sinking a finger into my pussy and another in the ass, I cringed listening to his quiet chanchita.

Daddy will you teach-and did something that I despaired.

He pulled his fingers inside me and brought his mouth pondering the taste of my flows and ass.

I began to suck the shell, as was the first man but how would believe me? I began to jerk off with your tongue and do not know how his cock enter my mouth, it was turned 69.

Suddenly me and lowered his tongue down my back to open my buttocks with her.

-No Please. Said.

I rolled onto his side still suck ass and I knew came to my unbeaten. He dug me with his finger, he asked me to relax and started, it was too hot but just asked for pity not to do;

He did not answer me and I wanted to just pushed out of his hands and his legs tangle but kept moving until I felt the butt with my buttocks and my ass as seethed.

It moved slowly pace and strength when I took pear and made to look large mirror.

There he was surrounded by his arms and legs escape and laughed with his fatness whispering victorious

It’s brand new mommy, cute, that idiot who do not broke it. Now I’m going to use to get tired. That divine my fucking ass broken.

He filled it with milk and I was crying with a slight whine but dropping tears in bulk.

Son of a bitch, I hate you Who do you think you’re ,? You’re not going to see anymore.

She stroked my shoulder kissing my cheek.

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Shut up Yeguita divine, not yet you broke it well, I will say when I stop to catch you.

I drooled neck and kept crying, not whether it was guilt, nostalgia or because basically this man who had bought me, I had become dependent.

I felt his tongue panting and neck and ear; then I knelt there holding my neck to bring my mouth to his cock and when I knew it did not get to close the same and part of his cum went to my throat and the rest hit my face.

I had no time for disgust, just swallowed that bitter taste salty tears cayéndoseme again;

He is trying to hit him and took my wrists leaning back in his chest while asking to let me go that I was leaving and he just said ‘No,

you came into my ground and curious’ll have to investigate everything.

The pay was more than excellent.

My lesbian lover called me very occasionally and it was just to be with her.

With that old I got good money and get the part that had kept deep inside me,

I hated it, I sickened but needed to the point that six months pregnant my husband was going to sleep with him and once his friends pajearon I grabbed watching paunchy and usually until the end of his perversions were orinarnos each other.

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