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He had seen her grow. He had seen evolve from girl to woman.

A woman genuinely flag.

Rare was the day that I not crossed it on the stairs, the elevator or common areas of residential building where families resided with our respetivas.

At first it was merely a girl braids dressed in a green sweater with school crest and plaid pleated skirt school uniform. Petite, quiet, very shy and plain-Jane.

Then he grew lanky, but with the same braids, within the same clothes that seemed to grow with it.

But it was still shy and quiet, it was impossible to see his eyes, much less smile.

Aggravated latter aspect that made orthodontics to permanently close the mouth pursing her lips.

It was still a teenage girl with pigtails, school uniform, shy, skinny, lanky, plain-Jane and brackets. One among the crowd of timid teenagers, lanky, ungainly, feuchas and bracket

The I rediscovered, or rather, I began to see as a beautiful girl, with a well-formed body, an impressive tipazo a good day never better.

no longer tresses combed not wearing the school uniform impersonal, wore jeans and badly worn and a delicious white blouse.

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Both were leaving our respective homes, door front door. I smiled, no longer wearing those hideous wires and smile was fresh and bright.

His eyes until then always directed toward the ground opened big and happy as two blue gems.

It was in the elevator when I first heard his voice, soft, sweet, cheerful and musical.

For a moment it seemed one of those impossible women who succeed on the catwalk, or music or movies.

A delightful, polite, soft-spoken young and delicate ways.

I gave him over to the elevator and in the vicinity of the cabin I could feel the pleasant scent, literally clean, like a flower gave off all her skin.

A sharp blow overbalanced slightly cabin for a second energy left and we were a few centimeters from the last stop.

I think it was due to the sudden stop that leaned on me as seeking refuge.

‘Do not panic’ I said in a voice that would be safe.

-I’m not frightened. she said with a sweet voice that sounded sensual.

In a few seconds the elevator down to the requested stop and opened the doors.

She came before me, offering the wonderful show impressive figure.

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Already from the porch of the gate, he turned to me and blew a kiss with his hand, then lifted shaking and giving me a goodbye that tasted like greeting.

-Up Soon as she left neighbor Said light as the breeze.

All day I could not take me to the delicious young head. I even seemed to see her several times on the street.

Perhaps it was coincidence but we met again in the same place where we said goodbye.

She came with a beach bag and dressed in a blouse knotted above the navel and a rather terse short.

-bye Neighbor, I go to the pool with my friends said to me in passing. His voice sounded like a sweet song.

I turned and saw her get away with her friends among which stood out for beauty.

It was not until the next morning I returned to find her. Again in the elevator.

‘How yesterday in the pool with your friends?

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Well, it was not all bad. I swam a lot.

Isn’t it had a good with your friends?

No he replied bored me a lot when they get to fool around with guys.

That answer surprised me and I could not help but preguntarle- Do not you like boys?

‘That’s not is that the guys who like them are some children, are some immature.

That answer surprised me even more, I did not expect from that girl. Immaturity is a characteristic of young and she is very young.

So I could not help but ask again.

‘How you like boys?

He looked at me funny before responderme- I like handsome, intelligent, mature, like you-and laughed with a clean, cheerful almost contagious laughter.

‘Then I’ll have to take you with me,’ I said without looking up.

‘You Are bring to a beach?

-of-And I continued agreement prepared that in fifteen minutes left, wait for me in the parking lot.

It was fast, take the car keys, towel, pieces of fruit, some bottles of water, put on your swimsuit and beachwear, change shoes and going out.

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When I arrived at the agreed place she hoped supported me in the car.

He wore a kind of very thin cloth coat that reached just below the buttocks.

The trip to the beach was filled with conversations about it, their studies, their tastes, their hobbies, their wishes for the future.

I took her to a secluded beach a little to that reached by a steep trail and surrounded by shrubs, some thorny.

The beach is small, dotted with rocks and very quiet not to say that solitary.

We settled among some rocks that in addition to screen against the light sea breeze we hid from the sight of the other two people I shared beach.

It was a weekday and also some clouds seemed to threaten rain but the chance to use the company deserved to be there.

I did not see or remove clothes or lie on the towel.

When I realized it was turned face up, with a dark bikini vestidita that remained small.

She apprehended my gaze and said with a point divertimento It’s the bikini last year and I still have a fair bit.

Well, it looks great.

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But when I bathe shrink a little move and …

No me finish the sentence but the pout that did made it clear that happen.

I laughed before answering ‘And when you’re going to bathe?

She laughed merrily and ran leaping into the water without giving me time to react.

I stood to see her diving and give strong swimming strokes before returning back to shore.

He left and came with a light jog again where expected.

The wet bikini retreated showing much generous breasts and English where peeked brave thin pubic hair.

He faces up on the towel He lay back and bikini fabric with little success quite settled.

You see what he had said? – And I went on to buy another.

‘My that I like I replied.

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-You like?

-I love.

But I see a lot of hair.

That’s easy to fix-apostillé- can tweeze.

It’s like I have hair, I’m not a girl. He said turning towards me and staring at me.

‘I know you’re not a child, on the contrary, you are all woman and very attractive.

He was placed upside down, the bikini top was released, looked at me and gave me a direct and unexpected question-Have you ever taste?

Refine the answer would be absurd encantas -Me.

Our towels were so touched that was put aside and approached me, I noticed his closeness and I got excited.

She kissed me gently on the lips and returned aponerse up to run back into the water.

I returned to my feet to see her out of the water with the most attractive smile that I remember.

Attractive and fun, extremely natural, unsophisticated and very cheerful.

He came, he took what was left bikini and lay face down again.

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‘I do not like guys my age because now would toqueteándome by all sides continued -and now I am very comfortable, I do not feel helpless nor bound to anything.

In that phrase I seemed to understand that I did not mean anything other than talk and little else.

-still Am a virgin but that does not mean I like sex and I like to make love with someone I really like and appreciate me for what I am said with soft but determined voice.

copper was placed back and then I could see the whole magnificidad of his young body.

Slim, tall, provided, with titties impossible, tiny, well put two hemispheres with pointy nipples placed on his chest.

The long belly gave way to a town of a rich but thin and delicate black pubic hair.

Firm thighs. In short, a delight, desire made girl.

We just cuddled naked, kissing, rolling on the sand, completely alone, the excitement of both grew, so I suggested making love.

He did not answer, just closed his eyes and kissed me even harder.

It was a frenzy of kisses, hugs, chupeteos.

I ate the tough titties like stones, he sipped the strong, hard nipples, pointing skyward like two arrows indicate the most sublime enjoyment.

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Her long belly smelled sea, flowers.,

A female in heat. And the ass, the glory that was cured, hard buttocks, fragrant firm, tasty, turned it over and over again for besárselo and mordisqueárselo.

She let him do as he moaned softly.

I placed it on a rock, her legs apart and plunged between her thighs looking for nectar that young pussy I ate with relish.

She wailed and writhed but kept firmly separate legs for better access to that part of your body and exposed very young.

I noticed the spasms of a first orgasm, as my mouth was filled with a tasty flow swear it was sweet, like her mouth.

I noticed tension in your body and as pulled my head as my mouth sought hers. We kissed with desire, with passion, with intensity.

Then I made her lie down on the towel.

I put on a condom and spread my thighs, and she leaned on the heels to raise the hip, young, firm, delicious, attractive and give me insight.

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I put my penis at the entrance of the sanctuary, that young and fresh pussy, pushed slowly hoping not to hurt her, she had told me she was a virgin.

And precisely this virginity excited me more.

But I did not want to hurt her, did not want his first time you leave a painful memory.

Also for me it was my first time, it was my first deflower, my first virgin, my first girl. My first flower.

I felt the resistance of her hymen, as the walls of her vagina, as firm as his young meat, resisting penetration.

I went slowly, as delicate as I could, with all the care in the world.

He soon began to pant, first softly, then and with intensity.

I held her, she embraced me, drew her, the I raised and placed astride me.

She strongly embraced and started kissing me face almost uncontrollably.

He panted with intensity. I made strenuous efforts to hold everything he could.

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Needed, rather than wanted, give her a great orgasm.

He gave a little cry, tense the body, pressed against me with great force, he let out a long groan and suddenly started laughing brokenly laughter spasms until stilled and began to relax the body slowly.

Then I ran and I feel it, I went back to eating her face with kisses as she gave me a big hug.

Then we were lying on the towel and I could not resist stroking her hard body, smooth skin.

I could never imagine so firmly, so hard breasts, buttocks, so firm, so sweet mouth but far less could imagine that this little girl with pigtails, school uniform, shy, skinny, lanky, plain-Jane and eventually turning brackets so crazy.

Not’d just catch her breath when we returned to embrace, we returned to fuck, we rolled on the sand got us everywhere, but no matter, it was a sublime moment.

Exhausted we were still on the sand, then she got up, waved hand up to the occupants of a cruising yacht beach front wing.

-¿Les You know? I asked uneasily.

No, but I want to see me happy.

And naked.

-Desnuda, Happy and all woman – then turned to me, kissed me on the forehead and said I love you silly -after ran back into the sea to dive as the siren every vrez more I seemed to be.

That was the first time we fuck.

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Throughout the summer would that same beach and we would do sex. Also in my house when I was alone.

I can never forget those hard and firm tits, those greedy lips that juicy pussy, ass and compact that those thighs tornadoes.

Nor can I forget the music of his voice, or the smell of your hair or the taste of your mouth ..

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