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Dear Bedri:

With this nephew of mine all started with a straw. Or rather, with a pillaged. I caught him jerking a night that would sleep at home.

Then, you know me, everything was stringing, I made a Cuban. Let me tits full of semen. It has heavy runs.

It also seems to me much that is noisy when you have orgasms, it is almost as loud as me.

In the first sexual encounters, fine and elegant way to call powders, he behaved so clumsy but has learned very quickly and is a great fucker,

one of the best lovers I have.

It has become an expert. Learn fast and constantly improving. It makes me a pussy spectacular meals. Not that for when I run,

still chupeteándome the clitoris until I run again. I suctions energetically but gently. And it does as often as necessary until you ask it to stop.

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It is of the few men that I have to ask you to stop me out orgasms. Sometimes we made 69 and some mythical. I love your cock eat you, it’s delicious.

When I shoves it’s a little maniac, always it puts me on all fours, in doggy plan.

I get hard, very hard, and roars when running inside me, always without a condom, this also always without a condom.

They are very intense powders.

It has strength, power, rhythm, depth and a certain persistence. It is almost the perfect lover. It makes a delicious reamed.

Now that you have girlfriend fuck fuck less but better. We usually practice the positions he likes his girlfriend,

I also like. Well, you know I like them all. I love to fuck because I’m a zorrona.

I also consider the things you do with your girl, I noticed their powders.

When he tells me that she uses a condom and not with me and likes cum inside me, I get very nasty, very hot, very Aunt eager to fuck.

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And what I propose and I check some wonderful powders.

He does not like it, but I love to fuck me over, riding him, impaled on the dick you have.

One of the biggest cipotes have drilled my ass.

What the fuck is different, I noticed less.

I guess he does not know of my sexual wanderings.

I hope not know that fucks me your cousin or uncle.

Although sometimes I fantasize that are my two nephews who fucked me, one pussy and another giving me the ass, both at the time.

I fantasize that we run all three at the time. Other times my fantasy is that one of them makes me love as directed by my uncle.

And I almost always run on my bed just at the thought.

I was always an easy aunt.

One day will leave and will have to dismiss him as just an aunt can do with one of his favorite nephews.

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