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I went to my house thinking of Sarita,

I remembered my sister; how many times I saw her masturbate; my cousin who now married, wanna fuck with me; my teacher that he knew it was real good,

loved that we saw in small buttocks thongs under waisted skirts or pants, and necklines that almost let out her breasts; and in this same way: on the street, shopping malls,

little women do not know what they have and like; warms them and puts horny that look even very offended shout the existence of eavesdroppers,

depraved voyeurs and pigs when they are the ones that cause: sometimes fine eroticism, but others … but always also have in mind a cock that screams ask ,,

but no, that would be indecent for many a sin; but there is distance apart when the goal is the same; also they like and re love cock ..

And so with these ideas come to my house again I thought: What would be doing my wife ?,

I got out of the car, opened the door and before entering the room walked a picture that had into the courtyard and was mirror in the room,

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but the courtyard you could see very widely inside and ooooohhhh, I sEE !, my wife was already in arms Tono, my friend, iN TREMENDOUS FAJE.

That scene: my wife standing, he was taken by his shoulders and gently and tenderly pulled her if she looked at him and placed her hands on the side of your waist stroking slowly back ran her hands to her chest he unbuttoned his shirt, and first circled her from behind,

then squeezed gently kissed her breasts and lifting her face long held out the flower of her lips slightly parted seemed to say as he wished.

Toño kissed her, she bit gently ran his mouth down her cheeks, the aura of her ears, kissed the lobe of his right ear, his neck; you slip her wet tongue Viky.

He started moaning, his breathing sounded increasingly faster, more excited craning his head back to feel around her neck Toño wet tongue that knew how to put my wife hot with those caresses.

He climbed Toño her skirt with both hands and landed on his buttocks acariciándoselas; and oprimiéndoselas to his body already felt fully erect, Viky.

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Only he wailed: ah, ah, aaaahhhh !, that rich !, what a treat !, Toño warm me up more, Ayyyyyy, well put me horny !. This scene seemed too exciting, Toño kept kissing her neck from side to side, her throat, while strongly Viky R oppressing him power brushing her sex against his member.

While Toño down to her breasts; and with his right hand he pulled one to give a tremendous blow job opening his mouth and putting it as much as possible, while cu right hand imprisoning one of his buttocks, my wife just arced to touch her sex with his cock asking: Mass TOÑO, Chapalas MAS QUE LINDO, WHICH dELIGHT, AHHHHHHH QUE RICO !.

Although looked perfectly I decided to enter the room; I made a little noise in addition to announce: MY love, and I came from, where is Toño !.

Here’s affection; hello, I said hello, how are happening! Well, Viky answered, but not yet prepared the snack, being accommodating the pantry instead, right Toño ?, so, but at a time when it is ready, and both, like children into the kitchen while I arranged some things room; books, magazines …

managed to hear the clatter of dishes, hitting knife on the cutting board and see Toño go through the back of my wife, safely and confidently he approached his member to touch him to the buttocks of my woman, she flirted laughing saying quiet Tono,

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going to see my husband, he did not answer pressing over his member to her buttocks and running his hands under the arms of Viky to gently take her breasts, my wife just reached !, evil exhaling ahhhhhhhhhhhh are a bold turning his head back slightly to allow Toño kiss him on the mouth by sucking their tongues and each tongue caressing her neck.

I remained silent, for the first time I experienced an unfamiliar feeling to see my wife enjoyed another person sensuality, knew work, to say, I only remember that without realizing it was my fully erect body ,; I touched me with the palm of my hand;

I thought, is not the size of Tono, looked up and could see that in the same position, Toño was held by chiches my wife, and now she reached her hand back to touch her, over trousers , his cock, which looked good standing under his pants with a wet stain on the part of the tip, of course, was already hot.

I asked them to do; they separated and came to me; I was distracted by placing a CD in the device, let’s listen to music told them, incidentally,

I offered them a glass of Ron and sat in the room, Viky and I together in front of Tono, Health, said, for the opportunity to share our friendship and like to be with us, Toño, taste and honor are mine, said, for the friendship we have had since our childhood, and for the pleasure of having met your wife, Juanito, he added, it is really beautiful,

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I congratulate Juan, he continued, would give to have a partner as well; good Tono, do not take this wrong, but I respect you a lot, as you remember from boys, and more than now, with my great friend, have some confidence to feel the experience of being with my wife, as she provided you can enjoy and please her, who also expressed his liking me.

All this is not as I could tell, the fact is that it was too hot, my wife aside with her blouse open two buttons down enough to reveal completely its two volcanoes that he almost wanted to leave, cross-legged showing them Toño completely, and when I finished saying this, my wife intervened and Tono certain to please my husband, and I like you,

I accept gladly be intimate with you; and my husband, while matching their entreabriéndolas legs slightly to teach their hidden Toño cake in her tiny thong.

Well, that seems some music to dance? I opined, without waiting for an answer rang the device. ; Soft, lilting music Tono, turning to me said: let me John?

Taking the hand of my wife, of course, while other drinks and prepare the snack approached, I said, immediately took my wife with her right hand around her waist and immediately approached him; while I started to prepare drinks, rum soda taste,

I felt the need to take one in advance, so I drank complete my cup, again came to me this strange confused feeling: jealousy pleasing to see and Viky and Toño they were reveling sucking their tongues, he give the home side left side of his neck and; her throwing her head back slightly giving himself completely to joke my friend again,

Toño dropped his hands to waist my wife down, his hands grabbed her buttocks, pulled her skirt and now only tape looked her thong barely hiding his ass, Toño caressed for quite a while squeezing lightly and promoting your cake rubbed against his penis with sides, circular movements that put my getting hotter woman as just whispered!

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Ahhhhhhhhhhh TOÑITO FEEL tHAT yOU HAVE TREMENDOUS THAT dELIGHT, AHHHHHH TOÑO move it more, more, maaas !.

He finished the music and came to sit, I offered them their drinks and offer; could actually draw, tucked the tremendous body Toño; the wet spot grew; Viky took another swig of his drink saying,

I’ll fix a little, with your permission; he went to the bedroom that was in front of the room; boys leave the door open, and we are trusted, he said; he got into the shower and heard the water falling on her naked body.

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