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Karen jerked awake in her bed, she was naked and Camilo still slept with clothes from the night before, did not know if she remembered was the product of a dream or actually happened.

When looking clothes he found in the room, which confirmed that indeed did happen. He had sex with July, the husband of her friend and at home!

Despite his regret he could not get his mind around what he had felt,

all those new sensations and experiences that made her mad with passion How would act when talking to Paola? And Julio?

Will there be someone noticed the absence of both? There were many questions that intrigued her, but would face before Camilo wake.

He dressed and went home with the excuse Paola search your phone, her friend received the same kindly provided talked a while until assured that no one suspected anything.

Everything was fine and would not pass a slip binge.

He tried not interbreed with Julio to avoid discomfort, but remembered that night alone and felt enormous desire to repeat it.

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I felt sorry for Camilo something that was a good man, but Julio had marked and could not stop imagining a new meeting.

After nearly 15 days, an afternoon came on the market of the city and crossed back with Julius driving a truck company where he worked and offered to take

Karen Go up, you take it.

No July, going where a friend, thank you.

I want to talk to you please, just one minute.

It’s that we can see and do not want to have problems with Camilo and Paola.

Then go to a more private location, just a moment please.

Karen felt he could not refuse that invitation or the penetrating gaze of July and without another word, he climbed into the van

Try not to take much please.

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The van swiftly disappeared into some streets and parked in a common parking, Julio dropped telling Karen that follow,

crossed a corner and noted that there were people he took her hand and made her enter a house that looked normal once inside he realized it was for accommodation and Julio went to the manager and then made to enter one of the rooms.

As soon close the door Julio hugged her and started kissing frantically while Karen tried to resist,

but the passion with which caressed and kissed July was stronger than correspondiéndole and giving over to passion.

July undressed her and began kissing foot from head to toe as his hands roamed her entire body with despair, then he laid her on the bed and began to

lick her clitoris with unmatched skill that drew groans of passion Karen,

she continued licking and nibbling the vagina while playing his middle finger inside her delicious causing contractions that ended in an ejaculation in Karen.

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Go on please follow repeated Karen

July stood and stripped naked, while Karen sat down and immediately grabbed his sticking it cock in the mouth,

giving an exquisite blowjob, balls, head, everything went in and out of that beautiful little mouth that wanted extract semen.

July, the back to bed while toying his cock at the entrance of the vagina, Karen moved desperate pleading that goal.

-want You to the goal?

-Siii Do yaaaa ahoraaaaa.

Then put it yourself.

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Lay face up in July and Karen she rode her vagina while devouring that fat cock waiting for her hard.

She moved with desperate pace reaching orgasm in less than a minute.

July placed on all fours and lamii their white and enormous buttocks thrusting his tongue into her anus, which produced a wonderful feeling Karen ecstasy.

Then he placed the tip of his cock at the entrance of the anus and slowly was getting into his head.

Karen moaned in pain and pleasure while Julio began with pumping more momentum until it got all the cock,

getting and getting faster and faster coming to ejaculate within this spectacular ass filling of milk.

They went to bed tired as they kissed.

‘Now what will happen to us? Karen asked.

It -Pasará what you want to happen in July Answered

I do not want to have problems with Camilo and Paola. said Karen

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– So this ends here? he asked in July

– No, not that, we only see each other secretly in the same place every time we whispered Karen

July kissed her gently, while Karen stroked her pecker got hard again, Julio got on top of her kissing her boobs while penetrating the wet vagina again,

his hands caressing her buttocks. Karen moved as he could while Julio lifted her legs placing them on his shoulders

allowing the penis to penetrate all its dimensions to the bottom of the vagina.

Karen had another fantastic orgasm before climaxing in July and took his cock and put it in his mouth,

filling it tasted semen Karen and swallowed.

No one ever did this to me, even Camilo.

Now you know why Paola fell in love with me

I regret not we met before, everything would be different

‘Things are as they are, if we are to be lovers, then we will.

Now Karen and Julio plan their meetings in hostels, where they give free rein to their passion, inventing new sex games that end with ejaculation of both.

Camilo and Paola or unsuspecting and curious Karen and got the answer he wanted, the end of the day, it was worth being curious.

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