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The other time I saw the unpresentable of Casan in a note on TV,

and as he did the interview, she moved and dropped the sanitary napkin that was in use between her legs.

A horror where you look, and she unashamedly said: Oh, I dropped the towel! and other vece happened to me, it is that I do not use underwear.

(Do not know how a washcloth takes unused panties … or why there are men and women who do not wear underwear)

But other unforeseen uncomfortable also can occur.

I remember when I was young, I was at a birthday party at a friend’s house,

all made little we were “ladies” and was also the older brother of my friend, who is about the mother and says,

“Avisale to twinkie that has the mean (white) bloodstained “…

the poor lass went to the bathroom and stayed with kickers shoes without socks.

One that has happened to me is that I broke the underwire bra and wire peeped the neckline … with your finger to push in, and ready.

A co-worker dropped pad push up for a first date with a man and another was opened the portfolio dropping everything that was inside

(including lining and gel name Falic) in the middle of a meeting very serious.

Surely your memory is a story of newsprint that expose our privacy.

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