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Bedri Hello, I want to tell you an experience I am living with my cousin.

I am a 26-year-old father of a child, though I’m still single, I am brown, thin and always had a curiosity about the homosexuality,

she imagines what it would be a relationship with another man entering me, but never went beyond.

For economic reasons I had to leave my weary land and travel to the capital Lima in search of employment,

for which I stayed at the home of a maternal aunt who received me like a son.

This aunt has 3 children, Raul 35 years married Jimena, Javier Vanesa 28 and 32, all very handsome and kind, but Javi understood me to be my age.

A few days later I found work as a financial security agency, for which the company assigned me to the work implements among which included a rubber stick.

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As the days in my work I started to meet people with whom I used to fantasize sexually, even men;

it was then that I began to notice the curious shape of my staff and see it as a dildo, total, because no one would know.

One night while sleeping in the same room my cousin hid under my blanket my rod and started to rub the tip on my penis and then to taste like a real penis.

I liked it and I decided sobármelo by the ass, placing the tip at the entrance of the anus,

which made me wish much penetration but my year was very close to the thickness of the rod,

so I decided that the next day would buy candles for introducírmelas anus while I bathed.

The next day I went to the bathroom and took my rod hidden and a candle, to carry out penetration.

Once naked and started soaping wet candle and place it in the anus.

But only it hurts a little at first, then the excitement was eliminating pain and decided on the rod,

which jabone and stood on the floor to be sitting slowly inserting the tip into my ass dilated.

At that precise moment he entered my cousin Javi, I forgot to lock the door, and saw the scene.

Only managed to lower his head in shame and beg him not to say anything, but he closed the door, this time secured it,

and told me to keep my secret if sucked cock, which pulled out in front of my face, and I was crouched with the rod in the ass.

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My cousin’s cock was thick and with a big head, what excited me and started kissing me taste it first and shoved it into his mouth as far as I could.

It was delicious and I would love to suck. In addition, it had become rock hard and it made her even more provocative,

not wanting to end, he wanted to licking that big penis, until my cousin told me he wanted grinding him.

‘I’ve never done, just with her staff was testing I said.

Then I want to be the first to break that ass. He answered

I do not know, I’m afraid, your cock is big one.

-Don’t Worry, we’ll do it slowly and even where you want

All right but slowly please.

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I got up, left the stick aside and put me back to him, crouched over the toilet, offering my virgin ass.

I started stroking the buttocks and back making me excite even more; then she puts soap in my anus and around his penis;

and he began to put the tip; hurt a little and hold, then stuck his head and a muffled cry of pain came from my throat was burning my ass,

it seemed that his penis had fire that was burning me …

Stop it please, it hurts.

Take it easy, do not resist but will hurt more.

-yâ Not stand, I’ll scream …

If you scream come to see everyone and you will not like them to know that I’m Seat Cushin my gay cousin.

He kept putting his cock at will while I endured the pain until finally the pain subsided and I began to enjoy the culeada he was giving me Javi.

I felt every centimeter of his cock in and out of my ass so exquisite a wild swing that ran me right there, while Javi ran into me a few seconds later.

After that first time, our room became the perfect place for our intimate encounters, practically did life together,

every night penetrated me and every day I liked, even we kissed and we were saying words of love and Altar Passion, we were clandestine lovers.

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Once while watching a movie with the whole family in the room, slyly caressed my buttocks,

I smiled rogue and went to the kitchen with the excuse of preparing refreshments for everyone and told me to help him.

The kitchen of my aunt is open and is only separated by a 1.20 m tall furniture,

Javi told me to look for something in the drawers below and when I lowered my cock pulled and I made a gesture to suck him Right there!

As the bottom of the kitchen I sucked until I did finish my mouth was not seen and I took the last drop of his semen And the family did not even notice!

Then we went to the room and had sex like crazy all night.

Javi has confessed to me that really loves me and so wants us to live together as a couple away from family,

I still am thinking and I think maybe it’s time to take to everyone that I am gay and Javi and I are lovers

but for now enjoy every night in the arms of my cousin, as I convinces with sex accept his proposal.

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