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I expected a long and tedious train journey in a country where the means of transport does not enjoy much favor of the population and it is not exactly a paragon of comfort and punctuality.

old, obsolete, slow and uncomfortable trains impuntuales only frequented by backpackers and natural they could not take other means of transport.

On the other hand, paths are long, with few stops and crossing large open spaces and monotonous. Only occasionally,

a stop in some hidden place away from all the hands of all the gods put some interest in the tedium of the journey.

Despite these drawbacks used regularly this means, the plane ride plus very expensive had frequencies that did not fit almost never with my needs,

the train passed every day and the airplane is almost always more ancient than the noisy diesel locomotives They are pulling the convoy.

And knowledgeable both material and performance of the company, I waited until the last minute to get on and choose a vacuum compartment,

on the north side of the train, colder but with less discomfort with the sun too low this time of year;

nd away from other compartments occupied by natives or tourists backpack, both the former perfectly identifiable.

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The car was empty, walked from start to finish, and I chose a compartment in the center of it.

I put my luggage as far from the door and I settled my laptop displaying a travel blanket, often cold, and various magazines.

The train had already begun to move when a young woman appeared at the door, entered saluting in your language,

I answered but did not pay attention, I was annoyed that empty wagon had decided to enter the mine.

However my indifference dirigírseme again, wondering where he was, pointing magazines in Spanish.

– Otkuda ty? (Where are you from?)

– Ya iz Ispanii (I’m from Spain)

I have a good command of the language although some accents choking me, but this girl plus beautiful was clear and pleasant voice,

he understood perfectly and for a moment thought my luck because I had decided to get into my compartment.

The next question puzzled me.

– U tebya est yubimaya? (Do you have a girlfriend?)

I hesitated but answered with a big lie -Da.

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He gestured and sat in front of me, next to the window.

There I could see her well and covertly watched her though perhaps it would be better to say that the analyzed.

I was ruthless but ended up convinced me it was a very beautiful woman, the physical nature of the country,

tall, slim, blonde, white skin and blue eyes, more gray than blue. Good legs, best tits and a very pleasant expression.

Before finally leaving the outskirts of the city and talked animatedly.

I knew I was traveling to see their parents as every month I talked about them, their people, their friends,

said he has one that I like, and showed me the picture, a beautiful girl, brunette, very Mediterranean appearance,

very generous ways, pictured what most stood out was an explicit neckline that showed a voluminous breasts directly.

I really liked much more Helena, who’s name I chose not to tell but when I showed another picture where she looked very young accompanied by another burly young man who took her over his shoulder.

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I spoke of my people, my family, my friends and my fake girlfriend, resorted to photos with a friend where we came together and chastely embraced for the photo.

I opened the computer and showed on the screen

It’s very pretty ‘I said.

-You’re Very pretty I said helplessly.

He will vex your girlfriend if she finds out.

You never will know I concluded with an enigmatic point.

I wanted to close the pc but asked me to leave him, he turned on the flip mesecita and typed something,

I wait a few seconds and turning it showed me a picture of her in a bikini. I whistled with admiration.

He had already begun to get dark and as my boss says, “Here comes the night not ICAE!” and with it the cold.

My beautiful companion hugged herself and gave a brief gasp, delicate nipples suddenly marked under the blouse

I offered my blanket and sat beside me refusing to cover herself and extending it so that the two were running more or less covered,

She moved closer to me and felt the delicious aroma from her hair and her body heat. We squeezed, I put my arm around her shoulders,

and pressed against me. She rested her head on my chest, and the two seconds flat, lifted the lid of the pc, plugged,

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typed url and showed me some pictures of him naked on a bed, in the shower, showing all his body, until the parties more hidden,

more intimate. I looked mouth and ate it, she got up, locked the door from the inside,

drew the curtains, turned around and right there in front of mine undressed, standing in the middle of the compartment.

Then he came offering full of beauty in the dim light ceiling lamp dela soon shut down. Only the brightness of the night lit an extraordinary body.

It was not like that of his friend Mediterranean, was slim, small, hard and firm breasts with pink areolas and tiny,

inhiestos and firm nipples. Athletic, clean muscles, no fat or flab, youth care and probably kept in good shape,

covered a star franjita delicate blonde hair pubis. The resounding ass, firm, hard, disturbingly attractive. Long thighs, provided.

He undressed me and before I could do or say anything knelt on the floor and my cock into his mouth, delicate mouth,

mouth extraordinary, delicious mouth. I thought I would die of pleasure when placed on me and introduced within it,

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I could not move, she did it all. Soon the compartment was filled with groans, sighs, moans of pleasure, anxious gasps,

kisses, pure sex. If she had an intense, delicate and lasting orgasm, mine was so intense but shorter.

We were hugging and saying things panting, each in his own language. I understood and I know that she understood me.

Despite the cold, she turned on the light and asked me to be photographed with the pc. I did not,

I used to them the wonderful camera that I had bought before the trip.

I made pictures in every conceivable position and others that did not even know that could be taken until the battery ran out

then offered me the ass, although it would be better to say he was posing with the ass in pomp when the batteries gave their last gasp and I took the opportunity to fuck her doggy style.

Ass wonderful, wonderful female.

We did a very wild way and I surprised myself with how much I was able to stand before ejaculating.

I ran and I fell on it.

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Then we cover the blanket and slept cuddled. I woke up at night in the couple of occasions that the train stopped.

Then I went back to sleep until awoken clarity and hearing noises in the hallway of the car we dressed hurriedly,

her bra I put it in my bag when someone tried to open the door left. It was not recognizing reviewer new travelers continued on his way.

We take breakfast from meats, which sightedly both got along, then saw on the screen of the camera the photos he had done and promised to send them to your e-mail after what began saving your thing,

your stop approaching, he turned I sit at my side, I turned to her and we were in front affront, I took the head,

pulled her towards me and kissed her passionately on the mouth.

He said something which I did not understand and started to unbutton the little buttons of her blouse

He stopped again my hands saying something I did not understand. Then he hugged me and my hands sought his hard ass,

he again said something that came to seem unintelligible and was she who unbuttoned and with incredible speed undressed,

and I undressed and stood over me, grabbed my cock and He jumped, and his tongue sought mine,

and entered into my mouth entangled in mine, going up deep inside my mouth as my cock slid deep into her vagina.

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And there, right, sitting on that seat sometimes torture device, next to the window, watching all those around that city will look to the train.

Very cuddled, moving her with deep, rhythmic movements, gasping, moaning,

sighing, pressed very hard against me and tightened up the last of the muscles in your body before falling rendered in an orgasm contemplated by those aguadaban on the platform.

There were no more than a fleeting kiss before dressing and other air from the door asking me the pictures we had done.

I reached my destination when you open the bag and saw the bra that had not put her panties but accompanied by a delicate tissue that gave off an extraordinary aroma.

I had not seen that she had not put as I too hastily dressed me. It is told in the e-mail where he sent the photos.

We agreed to meet to return them but never did, if not every time he saw her returning with other panties.

I became a regular user of that line and began to spend the night in a modest hotel in a town in the middle of the line where I became an accomplished collector of fine Russian fetishist panties and an expert photographer nude somewhat ribald.


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