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Betty calls him. Ray, come and meet our new neighbor, dear. Maddie‘s mom wanted to meet and talk with you about his daughter.

Ray went cold. Why the mother of Maddie here? His daughter has come clean about what happened? If

so he is in trouble not only with parents but with his wife. It could not be avoided. She took a deep
breath, preparing what he could of the reason and headed for the kitchen.

Whatever she had prepared was removed from his mind. This, Maddie‘s mother whether it was indeed

she, will pass as an older brother. A diminutive five foot, sleek and strikingly handsome. Ray’s proffered

hand and slipped into hers as he noted how cool it is. Instinctively he gave his wife look guilty.

Lot of fun Alice not to release his hand when he was asked if he did not mind that his daughter use him

for his research. Once he has convinced him to obtain his promise that if his daughter had told him he was going to be a nuisance.

At the end of the semester Maddie is back home. He has been home almost a day before he was

summoned to see Betty and Ray. Over a cup of coffee he’s confused and amused couples with the chatter

of her life at the University. When she left she asked if it would be fine to Ray for help with his studies.

Both Betty and Ray agrees that it will help as much as he can.

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It was a week of Maddie catching up with old friends before he asked Ray to call thenext round. In the

live room adorned all surfaces that are available. After sitting on its own Ray asked the young woman her social activities away from home.

Maggie smiled. You’d be surprised what happens on campus Ray; things are so free today. “ See the

raised eyebrows he added. “Many … what should I say … try before you buy. He winks. You look surprised Ray, right?

Ray was not surprised. What shocked him was the candor of that young woman. If he tries to he pokes

it? And if so is it all a part of his studies?

“No, Maddie, not much shocks me today. Me, I think, a little bit jealous of young people. As a youth I

was lucky if I could even steal a kiss from a woman. And to see the one dressed in next to nothing, well …

He didn’t need to finish; There is an understanding and sympathy in the eyes of Maddie.

Young woman standing, thinking deeply. He crossed his arms firmly gripped the upper end and drawn

up, as the top of the cleaned up his chest and Maroon colored bra revealed he heard Ray took a deep

breath. She pulls up over his head and threw it to the side. Standing at accomplice hips she faces parents.

“Tell me honestly Ray, what you think … to my studies?” Her eyes like saucers and he thought that he

detected a slight shake in her hand.

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Ripe gumam Ray. His hands formed a partial Cup then closed as if squeezing.

For Maddie both frowned, not understanding the logic, then he smiled. Her fingerswent to the waist of

the skirt of light that he wore. Hooking her thumbs under her clothes slowly rotated her hip as she

seductively pulled one side then the other, whoedged back again. The old man sat on the edge of his seat,

his face red with excitement now.

Maddie continues to tease and then, turning her back to him, presented his ass to the Ray. Now he’s

pushing the skirt down to reveal a pair of small Maroon-colouredfrilly knickers. He holds the skirt in the

middle level of the buttocks are still sleek hipranges. Ray while stretched out arm even though the young

lady that’s just out of reach. See movement backwards until her feet Maddie edged her butt barely

touching the tip of his finger. As she bent forward and able to put his hand in his pants Shegiggled and

moved out of range again.

Fuck.” Breathed Ray hoarse.

Maddie realizes that he has created a dangerous situation. The old man teetering on the edge of self

control but excited and keep it at a point of no return are long gone. He has thought long and hard about

the consequences of pursuing this line of research. Will it further will answer some of the questions that

fellow students have discussed in private and academic value if the result is small then she will know

how a man age Ray will react.

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The skirt dropped to the floor the young woman kicked to the side; He stood feet apart, hands on hips.

“No, Ray, a scantily clad woman. What do you think now? Do I like the ones you remember Betty when

she was young? What are your thoughts tell me, please.

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