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They had finished dinner and it was suggested that her friend and 24 had not yet had sex and was in a vicious circle that could not leave. As he had not lived that experience it gave her great experience fear, as well as mention it was embarrassed at someone and ask you to be careful and smooth. Then he could not break with that situation.

They continued chatting about various topics until suddenly emerged of sexual fantasies.

Both started to count from the smoothest, most likely to the most hard, perhaps not achievable. But the detail of these is for another time.

One of the fantasies that he was exposed to involve another woman with them both. So with flashing eyes, both said ‘And if we call and offer help and see how far we? –

Alejandra had been drinking. Perhaps that was why so quickly understood and accepted the hint. He came intoned. But as they also had been drinking at dinner and previous talks were waiting, they were in the same condition. This made several limits no longer exist.

When he went to the bathroom, Pao Ale told Mariano, her boyfriend was the one who wanted that night she was there. She also said that she liked to Mariano. But that did not bother her because she was sure of their love for each other, and also when they were in the privacy she was responsible for not crossing the image of another woman by the fantasies of him.

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When Mariano reentered the room where they were sitting chatting notice that they were giggling and laughing while looking him up and down, stopping both glances at his crotch.

He poured more wine and sat between them. They continued chatting, sometimes hot topics and jumping indirect indirectly.

At one point in the conversation a doubt one question that opened the door to a challenge, a bet emerged. It was right there when he bet that encouraged them not to kiss. They said course-for herself

Retruco But then the talk of ending an intimate kiss tongue

To which answered If you kick off your shoes and take off your shirt, do-

Mariano nodded. I was barefoot and slowly and slightly twisting movement took off his plaid shirt.

They looked at each other, took their heads, began to rub the lips, then opened their mouths and began to rub the tips of their tongues.

He said hiperexcitó follow if want–Can

His girlfriend answered – If you take off your pants no more-

Ale said nothing, laughed, but he liked, enjoyed.

But he said do not want to impact my situation- was fully erect.

Pao said sacate Give her pants and acercate-

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He took off his pants dropping to the floor and approached them. Pao grabbed him a slap of the tail and positioned herself in front of her. With his other hand he took his penis through the boxer, who was already big and hard. And he said, ‘You see? This is what you should try inside-

Then I took her hand to Ale, he took up the bundle and made to support the palm of his timid and cold hand on that hot mountain.

Mariano began to accommodate hair behind both ears, so that their faces were free of transgressors angels her hair. Then he bent down, kissed each of them on the cheeks and kneeled in front of them.

Immediately after he began to take out the shoes and kiss his feet. The fact of using his tongue to kiss them, was that they felt the pleasure that makes you open their mouths to release air soft sighs.

Then I pulled the pants to each of them very smoothly, leaving the delicate skin of both the air. This happened to kiss the feet to the calves. Then it was the turn of the tender dermis behind the knees. He was doing exactly the same to each, alternating shifts each.

And when he kissed her thighs, she accompanied those kisses with caresses directed by his fingertips. When I noticed that the crotch of each gave off enough heat, they began to wet his lips and hands intertwined fingers shooting them soft touches to his ribs and breasts: her panties off them.

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Pao wearing a pink thong, whose back was just a thread and the front was a small triangle of pink lace.

Ale wearing a blue thong, also of fine lace stretching to turn around his stocky tail.

All three were excited.

He began to kiss her lips slowly higher, then step by their necks, and then under his pubis. Both were free of hair.

External lower lips kiss, first gave them subtle touches with the tip of his tongue. After the he tightened his lips. Both were well wet and continually sighed.

After kissing them for a long time and increase breathing both stood to extract upper garments. But they did not quit. They pounced on her skin, removed his boxers and began to kiss him. One kissed her swollen penis hard and reddish while the other fondled and licked his testicles. He also released an aphrodisiac juice they drank desperate.

After making several attempts to detach both of his limb, achievement. I separate the slowly removed their upper garments leaving their bodices and holding hands led to the bedroom. Once there the lay one next to the other and said they expected them kisses and pleasure.

As soon fell on the bed and started kissing him Pao, Ale swooped sideways on Pao and began to eat his mouth and juicy deep tongue kissing. That heated in excess Mariano ceased to kiss Pao and went to kiss Ale. Pao was then turned it Uncut desperate kisses was giving Ale and climbed on him and his tremendous phallus buried occupying all inside.

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Mariano this reheat. I could not stand much longer such a giant dose of pleasure. He knocked Pau and began masturbating as he continued kissing Ale. Then he lay down on Ale, support his glans on the lips lubricated Ale and was slowly pushing forward, so that the lips were left with no choice but to open up and allow the slow entry of his swollen head.

At the same time that was happening, that his face was buried in the crotch of Paula lying lying attached to both. He began partially inserted into and removed his penis and at a very slow speed. Ale closed his eyes, turned his head sharply exhaled. And he smiled at a time.

Every time I got part of its member expelled by the outline of her clitoris their deepest juices. He went out, asked Ale that run, I wanted to leave with the win, with the aim of repeating the experience and from that time and the remainder of the night was seen as he took his girlfriend strong way, thus He is preparing for his next match.

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