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Hello, I introduce myself would not know how well I decide to do it the easiest way.

I am a follower and collaborator veteran of the page Bedri.

I discovered years ago and I have worked sending recipes, photos and Bedri own suggestion I have decided to write a story that can be published among the “forbidden”.

Really do not know if you can reach both because neither to tell. Bedri told me I could say as I am or as I like to be.

He also told me that I could tell something had happened or that I would like to pass.

The truth is that without really knowing as I began to write and I chose to do a little of everything you like waiting all.

I am a normal married woman but I will not say anything more.

My age encuadraría me within the “wenches” and according to some of my friends of “good view”.

I had the luck of a physical constitution that allowed me to maintain a good guy and I have practiced sport regularly all my life.

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First basketball in the convent school and college and always hiking and swimming.

These sports have helped me to maintain an attractive shape and do not mean just me. In addition, I go to the gym regularly.

I am, to give you an idea, a lady well in many respects.

I wear long hair below the shoulders since I was lucky enough to mold to my taste without much problem. My skin is clear and my brown eyes.

Tits are normal, rather small and thanks to exercise and creams are kept almost if site.

I like it makes my nipples when I get excited, shrivel, harden and point forward as the horns of a bull. Also when it’s cold and are so strong that even notice through the bra padding.

My belly is shaped by exercise, not muscles are marked but no flab or loose skin or stretch marks.

They are somewhat wider hips and ass into meat.

It is no longer that little ass of my youth but move it to make it really attractive.

Faltered in the thighs legs but still keep them in good condition, hardly sagging.

The body part I like least are my feet even though I have a cyber friend who insists on a date for chapármelos.

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They are bony and too big, especially the fingers. I also have other cyber friends asking me to suck dating other things, I need not specify how.

I do not usually grant such appointments, not just because I do not like to reach as many internals with people I do not know if not also because many of them are lujares even thousands of kilometers away.

Nobody’s beating a couple of days it is given by plane just to get laid with a stranger he meets for an alleged photograph on the Internet.

It should be a great dust and do not dare to guarantee both.

However if I have granted a request to one of those friends cyber, I Epilate pussy.

One night I made a plea for such a measure and the next morning while I showered, I admire in the bathroom mirror I decided.

A few days later I took a photo of pussy unshaven, really did me some because it is difficult to take pictures of the same site and get it right or at least as I wanted.

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Then I called a friend who has a beauty salon, I explained what I wanted and asked his advice about the best method.

My friend asked no questions, I recommended the wax and quoted me the next day to arrange her personally.

The experience was a bit strange to me, lying on the couch, naked from the waist down, with legs wide apart and my friend straining hot for pussy around the wax, I was a little uncomfortable.

Depilation lasted long because I did it gently while I was explaining I was doing and as we have to do hereafter.

Remove the hairs on the lips of the vulva was somewhat painful but what struck me most was when my friend handed me the moisturizer that is usually applied after waxing wax.

She was more disturbed me especially when I let out a sort of sigh, she interpreted pleasure and it was true, but not sexual pleasure, was happy because the cream was nice and cool and my friend has soft hands and extends cream delicacy.

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When I got home I repeated the photo session and the next night I waited for my husband to do the honors as due to the new aesthetics of my pussy.

Since then I’ve well and the truth that quite successfully. Quite like among those who know him. Not that they are many but I think significant.

He likes my husband, my tennis coach, my fitness coach, a couple of old friends and a cyber friend a bit special.

They also liked to some of my friends, so much so that several of them have imitated me and also have peladito pussy.

He cyber friend who defended me the convenience of waxing one night in the Messenger was the second in the new state of my crotch.

When we returned to chat and he went out the issue I was sending photos of the first session.

No I had made them all naked, I had put a white panties had been removing me to be nothing and all open. Open and hairy, very open and very hairy and somewhat moist.

I was excited to make me photos.

My ciberinterlocutor besides slowing down the answers insisted waxing. It was getting late and stayed for a week later.

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The appointed day we reconnected and sent the photographs that I took and shaved, they were like the previous time, with white panties and equally open but wetter because I had played a little hacérmelas and was very excited.

I was also very excited while chatting.

My friend asked me to see me on webcam but never put people who do not know him personally and I told him.

It was a while without writing anything and I proposed something. One day, I chose and where I decide, meet us to know.

And that happened. One day my husband was away I stayed with my friend who call Victor.

I went to pick up at the airport and took him to his hotel.

There he proposed me up to his room. Needless to say that I was waiting, I was so excited that my nipples were pushing so hard bra were apparent even above the sweater he wore.

Upon entering the room I went into the bathroom, I quickly undressed, washed my pussy, I got a clean panties, the same photo and left.

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Victor winced when he saw me, he stopped what he was doing and hugged me kissing me hard and moving his tongue inside my mouth eagerly.

When his hands reached her panties push gently to separate him and asked him to undress and get into bed which made quickly throwing his clothes in all directions.

I got to the foot of the bed and contrived voice I asked him to pay attention. I

went slowly down the panties and moving it up with quick movements to take it away entirely.

I threw it away and walked to get over his face to go slowly bending your knees until my pussy finished touching her face.

He threw his hands on my hips and a sea of saliva flooded my pussy, I felt like nose, tongue and fingers moved in and out between the lips of my sex.

Cramps started pleasure through my body, from the tips of fingers to cheeks felt increasingly heated. Aguijonadas felt incredible taste out of my pussy spreading throughout my body.

My nipples were about to explode and started to fondle her tits with one hand, needed the other to steady the head of the bed.

I felt that I melted as moisture from the mouth of Victor moisture joined my vagina. I was running, it was a spectacular, quick, hearty, pleasant run.

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I got carried away and when I realized it was impaled on the cock of Victor and moving the ass like it’s Richard Gere himself who was fucking me.

Victor and I ran to time, I had not cried much to fuck. He had long enjoyed not so much with a powder.

That morning stopped having her pussy to have a source, among the juices from my run and semen that Victor had left me in a large volume of fluid is dripped from the lips of my vulva and continued for cock and backward to slide between Victor buttocks end up in the sheets.

I ended up exhausted and I dropped Victor aside and watch while he slept too exhausted.

He’s a young guy, he does not reach the thirties, dark, not very tall, well built, strong hands, strong cock, fuck knows, he has shown me.

It has given a good beating plane from across the ocean to see my shaved pussy though we both knew, and you, who was to take a powder.

He had behaved well and would not be one, at least on this occasion.

We both slept and when I woke up I wanted to go the other powder and asked me,

I told him that yes, colocase me as wanted. I put on all fours grabbed my tits, his fingers found my nipples and made a comment about his toughness, we both laughed.

With a steady motion shoved me her pussy already wet.

video bokap

I said things calling me by Nick, I asked to use my name, my real name. Victor did the same. We fuck like madmen, moved my ass like crazy. I ran as ever.

Victor took longer and waited for him. I liked to wait, I feel excited much turned to run inside me. As he enjoyed fucking me.

I went into the bathroom to wash and stayed a while watching the jets running from her pussy down my thighs, almost to her knees.

Victor came in and I started magrear tits while remembered that the next day he would pick to get you back on the plane.

The next day I went straight to his room, undressed, or rather I took off my coat, I had just put me that what I was excited. Victor looked at me and told me that this time it was I who proposed the position, I got in the middle of the bed, face up, with legs wide apart and arms folded over his head. Victor ate me from the mouth to hell, we kissed tenderly.

He sucked her nipples until they hurt me so hard that they got me.

I nibbled her belly. He licked my pussy until the clitoris wanted out of pure pleasure.

I felt almost faint pure taste when overtook him between her teeth and I got carried away by a lustful pleasure when chupeteaba gently between his lips.

It felt like my cum mixed with her saliva and wished that time never happened, that this plane will not leave.

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Victor sought my mouth while stringing me back and slowly began to move, thrusting and pulling his cock from my pussy, gently, tenderly, as if neither wanted to finish.

Little by little I began to feel a cascade of orgasms, first short, quick, short, almost fleeting. Increasingly longer, more intense, more continuous until there were no breaks and all merged into one, immensely pleasurable.

An orgasm with a capital of those films, of which I always dreamed, of which always chased and finally found in a hotel room couples with quite younger than me boy who lives thousands of kilometers from my.

Orgasms were going little by little, as they arrived, and I was watching him. I moved apara place myself, I opened more for better tuck me, kissed me and had his orgasm by moans and movements was also very intense.

We were lying on the bed a few minutes. Victor showered, I ASEE a bit and put on my raincoat. We hugged and we kissed frantically before leaving the room.

During the trip we made some plans. At the airport, Victor’s plane left late, we had half an hour. We got into public service, we had it easy, just had to take my raincoat.

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Victor lowered his pants and fuck feet, a wild, almost animal, as if it were the last time.

I can say it would only be the last of that day. My orgasm came very quickly, was over-excited, so I had to stifle my moans to not betray us to other users of the toilet.

Victor remained erect without so come that bent down and started to kiss and suck that beautiful penis that gave me much pleasure. also I tasted and liked me.

When he came I dropped his cum on my tits but then I knew I would have liked that I left him in the mouth. But that is now.

I know loves to cum inside me and that I find morbidly exciting.

We are getting late and Victor quickly left the service. I waited a few minutes I jumped on me clean.

I returned home, I showered, I became a naked picture and sent it to Victor by e-mail.

This time the photo was full length but faceless.

Then we saw more often on webcam and natural. He came more times and was once a trip coinciding my husband to accompany there but took the opportunity to fuck with my good friend Victor.

Other things and other men, my coach gym, pool boys or old friends can tell you about another day. If you do not, it all depends if you like what I have told you.


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