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Preparing my future and about two hours away from the house of my mother, for that reason,

Viky radically changed their dress and demure and conservative personality changed to a very attractive woman with clothes, but not outrageous,

if allowed to look her nice legs, buttocks and breasts their paraditas leaving gaping anyone not tell. She relocated to their work in the health sector,

I steadied and stopped traveling; thus elapsed six months full of happiness with abundant and continuaos intimate encounters where we shook flight with exquisite and erotic sex sessions

and practically do not even remember the meeting with Damian on our wedding night until sometime I suggested if watched a movie about sex, those who call XXX,

she replied remembers fondly on our first night I told you to give myself to you, for the first time and have not done before with any man,

I was going to obey all that dispusieras me and that everything your pidieras was me, and I’m ready for anything. That barbarian,

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I did not remember this disposition of my wife, so I took home the film in question.

He came home in good time, and at nine o’clock at night, I called Viky to prepare some snacks that he would bring a bottle of good wine, I told him and the film I set you, I said,

if my love , I’ll be waiting well horny, you know me. Indeed ate the Botanita, something very light and already our third toast put the movie and what a surprise !,

it was just a marriage in which a bar contacted with two subjects and invited to their home, go fuck you they gave the wife of the protagonist, while one fucked her,

she nursed him another cock and alternately so long until it is exhausted and practically bathed orgasms semen all over her body.

At the end I told Viky: you liked my love? Answer: It was fabulous darling, but what I liked most was the tremendous body of men, too big and thick, I

thought, went on to say, was not going to him to enter the woman, and went on: Juanito who will be having a cock that size,

I put hot’ve only seen and had yours, and out of my shell over the Damian, you remember? . the above I made immediately I stop cock, and although I now realize and acknowledge,

is not large, but more properly medium or girl, I reflected, I put all my experience to satisfy Viky, and returned to reflect, masturbation good and my wife after we catch ?.

Well I did not answer because Viky and was sitting on my lap, I was sitting in the chair,

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putting her breasts over my mouth so I rushed blowing him sucking her nipples to cause it to put more horny and paid off the hear her whisper

oh my love, delight while with his right hand took my cock, placed it in the center of the cake, he pushed more and plunged completita;

you like my love, I asked if affection lot and you would do if you had the other man ayyyy my love I told you that everything you tell me,

propose or send me, I’ll be obedient, but I ask that feel, you would like? He moved more in a circular to cause my dick you enter more, up and down his buttocks,

accelerated the pace and moaned: ay, ay, ay, ah, ah, ah ayyy my love rich feel fuck, fuck me all my love put it more, more, more;

It is all in all my love in, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay; I would like a bigger ?,

I asked, if you want honey only if you ask me, only if you bring your I like what you like? I asked again, the one that I felt and I told the Damian, how do you think you have it?

I asked again aaayyyyy my love has to have large, large and very thick, if you like? If I bring it love want to get the goal, Viky was hot ayyy my love nothing more than thinking and I’m coming, I come,

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I come ayyyyyy Damian all metemela, all that rich penis have Damian I come, I come, I I veeeeeennnngo.

And it came Damian’s cock mentioning this to me too warmed me with two or three movements: ahhhhhhhhhhhhh Viky, I’ll bring, I promise and I also came into his cake.

Once we finished, and recovered our breath, I offered a glass of wine and toasted the evening so horny that we had, looked lovely,

and it was precisely on this night when I could see that my wife was getting good ; her breasts looked bigger and turgid,

her nipples already had a good size and not tell her buttocks now he looked fuller and stops; and I said,

my love, and you realize that you’re getting good right? look how beautiful back,

like you grew your buttocks, and have good stops, like your breasts, Barbara, I think you’re so hot your hormones have been developed. Hey,

I told him, by the way, what about you like to have Damien cock, I mentioned it a while ago when you were coming, is not it bother me, but it’s true what you mentioned ?.

My love, I said in a very loving way and lovingly looking into my eyes you are the first, and so far the only man I’ve been, you my husband, you got me a virgin,

video bokap indonesia

I want to say that from a young age, as at thirteen or fourteen I discovered in my body how to feel pleasure; once the doctor who attended my first menstruation,

Since my mother took me with her to inform me clinically event, and after receiving the information also recommended me how to clean up to avoid infection, and so,

I managed to discover that stroking the clitoris causes pleasure; this way constantly,

enough to see some guy who liked me immediately excited me and immediately sought a private place to masturbate to be completely satisfied. In this way I grew up; sixteen,

eighteen years, during my studies as a nurse I experienced erotic sensations, first, by reading books that sexual function of the couple described later with my colleagues auscultábamos us to implement theoretical knowledge; some I touch them the respiratory system, other digestive, etc.

my I touched my theme of female reproductive system so that apart from the information presented,

I should illustrate my information so that my peer group (18 men and five women) had auscultar or revise my sex to know the composition of the upper lips,

lower, clitoris; color, texture, moisture, smell, taste and touch reaction; everything was done from the clinical point of view, however, when, about the fifth of my colleagues made me feel,

and with his tongue touched my clitoris, I felt an electric spasm; ie felt nice so I bow my sex to stick closer to his mouth, he realized and only took a moment more;

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my colleagues also realized as my breathing quickened and started sweating abundantly;

teacher attending practice his absented that was called the Directorate campus so it is that those who continued to follow the practice but already with a sense of eroticism giving me every one of them,

and they tremendous puffing in my pussy what He did fall into a subconscious state of delirious pleasure in my mind that I was lost in a place away from the city;

in a kind of forest and completely naked men watching me with a lust that really scared me so I ran to get away from them,

but I reached and subjected me to tie me to a tree trunk, and so in this way, each of them gave me tremendous sucking my breasts, my neck;

fear that at first I was becoming state of pleasure because I told them I will nurse my cake; one to one passed over my body with delicious blowjobs to my sex,

I sucked my clitoris like a sweet ending to get me his cock one by one to provoke exquisite orgasms and let me all your milk in my vagina that practically dripping semen when the last one ended and that made me scream with pleasure.

At the time I came back to reality and I could see one of my colleagues who withdrew his face my sex.

My companions took advantage of the absence of the teacher and a school practice made him supposed, for me,

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in a burlesque submission in which they took advantage of my state of alienation for the pleasure

I showed touch with my sex and especially with the stimulation of my clitoris.

Listen for my laughter back to reality, or rather loudly that caused me humiliation and anger, so after claiming with the weeping because of their behavior,

no one dared to answer me, just they said; YOU CAN NOT DENY VIKY GOOD THAT YOU LIKE! and of course I liked it,

but the humiliation by their laughter and jokes made me promise “MYSELF” would never accept any man in my body until, with education and courtesy my love to win,

and certainly until after wedding; also promised I, submit to their will since they have earned the right to be the first and obey him as to the happiness,

pleasure and pleasure cause, and that’s you Juanito, my love, my love, you are the one He has earned that right.

So everything you please I owe obedience and whatever you ask me aré not only taste, but also with all my love !.

And of course, he continued, had several boyfriends who wanted to be in bed with me, others wanted to touch my breasts or bring your cock to my cake,

but I rejected them, although very hot and horny, finished masturbating in the privacy of my bedroom or in shower, really liked, and still do, give me pleasure alone,

video bokap indonesia

them to not achieve what they wanted, they went, but I did not care until there was you, my love, my life,

also were leaving me well horny and when you were going I locked myself in my bedroom to masturbate a great time and picturing in my fantasies that you took me to provoke tremendous orgasm.

His story, I really tender, but at the same time made me horny again, and had my erect cock well and he Viiky mind is that,

saying my love is the first time that I do; you never me what you asked but now want to make you enjoy, and I began to kiss,

almost as he had never done in his mouth,

brushing his tongue my neck, it was down to my belly, he came to my cock that completely was stop ,

took between his right hand masturbating for about two minutes,

he put his mouth; He kissed from head and down to my testicles that similarly filled with kisses;

He pulled his wet tongue and was up near every millimeter of the trunk of my cock parted her with his tongue kissing the tip lips,

opened a little more and ayyyyy! that felt rich,

my cock into her mouth; He slipped it and pulled; suckled; again slipped it almost completely, or Mejer said completely, because as I said before, I do not have large, one ten, twenty,

not few times, until gradually felt coming my orgasm, I just expressed ahhh Viky my love, ayyyy my love rich my breasts, faster, more, more I come, I come, and in this state of climax I said,

video bokap indonesia

if you want to catch another, if you want’ll help to you to take another, larger other spars, whatever you ask me my love !,

I was already coming, when you want and with whoever you want, ayyyyyy my love I come !,

I barely managed to get my cock from her mouth and squirts milk bathed his cheek slid to its bells and whistles,

she sensually rub in the eyes watching me said: JUAN I LOVE yOU, I LOVE yOU !.

After that night our life followed its normal course; Viky in his work was recognized and respected,

I, without traveling, I got a generous customer base which:

salary and commissions gave me the necessary financial resources to carry, not luxury living, but enough to cover the costs home as well off and give us a peaceful life.


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