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Hello, my name is Sofia, I’m Argentina, is the first time I write one of my experiences.

I started reading these kinds of stories, animated by that time was a sort of companion, others might say that I was your lover … but anyway.

Over time we were performing many fantasies, especially those that gave us more morbid.

We had become customary to send mails with stories or videos. It was often the way of saying what we wanted or just the spark to ignite our meeting.

But my intention is to tell as I get that man; this was almost 3 years ago when he and his partner moved into the building where I lived with my family,

more precisely department front are only 2 apartments per floor, so at the first crossing were presented as new neighbors,

Patricia and Miguel, a normal couple, hovering around 40 years old, friendly, cordial, with an easily noticeable Spanish accent detail Miguel.

He looked like a man again, but I liked his eyes, caught my attention from the first moment and the first talk crossed glances, they look that turned me on.

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I was attracted to, and wanted to get his attention, the curiosity to be with a person who cut me in age to me delirious,

I knew I was looking at me several times as I ran whole note, but of course, did not have to notice his wife.

Step one time, and each time had more desire, one day we pass on arrival from work and decided to go a little further,

to get on the elevator Removable a button over my shirt and said “Heat is not it?” Smiling replied: “Yes, well these days .

and if you share the elevator with a woman like you, with such cleavage!”.

front of me stood, and almost acorralándome, I take up one corner of the elevator. There, well Pegaditas past me with his lips,

he ran down my face, under my neck … I felt his kisses that followed my chest trying to sneak through my shirt, wanted to continue,

but the bell announcing the arrival to the 8th floor, returned us to reality, almost unstuck seek our mouths, our tongues were mixed, at that time was already fully aroused.

We parted, managed our clothes and almost whispers told me ….

Michael: You know, I wanted this … I would like to follow, you are desirable .. exciting …

Sofia: If you want, you can come home … I’m alone, my parents are traveling and my brother does not return until night ..

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I took the waist and lifting me took me to the apartment door

M: I have to 20,30, in freedom, all for you. They continued kissing and his hands began to touch me and touch …

We walked in and only rough close the door to lean against a wall, back up, up my skirt, drop my stuff as I could you remove the bag, trying to loosen his tie .

while he kissed me and fondled, because it was really and felt his hands on my body.

M: Mmmm … this body, do not know how you wanted, feel your suavecita pielcita, so young, so beautiful,

with these great breasts, she was so eager to fuck, I desquitare today …

S: Come to my room … seguim. And what a personal brand that made me, he hit me, taking me from behind and pressing my hips ..

He sat on my bed and opened his pants, pulled out his penis and began to masturbate and said, “I want to take out the clothes in front of me”

And so I did, I was giving off my blouse to drop it, while improvising a sexy little dance, shaking my hips,

I was turning, running my hands through my tail, unzipped her skirt and I started to get her out completely,

lowering slow and making sure I had the best view of my tail … felt like taking me with one finger stretched my thong,

I sat on their hands and under my bra … we would move, I rubbed on him and me excited feel increasingly harder, much as feel his hands on my tits.

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Come girl, I see you at 4. I fulfilled his request, at the time she was determined to do everything asked of me.

I settled down and did it behind me, down my panties and began the oral session, I released my first breath to feel his tongue going from my anus to my vagina,

fiddling with my clitoris, sucking and I just dedicated myself to feel and enjoy his tongue inside me made me encourage you Yesss,

yeah, I kept Asii !!, alternated fingers and tongue inside me … mmm child, your choñito is devouring my fingers … and every time you get me more mojadita, are a delight.

It did not take long to begin to feel that invading me feel, felt blood running down my body a thousand,

my heart pounding, shortness of breath and hands clenching strong, very strong savannas, I closed my eyes and in seconds came the relief.

Miguel lamia me, talked to me, but was not paying attention, just trying to recover, but the rest did not last long.

Straightened my hips, she clung to them and said “So either wet it’s like going to fuck you, so I can hold you.

I felt as smoothly got inside me, I began to enjoy, again groans, Miguel’s thrusts were tremendous, I felt totally in, the blow of our bodies was heard.

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He was deeper and faster, I take the hair,

I threw it and still embistiéndome, my moans were uncontrollable and seemed excited more and more every time I did,

I could not take it anymore and went back to explode, was running again and the continued bombeándome;

and got his fingers in my mouth to have them suck: “girl, you’re all a bitch, me you heat so much I want to fuck you like a bitch,

but you stop being my little girl, want this does not end here, you return be mine “; I felt more agitated, and the attacks were deep but not so fast.

I’m going to come inside you; and so it was. After the end groan, I felt the explosion and pleasure collapsing on me

We fell both in bed for a while longer just we just fondling and kissing, then I got up and went to the bathroom to wipe a little,

returning Miguel asked me to sit down beside me; I kissed him and put my head on his chest, though he had had a great time the situation seemed strange.

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After a few minutes, he broke the silence: “how old are you?”

S: 25, and you?

M: Mmm … no wonder you’re so appealing, I 43, I hope you do not mind which take you almost 20 years

S: Do you think that after what we did and how well the pass, it could bother?

M: So you have a good my girl, I love knowing it sought my lips to give me a kiss went deep changing the position,

place my knees beside his body, with slight movements of pelvis went past him, as our tongues were toying .

He ran his tongue over my neck and went straight to my tits, sucking and nibbling my nipples, his hands marked the movement of my hips on, were about to begin a new battle.

Towards that rubbed me, his hands dug into my buttocks, my ass felt kneaded, put my hand between us and I could touch his penis, almost erect.

I started to masturbate, I wanted hard and because he wanted to start riding.

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Suddenly, I got up, we get comfortable !!, place your knees on the mattress as his penis was still in my hand,

place it on the doors of my vagina, and slowly, trying to prolong the pleasure, I went down on, going slowly,

enjoying having it in, but I was increasing the pace as Miguel nalgueaba me, Let’s ride !, and there was I up and down,

in and out, his hands pressing my tits from below, only let go when I asked to do it fast, he wanted to see them when they moved and then returned to take them with her hands.

Again the desirable feeling came over me was to end, again, the cries and moans uncontrollable, Miguel sack me up,

put me on the bed and told me now I want to cum in your mouth, so mama !! I put his dick wet in the mouth,

and what I was doing, but this time lunged my mouth, felt almost in my throat, took her out and tapped on my labios.

she noticed her veins, his swollen head, take with my hands and I masturbate very hard to get the cum,

swallow a little and the rest spilled from my lips and my tits, once completed these jets cleaned it with my tongue.

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After a quick kiss I went again to the bathroom, I wanted to wipe the traces of semen in my chest when I returned,

he was dressed. It has been fascinating, believe me, take this is my cell phone number, if you liked it as much as me,

call me, I want to have you small. Now I must go, I have to be for when she gets home.

I walked him to the door, the farewell kiss was long enough so that your fingers would get involved in me,

I want to fuck you over and over again, I wish you much. It was the last I heard, he opened the door and left.

So I end our first meeting, the first of hundreds or thousands, we had in almost 2 years of relationship,

not stressed or be the most passionate, nor impetuous, lewd or lurid we’ve had, we’ve done things together that do not have imagined,

but always the first encounter with someone who leaves traces feels pretty special.

As a precaution I have changed the names, I hope you like and if you wish you can ask for more :).

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