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Walked down the stairs of the hotel entrance when I went to Marti,

and I blurted With little dissimulation, he lowers his hand up my ass and squeeze well you see those two presumidos-.

He did so strong that hurt me but I liked it.

And he continued to do until my taxi arrived and we parted with a deep kiss and a hug after having arranged another meeting.

I’ll see the day of his birthday, on Saturday, at home.

I’ll spend the whole weekend with him. We fuck, it is evident.

Upon entering the taxi, I could see the startled face of Carlota and Eduardito they had never imagined that

“Bacon” and so changed “Grain” had been fucking in the same hotel as them. And even less that

“The Grain” is so requetebuena. What we know is that follo not much good. Nor they know I’m a zorrona.

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So it is possible to fuck me one day Eduardito only to see his face when scatters my cum on his cock.

He was in the cab thinking those things and I should put pleasant face

because the driver made a comment saying who looked to have spent very good night.

‘I do not know you welfare. Driver’s eyes twinkled in the rearview mirror while trying to pump me.

I said it was just an old boyfriend whom she had met again. He seemed satisfied and I also.

I got home and went to bed, this time alone, and not picked up the phone that rang insistently all afternoon.

I dreamed wake up the next day I see Martin. A long time ago it does not happen to me.

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I confess that Martin showed a great fucker own ways.

I will check so far is able to get this big cock chubby.

My only regret appointment awaits me is that previously had planned to go to the people, my uncle, fuck hard and well.

I’ll have to call you to postpone my weekend nun.

Now that I think about it carefully, these two, Martin and my uncle fucked me in a very similar way.

Anyway, I should be back to wet her panties for having written this letter.

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