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vedio bokeb
vedio bokeb

vedio bokeb

vedio bokeb

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vedio bokeb

vedio bokeb
vedio bokeb

vedio bokeb

I’m a zorrona, I say and I recognize but only in private, publicly will be rigorously demure and even indignare I is not hypocrisy, it is prudent discretion.

One thing that I like sex almost unabashedly and another that is in the public domain. Also, make things difficult at first provides more pleasure and this is it.

That discretion also allows me to reach men who otherwise would be marked with my company.

I started late in this sex. My teenage acne filled not allow me many joys beyond some of the inevitable friction and teenage crushes.

I married my first serious boyfriend and my first time was in the marriage bed, and sounds. I arrived virgin at marriage.

Despite the inexperience of both was not as disastrous as you might imagine, I had a good orgasm admittedly,

I ran abundantly to the surprise of my husband. My Pops always surprised when opening couple of dust. I am also very loud, expressive, like a good friend he says.

vedio bokeb

My marriage ended but my sex life received a major boost with three consecutive boyfriends and almost contemporary.

It was when I realized I did not need fixed to enjoy the pleasure of sex a couple. I know what I want, how I want and I know how to get it.

This does not lead me to runaway promiscuity, I like to fuck and fuck when I want and with whom I want.

My tastes are special but without being contrived, I seek pleasure but also certain complicity and personality plus.

So I have a series of lovers on staff as I say, men with whom I practice sex regularly. This is a, large for some, short for another, enough for my group.

It is varied, there are young, mature, some old; there are also married, single, widowed, with commitment; white, black;

European, Asian, American, African, Arab; friends, not as friends, husbands of my friends, uncles, nephews, brothers, sons of my friends or siblings and in-laws;

unknown in general or just anyone at any given time, in the right situation, be able to make me feel the need to fuck.

There are even inanimate objects, gifts some clueless friend but who do good use.

I want to emphasize something, distinguish between shag, fuck or make love.

vedio bokeb

For me are different concepts Outdoor fuck is casual, a moment unpretentious repeated later. Shag is somewhat sporadic, almost anyone would miss.

For me yes it is here you rascal, here I’ll kill you. It is true that I give myself fully and I enjoy enormously but at the end you go. Although it may come back.

Fuck is something else, you want to do and I also want to, so I offer my body in exchange for yours.

We can do almost anything, it is fucking like crazy, have fun, enjoy, you my body and yours and both of the two.

Pleasure is my body provides. For me, fuck have continuity, we will see and we will fuck but in the morning you’ll go, but you can come back later.

Lovemaking has another connotation does not mean you have me in love, just that I offer my body for you to enjoy,

it is not imperative that I run me, I will run me with you to do me enough. My body is yours to enjoy.

When dawns may I ask you to go but if you do not want to go then check again to make love. Because I also need love, even my way.

vedio bokeb

Echo many powders, fuck a lot and do a lot of love, it is a matter of nuances.

Normally we would start with a powder and if I like me and I’ll do the encontradiza offer.

You may end up making love, in your house or mine.

Looking back I can not remember exactly how many men have enjoyed with my body, neither any that threw powders, or how many times have dawned accompanied.

I remember some men, some distant, some recent and the most current.

I confess I did something crazy but I do not regret, would do it.

Would fuck with that black guy selling top blanket behind some bushes in the park, I threw one of the best powder I remember.

It was ensartarme with that big black cock and cum. I had an orgasm metérmela nothing, I guess that’s the desire I had to do.

Dust in the mechanics was simple, I lifted her skirts, pulled down my panties, I lay on the floor, his pants down, shoved me and I ran.

Then he ran it spilling inside me, that condoms are a nuisance and take time to be stealing her magic at the time.

vedio bokeb

What fucking without a condom one day I will give disgust.

So many years without getting pregnant fucking make me confident although I would like to stay pregnant with one of my men.

With some, casting powders, we put on a condom, with others, especially those who do not love. It is also true, they are men who love without being in love.

A friend, my uncle, my nephews, son and brother of a good friend, the husband of another and neighboring the sixth,

do not need condoms to make love to me and besides, I like to feel his cum inside my body. I feel more female.

I tell you something of my fixed lovers, I will begin by older, the neighbor of the sixth.

The neighbor sixth squeezed my ass in the elevator, I think intentionally, and as was looking forward I proposed metérmela ─¿Quieres? ─

And of course I accepted, I tightened buttocks and went home, I undressed, I ate tits, ass fucked me stronger and took me to his room,

I placed it on the quilt and I spread her legs, undressed and stood over me, shoved me and made me love.

vedio bokeb

It was very good, very long, very sweaty, a concatenation of orgasms I had never had before. When we finished,

he stood over me, kissed me on the forehead and said ─Tenía much desire to shove, since you came to this edificio─ I laughed and told me ─A mismo─ passed me and it is true.

We turned to kiss and asked ─¿Me the return to cram more times? ─Le asked. ─Solo have to call my puerta─ he said as he kissed my forehead.

Now, almost a week if week and also make love. When your children are not. Has two, the younger you look closely at my tits and increased turns to see my ass when I pass.

The sixth neighbor helped him with the statement of income and the things of the bank.

With one of my nephews was different, he had been sleeping at home and surprised him jacking.

I went into the bathroom and found him with his cock in his hand. I went to say something and I noticed that the chest was staring at me.

Maybe the cold or just beginning to feel like my nipples were doing something but how seldom do,

had turned hard and marked under the shirt without a bra she wore. ─¿Quieres touch them? ─dije- did not answer,

he reached his left hand and squeezed her breast as she returned to masturbate. I said no, that it was not done well.

vedio bokeb

I took off my shirt, I knelt down and I sucked a little and gave him a full Cuban. It ran me over and gasped proposed fuck me.

That night we made love, was inexperienced but continued practice has made him a very good lover.

We always start with a Cuban, I like splattering smudging. I eat very well and has pussy obsession with my tits.

He loves to make love doggy style, me on all fours. Push hard and noisily runs in the family that note.

I like to make love to me, whenever you want. Now has a girlfriend and we do less but to train you practice postures.

With his girlfriend he uses a condom, not me and that makes me achieve more pleasure.

Another of my nephews was more direct, he told me he had a girlfriend and that his only dust had been a failure.

I proposed to teach him. I let him know that the theory would be useless without practice. The first lesson was undressing and biting my tits.

Then came the fuck that is the prize for passing the day’s lesson. Now we practice a position of Kamasutra or last porn movie he has seen weekly.

vedio bokeb

There was a weekend dedicated exclusively to imitate all positions in a particular film. I ran more than the protagonists and mine was authentic.

She loves my tits chupetea soba and insistently but now begins to look at my ass, it must be that matures.

We make love without a condom regularly almost every week a couple of days before going away with his girlfriend.

The next time you tell me not find and correct errors, you can imagine how we do it. I’m very good fucking.

Something similar happened with the son of a good friend. For a fault they had to leave home for a few days.

Because of the proximity to the institute Alfonsito stayed in my house.

It would be a couple of weeks and the weekend of the medium would be to play basketball with the team to which it belongs.

vedio bokeb

I had come unsuccessfully Saturday night and slept soundly in my bed, dressed in a stunning white gown, birthday of a friend,

when I woke up when she noticed the boy away the linen covering me. Noted that the nightgown, which I love,

is quite transparent and sleep without underwear; since I live alone I take it off when you get home and if it’s hot I do not get anything.

I was startled to notice you look Alfonsito ─ What, what are you doing? ─ totally he pushed aside the clothes and fell on me.

Stand, Alfonsito stand, stand still what are you doing? ─ he said shocked as he tried to shake it off. ─ I want to fuck you bitch bitch ─ stammered.

Those four words left me petrified; He is the son of my best friend, a boy who saw and cared often grow in the park,

I saw naked many times even before puberty. He took advantage of my confusion to sneak between my legs making room;

Nor did nothing to resist, let him do. He got a little pants and felt his hard cock looking in.

vedio bokeb

He did not succeed and nothing else was found the site between the outer lips of my pussy ran to the door.

It was a big, warm, sticky, frustrating run. He dropped on me and hugged him. ─ Things do not Alfonsito,

if you want to fuck me why you do not have to try to rape ─ whispered. He looked surprised as he sat beside me.

I remained in the same position, with legs spread and pussy bathed in milk so that adolescent out.

You are very good and I also want to fuck ─ said, looking down. I took her hand and did some questions answered softly, almost shyly;

I had heard his mother tell me a powder with a known, although it is true that without much detail. ─ Alfonsito, things are not done so,

they ask ─ smiled slightly between shy and triumphant and began to fondle her tits over her nightgown. I do not know why that is,

but my tits really like to young people, to others it is the ass. I got up to go to the bathroom and take my dripping pussy and returned naked.

Alfonsito opened his eyes wide and started to querérseme abalanzar but he refrained;

I made him lie down beside me and wanted to kiss him but totally inexperienced had to give some instruction.

vedio bokeb

When I noticed his erection was ready for a new stake put me offering pussy to tuck me but this time I helped.

I asked her out slowly, without haste but with energy and told him how. It did not last long, half a dozen metesaca and came,

but this time inside because not let him retire. I did not orgasm but I liked it. ─ was not bad, next time will be better ─ I said. ─ Do not you liked ─ desolate answered.

I also want to run ─ I whispered as he stroked her forehead.

Fortunately he is a young man of much energy because it was not until the sixth attempt when he managed to run me.

It was an exaggerated, intense and loud orgasm was long. It lasted even when the cock had already deflated.

I had placed on top, riding him and liked it so much we do now always like to end our long sex sessions always start with a good blow job, has a resistance much appreciated.

That’s what young people have, their last bit stuck but put many times and I’m cumming fast, sometimes too fast.

The excuse we have for these meetings are the math support classes that give free when needed; knows that if he does not approve ran me love, if he gets good grades no prize.

vedio bokeb

We do it without a condom because at first had trouble putting it on. I know it’s good to put it on because that last longer but I do not care.

I hope your mother never becomes aware.

With his uncle he started otherwise.

You may Alfonsito I told you, you may deduct or can I let me fooled. So now I make love with Alfonso and with Alfonsito, with each at different times.

The first time was in my room, on the table. The case is that it has a language that drives me crazy and makes me love like few others, is very good fuck.

He also loves my ass where you try metérmela when you can. Only a season that condom use contracted a fungus.

Go you know where he would have gotten.

My sexual relationship with the uncle of people began a weekend of much needed rest sex; sometimes I do, weekend nun I call him.

vedio bokeb

I had no better idea to accept his old and repeated invitation.

It was getting, go to the assigned room, completely undressed, put on a sundress, no underwear, and I turned around I saw him at the door.

The bulk of his pants was remarkable, my uncle has a huge cock and knows how to use it. We looked, and I wordlessly pulled the dress over her head.

When his arms raised and clothing covering my face, note the hard hands squeezing my uncle tits;

I loved it and began to have an orgasm that exploded when placed behind me in the hallway of the rooms way of his, naked next to a window,

he stroked my tits as no one had ever done before, I got to bed pussy dripping with desire for more sex.

I put on all fours and shoved me, I ran, change posture, and I ran, each reaching orgasm change posture; I ran a lot, changed a lot of posture.

Ran when it was over, he wanted to retire but I asked him to go inside. It lays down beside me and we slept sweaty embrace.

Upon awakening I was not and went naked, knew there was strange. I found him in the kitchen and thanked him, also told him I had long wanted to.

vedio bokeb

And it is true, in my teens I had a wet dream with my uncle.

Then, already divorced, I masturbated several times fantasizing that he fucked me.

Llevo many years wanting to fuck sobrina─ said stretching his hand to stroke the neck, which, unbeknownst to him then excites me a lot.

No fucking then went back because his age prevented him I want availability.

But that night if we repeat a lengthy dust, this time with initial blowjob, to last more And if that lasted !,

I ended up exhausted and slept naked beside him on the quilt.

We spent the night together, that and all others, made love every night to go to bed and every morning when we wake up.

My breakfast was rich milk his cock so beautiful.

During the day, while he attended to his duties I was hiking, and threw some powder, yes, always with a condom he had to return willing and limpita.

In some of those flirtations, someone good and wet surprise. Maybe someday you tell it.

With my little guy I love, only during the holidays and some weekends nun people who are not all that I would like but I have too many cocks to attend.

vedio bokeb

The husband of one of my best friends started one night he had drunk more than was and Juan Ramon took me home.

I could hardly walk and even talk but want to fuck had them all and was not willing to go to sleep without shag that it was Saturday.

It was go home and run as I could to the bathroom where I undressed and washed my pussy well. I left naked wishing not alone and it was not.

I struggled to overcome their reticence, I pressed against him, all I was able honeyed and offered ─¡Fóllame, fuck me!

And I fucked her, was a quickie because he expected his wife convinced him to stay but another day.

The next afternoon came home, maybe at first to apologize, but gave no option, as you know, at home I never wear underwear, so it was fast,

vedio bokeb

I got up I took my clothes and threw literally about it. I stroked, squeezed, pinched, grope, suck, licked, fucked, made love on the couch.

Then we went to bed and we kissed. We talked about some things and we agreed to call us when we needed fuck.

We do it almost every week. I caress me very well and get me out orgasms that are the envy of my neighbors.

He is eager to where I tip my ass smacking sound, ever on the beach, bare skin and another in the street. We never use condoms.

When arguing with his wife fucks me better and makes me breathtakingly love, if it were not for my friend would get weeds.

Once, she told me she suspected that Juan Ramon was seeing someone, I said I had imagined, in fact, had witnessed any of the sandpipers cheeks and had not batted an eye, it looks like my discretion would work.

He came to ask me to talk to him and sonsacara. I did, I quoted, I asked, I tried to draw out and made love as ever.

vedio bokeb

You see, I have many fixed and occasional lovers also. It is true that the week has only seven days, but every day is morning, noon, afternoon, evening and until dawn.

Few things are more rewarding than making love midmorning or shag at naptime. It may one day be more explicit and tell you some memorable dust like that with a couple of buddies who tried metérmela at once.

Or with that black basketball player who fucked me standing behind the front door of your house, what we were rushed.

You can also tell a good fuck with my brother or a powder in a car with a macarrilla of my young days.

And if I encourage you, I’ll explain how is a practical kind of sex with my nephew or a week of vacation in the Caribbean.

I can also tell you as I have cast a powder with the head of a friend to the ascended.

Oh, I have my age and I’m good without being spectacular. Nude earn a lot but where else win is at short distances.

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