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Dear Bedri:

I’ve already talked about Alfonsito, son of one of my biggest and best friends.

It is a charming, tireless, funny, innovative and great fucker boy; and every day it is better.

I have already told how our relationship began only sexual.

Because sex is the only thing that moves me to share my bed with this beardless, shameless and tireless young man.

With me it is bold, direct and sincere.

I is bitch, bitch, slut, slut, slut and other epithets of the same style that repeats every time he fucks me or is hot and out.

The truth is that he is right, I consider myself a zorrona.

During the school year, once a week comes home to help you with math.

It is a very good student but she stimulus premiándole with sex, fuck if you get good grades, we’ve even made a table, a kind of rate,

which specifies how many times we fuck according to their score in each subject or review; that both are contemplated.

vedeo bokev

He thinks he has cheated me but I know I’ve been I’ve been fooled. You know I can pretty much do things for the good dust and these are.

The truth is that it has greatly improved school performance, even in those subjects that do not go over. Making love is good for the brain.

With Alfonsito sex is special, a normal session may consist of half a dozen stuffed, fast but strong. You can become disturbingly tireless.

I do not usually reach orgasm first but I am teaching to eat pussy and each time it does best.

I like your nervous and awkward in this my clitoris so prone to swell and become hard language.

As your cock when I put the ass in pomp to fuck me like you know.

Dust and dust play. Yes, we play, doctors, popes, what is third. We have explored the body, especially mine and greatly tits.

The ass and pussy, me I opened for him, and he has opened me.

I have seen the vagina and has touched me, has gotten his young fingers, clumsy, inquisitive and playful, in that intimate place and that gives much pleasure makes me straws film.

I have thumbed tits, me analyzed in detail, fondled, tight, gets blown, pinched, has managed to get me orgasms as well..

vedeo bokev

We do those things that teenagers do and I did not self-conscious and discriminated against by my acne.

Now I have recovered this lost, with Alfonsito and my chubby friend time.

For now turns out to be discreet, I have warned that if he says something, even a slight hint, will end all and deny it.

I warned him that I would pay more attention to me.

It is true that once surprised him trying to make me a photograph with cell and ordered him to erase threatening not fuck that day.

And it worked. Again her mother asked if I would know if Alfonsito girlfriend because it was rare.

I put face to know nothing of the intimate life of the boy.

I can not tell his mother that I fuck me.

Usually the first thing we do is go over their homework.

Then we fuck. We go to the room, stripped off, I make a blowjob while I twisted the nipples.

Then we kissed, I get on your back, open your legs or me open it, shoves me and cums inside me.

Sometimes I also run.

We are not going to the kitchen for a drink. We go back to bed, I open my legs to examine my pussy.

That is when, not if before I run, makes me a straw.

I bumble pussy, I rubbed the clitoris, puts his fingers looking me the damn G-spot but never find me run,

find me a washcloth and dry well scatters accompanying my orgasms.

vedeo bokev

I do not care you do not find that happy point because the next week will try again and it gets my fingers in the pussy.

Sometimes I think that in a past life I was a loose orange juice when squeezed. Then, with no time to catch your breath turns me,

I put on all fours, she shoves me and fuck me again.

This time I run, excitedly because he has learned to call me a bitch, bitch, bitch, and other things when he fucks her doggy style, it excites me an unspeakable way.

In this position it gives me very strong, lunges forward.

Typically, I usually drop back panting, I cleaned again with the towel, I again insultingly legs apart and put me back.

This time we usually run us almost at the same time.

The following dust, almost immediately, is above me. I marking time. With Alfonsito I caught my hip, but resist trying acelerarme.

This time as we run together or in close proximity. At the end I dropped him patting me on the back, in the same way as Alfonso, his uncle.

Sometimes I think we both know what the other with me. It’s much chance that uncle and nephew fuck the same woman and make me the same things.

Whenever I have this doubt that Alfonsito told his uncle that he fucked me and that both have agreed to keep my sexual favors.

vedeo bokev

Although the truth, the favor could be that I do them with those sex sessions without limit.

Dust fifth session usually consists of an attempted imitation of a position of the last film porn film that Alfonsito have seen on the Internet.

Sometimes we see them together to copy. Usually end in disaster but we both run and I like doing that, you know that I also do it to one of my nephews.

If we have time or one of the other two he is dissatisfied cast dust. As this is longer, I usually put me up and let it do Alfonsito.

Used to caress her tits and that has improved a lot, pinching are softer, better dice, in the right place, grips are not so wild.

Sometimes he tries to get me the finger in the ass but still has not succeeded.

I do not know but I just exhausted, satisfied but exhausted, breathlessly. Luckily all this happens in less than an hour.

Many times, as I recover, to take a shower, get me some clothes on and go up to see if my sixth neighbor needs something, like throw me a good fuck.

That’s what usually happens. So in the afternoon, I fuck with my younger lover and the more mature. I love that.

I promised that if you take good notes you can spend a whole day with me in my bed, and make me what you want.

vedeo bokev

I’m afraid to try metérmela by the ass and that’s not quite ready yet.

I have to train him, I have to suavizarle because it is a little brutote tucking.

It’s a shame that it is so delicate wiping or biting my pussy and tits as gross metiéndomela.

Yes, I love her Straws, he has caught me and point me out a bestial orgasms.

As my runs are so abundant, instead of milk me masturbate he says.

The only time we had sex outside my house was hers.

I made a great straw sticking his hand under my skirt and in return I made a complete blowjob in the dining room of his home.

When her mother arrived, we were both so modositos compounds and rambled nonsense that I fear would have suspected something.

Alfonsito made me promise that his bachelor party will be fucking me one whole weekend, with me naked all the time as my husband.

I told him that we would see, that is still a long time but I fear it will. He has also asked me to fuck in the bathtub is a place that I really like.

vedeo bokev

I’ll let soaping and make me a fantastic straw and then we fuck in the water.

P.S. Just put on a wasap with notazas that it has obtained.

I’m afraid I will fuck a great time because it has been almost all enrollments honor, that each of them is awarded a powder day. I’ll be very busy these days.

And on second thought, I’ll ask you to fuck my ass. To go by training.

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