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I doubt that my husband ever do that to me, I guess you if he has done to his wife.

– Of course I did, and the taste of a vagina is exquisite, it is a delight …

pity that your husband has so Neglect, if I were him.

– If you were him what?

– I would explode with passion.

Now it was Chela who stroked the pelvis without discretion, ran his fingers over his pants without remorse

– Can you teach me that pleasure? But only oral, I do not want you penetrate me …

Oscar joined a discreet garage and both went to the back seat,

Chela truza pants and took off, while Oscar was just off his shirt.

He began to kiss her feet and gently lower legs while his hands were up by soft thighs,

Chela closed his eyes and left to do, Oscar climbed the legs to reach the vagina,

pressed his nose at the entrance and gave a strong and aspirate soft enjoying the smell,

opened a little more legs and licked the sides and parted hair to stop vaginal available lips,

they moan Chela were increasing and would withdraw Oscar but he grabbed her hands and proceeded to stick his tongue and tinker with the clitoris,

Chela wanted but could not get loose and began to enjoy themselves contractions of orgasm.

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Oscar did his thing with patience and gentleness, Lamia, kissed,

played and gently biting her that burning vagina, noticing that Chela no longer

opposed resistance dropped his hands and opened a little vagina with his fingers and

introduced one and began to masturbate while lick the clitoris, Chela moans became cries of passion.

vedeo bokep

– ” THAT IS RIIICOO … hayyyy … YUMMY … PENETRAMEEEEE penetrate me PLEASE !!!!

The excitement was high and Oscar knew it and took it.

– Do you want me to penetrate?


– First I Suck my cock if you want.

– TE SIIII sucked, gimme, gimme YAAAA

Oscar’s fully erect cock sack and ate Chela of one, desperately sucked from head to eggs.

Then Oscar faceup lay down and Chela climbed and sat on the yard and began to ride in a wild way,

all the huge cock ate up the bottom with moans and cries desperate,

after a few seconds orgasm came with a He cries of satisfaction and lay on top of him

– I did not know how rich is sex, thank you for teaching

– Anytime I can please you, but next time we go to a hotel

– Where you want, when you want, how you want, I’ll be your slave and I am at your disposal.

– Then on Tuesday we invent an excuse because we will make a short trip of five hours .. I notice.

So they were lying naked in the car, later he took her to his parents’ house and were in turn to see .

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