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Today I have thirty-five years, am married and have a child of seven. What I will tell me happened when I was in my teens and had only fifteen years.

some time I have been reading the stories published here, and it encouraged me to tell my experience,

as what happened in the summer of 1989 ago, I marked for life.

First of all I want to say that what will count is 100% true, it’s nothing fancy as I have warned many stories published here.

At that time began to initiate me into sex with classic teen masturbation always thinking about women much older than yo

Y say this because in my erotic fantasies always aparecíam mature women, especially known mine (neighbors, aunts, etc …)

and with a common characteristic: something plump and large breasts.

There were days I was like crazy looking for the right time to stay just to satisfy my sexual instinct.

Well, without further ado let’s get to the point.

vdio bokep

It was a super hot day of July (I’m from the south of Spain, I will not give more details because you never know ….).

I am an only child and lived with my parents in an apartment building with four floors, and we had our house on the first floor of that building.

It was eleven o’clock, I was recently lifted, since by that date and at my age it was holiday date. I was just at home,

my father was working and my mother would be on the market by buying the day.

I was walking home with a pair of shorts and a sports shirts. That was all my clothing.

He rang the doorbell and went to open. Teresa was, the lady who came every week to clean the site and block the stairs.

cerita bokep

(Female, 58, brunette with her hair, was not a beautiful face,

but its well do makeup made her stand out a lot, somewhat plump and two tits magnificent. I later learned that was a widow for nine years) .

Hello, good morning, you could fill the bucket with water.

As I said earlier, I lived on the first floor and on each floor were two houses.

This lady had the habit of asking the water to my neighbors across the street, but this July were on vacation in another city,

and logically there was no one in that house. Hence Teresa out to my house to ask to fill the bucket with water for their task.

vdio bokep

I had never noticed this woman as part of my fantasies,

and the truth was that at that time not crossed my imagination anything to make me think Even while with Teresa

Without any comment, I took the bucket and two minutes I was back at the door with water inside.

-Here you go

Until then, as I said, there was nothing happened in my head.

But it was at the time she was slightly crouch to catch the bucket when I noticed her cleavage for the two large breasts that the woman should hide under that dress.

At one point I think I’ll have the biggest erection of my short life.

Well child, thanks ………) and your mother is not ?,

No, you should be buying

Well, nothing, thanks and see you later.

I closed the door and the first thing I did was go to the bathroom and masturbate thinking of that woman,

who until now had never appeared in my dreams.

From that moment I could not get out of my head the neckline of this woman. It was all day thinking about it.

vdio bokep

But of course I could never imagine what would happen in the future.

The following week, on Tuesday specifically, it was the day that it was up to come to do their job, the same thing happened again.

I had been waiting all morning and when the bell rang I got up a little nervous (what naive is one with that age). I went to open the door.

Hey kid, you give me water …

This time I think that’s gaze wandered up and down, especially parándome in their breasts. (What good was!.

This time you do not need to bend down to see her cleavage, right there standing before me, I already got a hundred,

thinking what an inexperienced as I could learn from this beautiful woman.

I said that once you fill the bucket with water, but this time invited him to the house appetizer. As Aseducir @ loving her,

this time I was more friendly. He went and closed the door. I also found only at home.

She wants you drink while I filled the bucket

No man, if it is only a moment, and I have things to do … ..

I did not insist and went to the kitchen. By that time he had an erection that broke me through sport shorts.

vdio bokep

While falling water in the bucket, I began to touch me in the solitude of the kitchen,

I even take my cock pants and masturbate as two or three seconds, thinking about the woman who was at the entrance of my house.

Now I laugh when I say the solitude of the kitchen.

When the bucket was filled with water and sink retired, I saw that Teresa was at the kitchen door. I wanted to die.

What a big shame. ) I would have seen? ) He would tell my parents?

All the nervousness of a first multiplied by a thousand. I did not know what to say. Not know what to do.

As tardabas, I have come to see if you needed help, but I see that you what you need is something else – she said –

He could not speak. To my mind came only the image of my father giving me a good spanking.

She looked me in the eyes and said:

-go Youth with women there

He picked up the bucket, he turned away and headed for the door.

I do not know if by age, state of nerves that I was, or fear that my parents found out, I began to mourn as a disconsolate.

vdio bokep

At that moment Teresa left the bucket on the floor and turned to me, and taking off my hands from my face,

they wanted to hide the tears, he said:

That happens to you rascal, because you cry, if that at your age is quite normal ….

Those words proved to me as the best balm that could receive at that time. I interpreted as the words of a mother to a child who needs comfort.

Almost babbling from crying I said:

It’s that like my parents will find out what you have seen me can kill …

She began to laugh, and gave me a hug. If a few minutes before I could have paid all my savings for this gesture,

at the moment did not think that was hugging me was the woman of my sex fantasies, but someone trying to comfort me.

Do not worry I will not say anything ….

He gave me a kiss on the cheek, he picked up the bucket and headed toward the door of the house.

vdio bokep

I followed her and was about to open the door I said:

Teresa, you are a wonderful woman ……

-) That’s why I say it? – She answered me – is) why I will not say anything? or) why you see me with very good eyes?

Again I believed to die of shame, but this time, perhaps for the confidence it had passed on me in the kitchen, if I could answer:

He say this because I love you and I am in love with you ….

(I remember now and I delivery of laughter,) how could that phrase out of my mouth?)

She began to laugh soundly and said:

Me, in love, boy piss me laugh, you’re what’s crazy for taking me to bed. You fall in love with a girl of your age fool …… ..

No, I swear, I’m crazy about you ….

At that time I think I had begun to spend Teresa’s mind what I was expecting.

vdio bokep

Come here scumbag – I grabbed her shoulders -) do you want to fuck me right here and what your mother comes and you are in a mess is me ?.

Look let’s do one thing. This afternoon you come to my house and there’ll teach you what you want to see.

-In Your home but) and her husband …?

Son, if I’ve been a widow nine years. In addition I live alone. My children are married and do not live with me.

The dream of my short life was fulfilled. In my fifteen years he had been with the woman of my dreams for that evening and at home.

He explained where he lived and what time you should go. He left my house and went on with his task on the stairs of the building.

As you can imagine, from that time until the time of the appointment it was more space in my life time. I did not eat.

I know I was almost an hour in the bathroom, washing, combing and echandome deodorant and cologne from my father.

Aqueria impress, hahahaha ……. @.

vdio bokep

It was five in the afternoon. I was on the porch of the house of Teresa. I called the entryphone. I did not open anyone.

I called a couple of times and nothing, remained unanswered. I came the world over. I thought he had laughed at me.

Moron, silly, naive. As a woman like that would want to be with a child like me.

When I was leaving, I heard as the mechanism of the door opened, I took a small jump, pushed and opened.

Whether it was within the portal. Now I started thinking and) if you have not opened it ?, y) if it was another neighbor ….?

Anyway I had nothing to lose. If he is rising and hit the timbre of your own home, if indeed there was no one as I was and that’s it.

But what if it was she who had opened.

Well, there I was, smelling men’s cologne on all four sides and hoping that Teresa opened the door for me.

This time I just had to ring the bell once. It seems he was waiting for me behind the door.

He opened grabbing my arm and introduced me to his house as if to hurry me to pass.

I will not say I was waiting in her panties, why was not it. He wore the same clothes he wore that morning in my house.

vdio bokep

I think I was more nervous now than ever. I even think she was too.

Come in and sit on the couch, I’m going to take a shower, I have not had time until now.

‘I was very slow to open – I said –

It’s you that until the last moment did not know if I really wanted to come upstairs – I answered –

But in the end it has opened me) not? – I said hesitantly –

Come sit now let’s talk for a while ….

Those words puzzled me a bit. )talk?. I had come to nothing. I sat down and started to browse all I had my eye in the house.

They did not spend even five minutes when I saw out of the bathroom with a large towel around her body. He was good enough to eat.

She had loosened hair, had taken off her makeup, and headed for the hallway telling he was going to put something on.

I was sitting on the couch, eager and thinking that could happen from now.

After a few minutes he left the room and wearing a wide dress tirantas something that made him even a little fatter.

vdio bokep

I did not notice that. I did not take his eyes of huge lumps imagined in his chest.

He sat beside me and started talking:

– Look kid, I do not know what you’ve probably noticed me, an old woman like me who do not want it and neither their children not come and see me.

Teresa – I answered, I am very nervous. I do not know what can happen from now. I’ll just say one thing.

If I’m here is because I have two weeks thinking about you,

and what he saw in the kitchen is nothing compared to what I do every day remembering his body and his face.

Teresa not believe what he was hearing. A brat like I was at home by pulling the yews and mad give it a romp.

vdio bokep

-child Nine years I’m not a man does. In bed I have never been a beast, so I can teach you is not anything special.

But I’ll tell you one thing. We have not done anything, but if anything we want you to promise me you will not leave these four walls.

He promise Teresa, who is going to tell if all this for me is the dream of my life.

After telling him that she took my hand and told me to go to his room.

I sat on the bed and began to undress. I had already deslcazado me wearing moccasins.

First I removed the shirt and pushed me missing me back on the bed. Then I desaprochó pants and threw him, leaving me slip.

By that time already he had a median erection, which she warned then watched as the bulk stared a moment.

-go Child seems to have a good instrument.

My nervousness was growing by the second. How was closer to my dream, I was more nervous.

Lying in bed with posts cazoncillos saw as she pulled her dress up and stood naked only with white panties considerable size.

When for the first time in my life saw those tits as just a couple of meters from me, I thought I would die of happiness.

vdio bokep

Come take off the slip, what are you waiting for – me he remarked

Without thinking twice I did hastily. It was a hundred, had a pressure on the eggs I thought I would explode in an instant.

To take them off, my cock jumped out of his nest as a spring. Teresa smiled a mischievous smile, which so far had not seen it.

He approached one side of the bed and sat on the edge. With one hand he began to touch my cock and balls with a supine delicacy.

I had never imagined that this could be so exceptional. I think I closed my eyes and let me go. I noticed as he took my hand and led her to her tits.

I opened my eyes and I was there playing these two melons with two black nipples like tortillas. Teresa was touching me, but now with more pace.

I was already a minute to cum. She realized and leave. I stood and panties down. Before me my first pussy.

Overpopulated had a pussy hair. That excited me a lot. And I abalanze jumped on her and started to kiss her and hugged her.

I corresponded with kisses her neck and ears. Instead I just wanted to kiss and grab her big tits. We lay in bed and continue with games kisses and caresses.

We did not talk either. In one of the turns we about each other, I noticed my knee, her pussy was totally wet.

vdio bokep

Entonce first SLIPPING my hand to his crotch and touched his black and hairy cave. She took the first wince afternoon.

She was biting my neck and now I whispered in my ear that you tuck a finger inside.

What I automatically agreed. I started a rtimico puts and takes that made her shiver in bed.

He grabbed my cock, and at the same pace I introduced her and two fingers, she began to mastrubarme.

Two minutes later I had my first run, creoq what semen reached the foot of the bed.

She told me she did not care to continue playing it with my fingers. Despite my ejaculation, my cock was like a mast.

I knew sex was seen in magazines and on some porn movie if some friend in the absence of their parents.

When he was coming her first orgasm closed her legs and my hand was swallowed up so I could not move.

He had several seizures and after a long moan, I remain despondent in bed. I went over and started to kiss her again.

My mouth rested on hers but never got beyond, she did not open their mouths, they were kissing lip on lip.

vdio bokep

After a few minutes I lie on my back and told me that now it was her turn. My first run had been craving that joy.

So it was. He got to his knees and my pijita swallowed up eggs. I gave a start that I almost fell off my bed. What greater pleasure,

He began to suck from the tip of the cock to the ass crack. (And he said he had never been a beast in bed).

After a few minutes in this position was incorporated on me as a tennis ball enters a basketball net and entered my cock in her pussy.

I was totally wet. I thought that little cock was little to so many women.

But looking at her, and each input and output swaying, his face quivered with pleasure. He was enjoying much as I do.

He got up and threw on me.

Each time you missed and could feel her tits on my chest pleasure multiplied. He did not want this will never end.

vdio bokep

I turned to run again, but this time inside her. And that was the greatest pleasure felt in my short life.

She also told me she had had a couple of orgasms during intercourse. I was back as a stake. My cock with a twinkle demanded more war.

Teresa lay back on the bed and told me it was I who now send the situation.

She opened her legs and I could see her slit open still dripping from my last run.

He hugged me and with one hand directed my cock into her pussy and put it at the entrance.

He told me to push and so I did. Again he went to the bottom without any problem.

Now it was I who pushed outward and inward. She sometimes grabbing my hips, and other guided me squeezing my ass.

I was in paradise. I remember and think of how little talk that afternoon. All that was teaching me was wordlessly.

I understand because I said that we were going to talk a while. He kept pushing and every time I was more comfortable.

He did not need your help to make a rhythm. This time we ran both at once. After spending some hugging short time he kissed me.

But this time it stuck my tongue down her throat. I reciprocated and so were a little longer.

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