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I know she is the food.

She opened her eyes and felt lazy to get up. On the one hand the fond memories of the rapid straw that had done and the equally pleasant feeling the sun on her naked body held her there. Still he rose and walked to where his clothes.

-don’t Views, stay the best.

They’re only panties, I wash and I wear them. It gives me not to sit naked in those chairs.

He picked up the small garment and went to the bathroom. He sat on the bidet and washed thoroughly almost thoroughly.

Each time the lightning touched clitoris through her belly and felt humedecérsele inside the pussy.

He left the bathroom wearing only terse garment that covered him completely not the black hair that spilled out of the small triangle transparent gauze.

She noticed the man look at that place and regretted not having shaved at least the bikini line but the fact is he had not thought this could happen when dressed that morning but it was too late.

He covered himself with one hand and hurried over to the table.

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They ate several precooked dishes and salads as they talked of the house, on the terrace, taking the naked sun.

She confessed she had been his first time and the occasion had more daring had not gone off the top of the bikini to be turned upside down.

He encouraged her to repeat jokes, compliments, comments and allusions to her tits, her ass but especially the hairs that escaped from the panty.

She laughed under the influence of wine that never failed in his cup but also because it excited with those comments.

When finished eating he asked him to stay seated while preparing dessert.

He picked up the services and food debris, cleared the table and changed the tablecloth with merchitas watching while sipping still fresh and bubbly pink wine that had accompanied the food and that was both disinhibiting.

The man appeared pushing a trolley with two silver platters covered by respective covers. On the shelf below were two pillows.

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He arrived at the table, picked up the cushions and placed them on the table, separated from each other a few feet.

He went to merchitas and without a word took the cup of the hand placed on the cart.

He turned a little one of the chairs, took elegantly and delicately her hand and made shoes and indicating with a gesture to lie down, thence to the table to get on the chair.

She did a little awkwardly because wine was increasingly its intoxicating effect so that the pads helped placing one under the shoulders so that his head fell back slightly and the other under the levantándosela hip.

Then with equal delicacy he began removing the minimum braguitas what he did with agonizing slowness and affected gesture.

He placed again putting arms along the body and bent down to whisper in his ear not to move.

Then he turned to the cart and lifted one of the sources from which extracted something she could not see.

She winced as he felt the noise and while a cold, wet sensation on the breasts.

She looked barely moving my head and I like to spray cream was making ornaments on her body.

He made circles around her breasts, Auras, put a little above each nipple.

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On his belly he made him a long cord that ended in pussy where he left a good amount of cream. When he finished, withdrew a step, looked at the woman again ahead and put a little cream in the boot, he took it a kiss and said:

Sir, the dessert is served.

Slowly and as before with champagne, he was eating cream, first of the breasts, then he followed the path marked up pussy where carefully he took to the last drop of cream hidden even in the depths of the folds of those lips. She was allowed to do while increasingly excited.

When it came to the clitoris was about to reach orgasm who tried to retain the maximum possible but unable to do so caused the mixture between sour and salty flavor of its abundant vaginal fluids with sweet cream.

Then he made her get off the table and kneel on one of the cushions. She turned and put on a good dose of cream on the penis after which said ceremonious tone:

Ma’am, the dessert is served.

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She disciplined and totally uninhibited began fellatio first gently but soon took over and grabbing her head began to set the pace that only ceased when her out to get another little cream.

Sometimes penetration was so deep that gave light archways so to curb the movements of man he pressed his lips and tongue on the limb man what increased pleasure but she made him tighten the body for free his throat.

Suddenly she stiffened and held his head while pushing merchitas his hip into the mouth of the woman.

He ran into his mouth, almost in her throat.

He retired as she coughed and suffered arcades. Without further ado he went to the bathroom where he washed. It was found in the still broken and mascara run around the eyes door.

-Wash We go to bed to get a nap.

She went into the bathroom, washed his face and used a mouthwash to rinse the throat found. Then he sat on the bidet and washed again between her legs.

As I did not expect such a thought as unpleasant as it had suffered and wished that what remained of day was as pleasant as it had been on other occasions situation.

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In order to enjoy as ever and not let it was he who took the initiative was made.

Still felt disinhibition produced by the wine he had taken.

He left the bathroom completely naked, without wearing panties that he had taken in hand. This time did not feel uncomfortable by the looks of man directed her pussy.

He lay down beside the man and curled up, soon to be half asleep in the darkness of the bedroom.

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