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I tell my encounter with the doctor of 60 years.

The other day, I started talking to a guy, Aldo, who told me she was 60, but not noticeable because it was a lot of sport,

which was active, but she liked kissing, flannel, etc. Just for me; I love kissing, flannel and make love to me in the best way.

I had my doubts because I wanted to meet me at federal capital, but gave that a Friday had to go to nearby,

just call me this morning and combine to 19:00 in a hotel Pueyrredón and Santa faith.

We find, very good body, not very tall, skinny, ripped muscles. We greeted each other and went to the hotel. He offered to pay for the room.

Already in the elevator he gave me a tongue kiss that killed me. I will touch my dick and I get scared how big tapeworm !!!!! I wanted to go right then.

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Got to the room, we undressed and started with kisses, flannel and tail touched, by the cock and played with on my part.

We were more than 15 minutes caressing and kissing until I went down, first to kiss the nipples and then continued down to meet his pijota,

which should measure about twenty centimeters long and six or seven thick.

Just when I entered the mouth head and a little more. and we stayed a while, then stood up and I sucked standing,

which he held my mouth with his cock.

Then he asked me I put on four paws and tail chaparme began, it was a treat the way it did !!!!! That if I love it.

It was a while, then he began to stick a finger, two and then three. I asked him to put a condom on his dick. It cost me a lot, since the diameter did not enter it. I struggled for a while, I’ll take reeeeapretado.

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I put in four and started again very slowly metérmela form. I go head first, after a while I push a bit more, up to half or so and then began to put it all, I felt I broke my ass into four pieces.

I asked him to take it out for a while. Change of condoms, lay face up with its mast pointing to the sky and said, you sit down and drive it.

I was sitting up almost have it all in and I started to go up and down. At that time it was delicious, although every now and then pushed a little more and it hurt.

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After we did spoon type, which is how I like. And after more than an hour to enjoy with that pijota, I asked him to let me pajearlo and I filled the mouth with its rich lechita.

I started pajearlo with my hands and my mouth and after a while, it ended. We swam, we touched and kissed some more and left.

We agreed to meet another day, but still did not call. The he sent me a message the other day, but did not stay in anything.