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One morning he called and asked if he could be to over the next two weeks, at any time of day.

Mercedes had to do some business out of town that you could take all day so I prepared everything for a date and told him and arranged a time and place.

The begged him to come as soon as he could.

The day agreed Mercedes left home very early, the night before had warned he would be late. The trip to its destination was quick and efforts surprisingly brief.

The fact is that almost a couple of hours to set schedule but still went to the place of the event went ahead. When he arrived it was a bit strange because it was a residential building.

He parked in front and made the agreed call, he let the two signals give mobile call and hung up. A few seconds later his mobile phone rang, it was him. The dialogue was brief:

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-You have arrived?.

Yes, I’m parked in front of the address you gave me, it’s an apartment building.

Yes, it is the site. Give me a few minutes and I’ll call you.

She stayed in the car and on the quarter hour when already beginning to tire the phone rang again.

I know she is, and can rise, it is the top floor. If the doorman asks you something you do not say where you’re going.

The beautiful ass of merchitas
All right door is what?

-I will be waiting.

He entered the portal feeling observed by the goalkeeper but that is something that is used especially as wears tight clothing like jeans that day.

It’s an attractive woman and knows it very well. He entered the elevator and pushed the button on the penultimate floor.

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He got in the chosen place and continued on foot. When he reached the top landing all the doors were locked so I stopped in the middle.

He heard a door behind him gently opened. He had not started turning movement when he heard that called softly. He quickly walked through the open door and saw it was a home.

He picked up the jacket and the bag placed in a closet in the entrance after which indicated the hall. She came in and blurted:

-And that? As he pointed around him.

It’s my house, I found the safest place. My wife has gone home a few days of their parents. We have it all to ourselves all the time we want. Come you teach it.

He carried her through the house and showed it ending with a large terrace where a table holding a bottle of champagne with two glasses.

He took the glasses, offered one, and gave up hers:

-for The best time of sex in history.

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She laughed and looked pleased the terrace while taking a few sips of the drink.

You like the terrace?

Yeah, I like, it has good views, is quiet and well oriented. I guess those are hammocks for sunbathing.

-You are right. You know, if you fancy …

It’s that I have not brought the suit.

No do you need …

And what I could wear?

Channel-some drops of champagne or …

They both laughed heartily at this exchange of sentences.

-¿Un Some more champagne?

-If. She said she approached the table.

The cup filled him and did the same with his.

-Hold on. He said and pushed the bottle and his glass to a window sill.

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-Come now.

‘Your not take champagne?

Yeah, I’ll take it but not in the cup.

She moved a little puzzled. He began to unbutton her blouse. Let her do as she took a couple of sips. When finished with the last button, he gently removed her blouse left in the chair.

Then he unhooked her bra and remove it, pushed slightly downward prompting to withdraw entirely, breasts regain their natural position giving a funny boot up, as if moved by a spring.

He took his cup and dropped a few drops on a chest merchitas.

The very cold champagne caused an increase in erection of already hard nipples and a contraction of the aura environment furrowed the hard core of each nipple.

A trickle of liquid gold hit hard aura and continued to the nipple.

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The first drop is hung, as if refusing to leave that place.

He reached down and took the drops of wine as they were formed at the end of their path through the skin of women.

He returned to take another splash of champagne and applied his mouth around the nipple and sipped slowly.

Merchitas allowed to do while just sips his drink. He also finished his so again fill both.

So merchitas offered her other breast but he seemed to have other ideas. He took the cup from her hand gently and stood behind her and her hands sought the closure of his pants and with some urgency removed it.

Merchitas stumbled a bit to engage with the heels on his pants and leaned on the table while crouched to free his foot so that his face was at the height of her buttocks.

She wore a small undergarment that revealed most of her ass ..

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The spun before his eyes and the superb spectacle of dense hair spilling merchitas and running over the bare triangle of delicate fabric that covered it.

He passed his hands over the low waist of the garment and completely removed. When lifting merchitas knees to take it off her pussy he was shamelessly before the anxious eyes of the man.

He got up and gently made her sit on the edge of the table, then gently pushed her shoulders back and allowed her to lay on her back.

The man parted her knees and placed between her thighs. She started to feel a little champagne on her skin again. This time on his pubis, sliding to her sex.

The she licked all droplets nor without leaving a place where you find them.

He returned to take more and some more daring than the other slipped between her parted lips of the vulva pursued by the man’s tongue.

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Merchitas let go relaxing your body while his hip began a smooth movement to engage the movements of that language.

Much to the champagne was gone but instead other liquid oozed sex incredibly wet merchitas that moan moan was getting carried away by the pleasure until reaching an orgasm intensity that surprised his companion.

Unhurried, he got up and unbuttoning his pants released the fully erect penis and penetrated her with firm strokes.

She gasped again with increasing intensity while the quickening pace of the attacks. To each of them, merchitas let out a sigh while her breasts danced to the attacks.

It was a coitus with a point of brutality that ceased when the retired member to drop his semen on the underbelly of the woman defeated by an orgasm after another.

At the end of the dropped over her panting and sweating. And he stayed for a while until he got up to return soon with a couple of lit cigarettes.

unduh bokep indo

Meanwhile merchitas had cleaned and dressed her blouse. He was abrochándosela when he returned.

He took a cigarette and together they came to the parapet closing the terrace from which you had a nice view of the city.

Wait, do not move it back now.

Suddenly the man said. She also was very surprised after what I went to do there. So he relaxed, he placed both hands on the wall leaving open blouse.

No one could see. A noise behind him made him turn to merchitas. His companion had a camera to his face and just do another take.

Easy, is digital, no one besides us will never see these photos.

‘But I do not like you to do me photos as well.

So you are lovely.

It’s like I’m naked and I do not like naked photos.

Well, I like a lot … okay, let me make you some more before you leave the delete.

unduh bokep indo

She accepted with complacency, it seemed as if excite the idea of being photographed naked but expressed concern about the possibility that these photographs were seeing someone else.

If you think I prepare something to eat it’s time. Meanwhile you can sunbathe, he said pointing to the hammock.

She finished his cigarette and took off his shirt to put together with other clothes and went into the house looking for a place to leave your clothes ..

When he left, his friend had placed a hammock directing it towards the sun and covering it with a beach towel. She leaned back and let her voluptuous tits amass as he proposed the menu.

When it was closed his eyes, he raised his arms over his head and stretched his body everything he could. It was not just a gesture of desperezamiento just felt good there naked feeling the sun and wind.

It was a new situation for her, I had never noticed the sun’s rays directly on your breasts or felt the air move around all over your skin.

The hair on his body bristled by the sensations reached, nipples perked up and inside her belly began to feel a strange and pleasant sensation.

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He closed his eyes and was carried away by the moment. Gradually his hands went down and slowly began. Almost inadvertently, to caress her body.

They are fondled her breasts hardened and provided him with a wave of pleasant sensations. Her belly began to stir with breathing quickened when his fingers were introduced through the dense hair that covered her pussy.

His hips began a sensual dance. His right hand gently touched the clitoris and the feeling of pleasure that caused him to rub it prompted him gently.

Slowly, gently, his fingers began to pierce her wet vagina fluid and swollen pleasure. It was left to itself and soon exploded in a silent orgasm that had never imagined.

He huddled in the folds that had formed in the beach towel and still a little kept his eyes closed as reveling in what he had just felt. Soon a sudden torpor invaded and conquered by that sweet left feeling sleepy staying.

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