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I decided to leave my husband at his second infidelity,

we had a couple of years of marriage and first decided to play dumb but in the second I knew that nature was irreversible.

After the incredible “as you can see another” or “what a pity” and his apology armé trip for planting disconnect my parents for a while.

I did not give exact date for that way to travel without constraints of schedule.

Upon arriving in the state capital I embarked, somewhat humbly dressed in a micro to reach the central town of my payments (about 5,000 people) and hence called a remis to stay Dad.

In this micro intercity sat beside me a forty too perfumed and painted in bad taste.

The woman was able to get me conversation and after a few kilometers dispatched with intrigue but be sure not mind traveling with a professional.

-I do not understand. I said in astonishment.

He smiled heartily and confessed his condition prostitute. My face betrayed me.

He that look of compassion and repudiation. He said.

I wanted to apologize and she shook her head, no mutter problem.

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– Do you know how married I attend? You know how many promised me leave everything to come with me?

There is so much hypocrisy that you get to fall into indifference. Mine was revenge.

The bastard hit me because I found my best friend and me before leaving Patients in hospital with his best friend who had me hungry;

but in exchange for good money, he made me debut in things he had previously only imagined and that you understand because man is unfaithful.

It is not sold, it is to be a ground wire of all its dark parts; most with me in their sexual debut mazes.

He asked if it bothered me talk to my refusal and continued with his stories to a point wake curiosity and even more when Pope appointed stay.

-hence Is one of the pawns on weekends Mammy, you do not know what hangs him.

We laughed softly.

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‘It’s not pleasing to the eye but when his pants down and moves the tongue; that lets you grab bed.

Sometimes dodged and seek with those who pass do not know and trust me almost never want to repeat with him as others we fight because we choose.

It comes a week of abstinence and imagine despite his forties is tremendous, re slobbering but also docile.

I got excited that night and stayed at the hotel in town, since he had forgotten the keys to the house we had outside of it, reserving a car for the next morning.

I thought of the night who could be good gifted, several times felt in bed with my ex did not stay completely satisfied although I had ejaculated and strength to achieve my orgasms.

The next day reunion and tears did the impossible to feel good although themes scrabbled about my situation.

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No understand- I said the old cook ‘I saw you grow and go in these conditions any man go crazy my girl, blonde hot body, not about those starlets who call you equalize.

Haydee Thank you, but I’m fine really, I want to go riding as before.

I went with dad to walk the field and asked him to take me to see our foreman whom I knew from my childhood;

I really wanted to have the chance to see the super-macho.

We arrived at the work area and I greet with Gualberto like as a child and started walking among the peons with smiles and bows until I was sure to recognize,

tall, sweaty, huge, leathery hands, a couple of missing teeth, prominent chest and hairy with the rhythm of breathing;

It had to be him no other as an eyesore and surreptitiously look at his crotch without noticing anything, ask her name,

saying she was sure to meet other side and so I knew that was called Dalmiro, following a “not only me He thought is known ”

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The second part was to see how to approach his presence alone although the truth was only curiosity in size.

On one occasion walking down around the plantation saw away toward some trees, it was clear that he would go to urinate,

I approached I could and binoculars get to see sideways just a few seconds had to make two moves to keep your member .

I sighed deeply between disgusted and surprised in my life movies or internet pictures I saw something.

I frolicked night alone with that image that was not entirely true since not been able to see well.

And more the next day, arriving at the weekend, I tried to get close to know the terrain; one rancher and his pawn.

If they knew my friends would treat me nasty black and very unlikely heroine novel.

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I set to work and understanding of my parents achieve walk almost always alone in the room,

could not get anything this week but the beginning of another made contact with Dalmiro alone and with the contraption to make changes in my stuff managed to have it as a silent helper mine.

It took him talk and tuteara me, I had to ask please do so by agreeing that only serious when we would be alone,

really spoke as he could but was always low tone.

Then came the weekend and promising to take wherever he wanted after I got my errands I wait on the route to go together.

In the week when we chatted alone did more than once provocative poses and teasing before his eyes and noticed deconcentrated his prominent bulge in the lower abdomen.

I got in the solitude of the place and left; I went with a super tight leggings and nothing under the blouse. The movement of the truck shook my tits,

on several occasions smiled at his look at my body and he blushed.

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– Where we go? -I ask.

Take it easy I said-I give you something and I’m afraid you do not like.

– You my -interrogó amazed.

If and please do not make it harder.

Nooo. Stuttering.

We came to a village house perimeter pope had to do night while traveling there;

We walked down the groceries and started moving furniture so that I noticed over the breasts in their movements and my body did not leave anything to the imagination.

After a while I stood in front of him picking my hair, my breasts do more stressed and pointed shoes my vagina in a scandalous manner.

He looked at me as irksome.

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– I can go? I ask.

I approached remained defiant and given up to his chest I had to raise my hand to take the pear.

-Yes, But after fuck me.

Her eyes widened and her mouth looked. He kissed me without passion and hugged him even though he did not.

I pulled away and looked down defeated.

All right if you do not like tell me where you’ve been.

I do not understand lady.

-Oh my God! I’m asking you to take me, do not tell me that you chose to not like.

I pretended angry and not knowing if I moved hatred, rancor, curiosity or take it out of my ex through a man for his ideas was inferior to him.

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I decided to tell on the face, and cries, which had a huge cock. Advanced Dalmiro determined and some fear that searched my mouth desperately wanted his,

had the scent of soap and skin scraped mine. I remembered that to the prostitute to overcome disgust, think of the pleasure it gave but did not receive any.

The last I saw of her mouth was the lack of teeth and tongue coming out anxiously. He drowned in saliva and the flesh of his mouth was huge.

I hugged him and squeezing got the message, I took the waist rayadoras putting his paws on my tights to fondle my ass.

He took one of them to take mine and blew the cock above the trousers, he stood and was about twenty centimeters or more fat;

he took it out and saw that looked like an eel or quill ostrich.

Was pajear although could not grab my hand full by the size stroking my tail. He closed his eyes and smiled as he shook my hand.

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-Patroncita, That little job I’ll do.

Almost without realizing undressed throwing me to the bed and began to make me something dreamed; a full bath saliva.

I felt his tongue on the soles of my feet and hands all over my body. I was sucked between the toes and began to rise,

I writhed with pleasure until I felt it in my vagina, she took my buttocks to lift me waist and began to taste me as a desperate shell.

Not ten pigs made noise when I licked it.

I knew what time I went in milk to keep climbing up to my mouth and kissed me passionately feeling my flow emanating from his mouth.

turned me, I drooled the neck and down the back to devoutly kiss my rear thighs and I ended up losing his tongue in my asshole.

I arched with a groan of pleasure and I do not know how but I felt it inside my ass and was as big as my dick ex.

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He turned me after a while buried his wonderful tongue in my mouth with my excrement taste and not grossed me out.

He penetrated me and once I took it all in the buttocks in the air standing up, taking me stop. I complained of pleasure and pain.

I asked more gently but I think a deaf had heard me.

I got up and down as inconsiderate and when I stretched forth from his mouth, because I was drowning in drool,

grabbed me with one hand turning around the pear to him and get me the tongue back inside until he left me still and felt the impressive amount of milk he dumped me

I felt his breath as hectic as mine and sucked my neck no matter if she left him marked.

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I was exhausted, with the breath of a buffalo in a stampede and burned walls of my shell, I laid in bed with my thighs falling sperm.

He left the bedroom and in seconds rather wobbly I also went to the bathroom. With the open bedroom door I saw in the kitchen washing and urinating in the sink.

-Torpe- I said – In the bathroom you do that.

I got up as I could without being able to walk right; I showered quickly back to bed to lie down to recover air.

It was not the stress of the situation that exhausted me, that beast picked as one who had known, awkward, rude but male.

When you enter the bedroom she was wearing, I hugged him from behind begging him to stay.

I do not want to be alone Daddy, do not go.

He smiled triumphantly and hugged me told me he was going to do something to eat, I asked him to do it and agreed with the condition that boobs were walking in the house.

We lay cuddled watching tv, my hand in his big warm of the sex and stroking my whole body while watching what is not.

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I asked him to let me get some rest before another powder. I doze and when I woke up I was going dick down her face,

I opened my mouth as I could but did not enter all despite my best efforts.

I sucked as demonized and despite being the second I finished choked the amount and thickness of sperm without telling him it was the first time he took me milk from a man.

He kissed me tenderly stroking my ass.

-Do not even dream about it. Said.

Answer-and you will see.

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