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The man always

Why you never buy me flowers, Fer? -the three guffawed.

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Mary, There are things I can not explain in public … my boyfriend said Fer,

insinuating that would be the day we had anal sex without anyone knowing.

Honey, these are private matters that should not get in public, although we are among friends and even if Eve replied immediately.

Huy, You note that there is some unresolved sexual tension I claim our friend George.

Long ago you did not see and the city will not have changed at all or … added without finishing the sentence.

Husmeas In our relationship, as good nosy you are. And that’s because the people …

Sorry, this village makes your brain is unable to distinguish the passage of time -sentenció Fer, pushing our privacy.

Buuuu Rumbled coral booing in the hall.

The Boos you just received are entirely deserved Montse- said.

And in fact, you just won a shot of liquor worst we have brought it -exhortó while serving, before the overacted gestures of fear of Fernande.

What’s up? Now you’re also going to renege on our villager way to celebrate New Year’s Eve? he asked reflectively,

with certainly angrily tone. You know that I love the tradition of meeting in the doorways of our homes to celebrate the new year.

And you’re going to not spoil … Drink! he ordered a blushing Fer, while he ran the glass firmly.
Of course,

King -resaltó Jorge melodically resabiado-. Here in the village, you have to pay your offenses as it should …

E insult your friends is the worst thing you can do.

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Okay … said Jorge Fer half choked with Freckle. If everything is harmony between friends, why we are separated?

You know what…

Yes, I know it brings to her friends in Valencia he interrupted.

But, do not you think that presenting and take the grapes to return the three to the room is a bit sectarian Carla?

I mean, offensive remarked, to drop that Carla had pushed her beautiful friends of our company.

‘I do not find it offensive that wants to spend some time alone with her friends. If I could do the same with all my friends!

He exclaimed George. And put them in my room … -and river, with one of his raucous laughter, again leaving the sentence on hold.

They’re gorgeous, right? Montse asked a row.

I ‘Yes they are! Fernande replied immediately. I mean they have managed … he tried to justify himself, as he recriminábamos excess sincerity.

The woman’s Eve

‘To be honest I have to say that Julia is a hottie. Even I have been attracted! I confessed.

Hey, hey, hey … This is a maelstrom of …!

What, George? Carla asked, surprising as he entered the hall with Julia and Eve.

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of … Sincere beauty! But what you have put gorgeous! He avidly Jorge -escapó the embrollo-.

We’ve heard the whole conversation. And it is not that we are gossips, is that you are very scandalous –

we reported Carla as she sat at the table with his two friends-.

You not be ashamed, I love that minusvaloréis my charms thanks to the attributes of Eva and Julia admitted,

pointing to the perky breasts with both palms upward.

But what a beautiful who you are! Jorge insisted.

But … What pueblerino you are! -arremetió Carla, standing bra above the new prom dress she had worn.

maja Hey, that I have my style … Jorge replied irritably. And to know that, despite being as small-town as you say,

can tell you the best elegance. And your friends have class twice …

Yes, that’s true -sumó immediately Fer, with an extremely childish tone that caused a general laugh.

Look, he turned red! exclaimed Montse

Huy, Whom you looked, gulf? , ‘I claimed.

No … I … he said … stammered as good embarrassed boyfriend.

FER Looked at Julia -descubrió Jorge, as the most odious Sneak school.

I too looked at her ‘I braked immediately. Julia is spectacular. From her full lips up that perfect ass,

through the hips and breasts well placed I always wanted, I thought up.

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Thank you, Maria Julia said, looking into my eyes without any shame, as I could feel my skin burned red with embarrassment.

I feel very flattered that I see you also guapísimos all he continued.

It’s that we are what Carla said as he lifted his glass of champagne to toast.

All gorgeous, Jorge least cenutrio quipped, mixing the chinchín with laughter.

I’m already a little tipsy admitted Montse, resting his glass of champagne on the table.

In fact, I think it’s the best time to go to the disco.

If I take one more here, I fall round.

what Not say it twice! said George, while he got up with a start.

At last you say something meaningful -sentenció Carla, draining his glass as he got to his feet. Come on, right?

then he asked Eve and Julia.

‘Of course,’ said Eva, leaving Julia sitting and leading Fer and attention to me, not we expressed no willingness to move.

I Think happened though, as always, is what Mary wants …

Thank you, I said sarcastic affection with my tonos-. Since I have to decide, I prefer to stay I said without much confidence,

because had that bug merchandiser parties, while my body belied asking me start the year straddled Fer.

If you do not bother, I’ll stick with you, Julia said quickly with an unexpected conspiratorial look.

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Know-and I hate to beg Carla said. I just I’ll ask again: Have you come to the party or you stay?

‘We were magically -respondimos Fer, Julia and I both.

‘There remain three legs for a boring bank … Jorge murmured mischievously, leaving the hall with Carla and Eve.

My first anal and threesome

I prefer the saying “three’s a crowd” Julia replied with a mischievous smile as the last to leave, Montse closed the cancellation.

What Jorge does not know is that I love the crowd -we confessed, forcing a new toast our glasses.

I do not know what happens to George, it seems more agitated than usual.

You may need a formal boyfriend or … ‘said Fer, pretending he had not noticed the hint of Julia.

Does that mean you have experience with more than one man at a time?

I asked bluntly Julia, cutting the inconvenience comment Fer and causing her laugh.

But Aunt! she exclaimed, her eyes outside the órbitas-. What’s that … “experience with more than one man at a time”?

he asked, forcing a listless tone of voice, robótico-. trio says, Threesome! And yes,

I participated in threesomes and not just men. He admitted, smiling and looking at softening the melody that had become the sweetest are.

So you’re bisexual? I followed delving before a petrified Fer who kept nervously pour more alcohol.

Well I do not know. I like to enjoy sex. In truth, I really like sex and when I see beautiful people I want to sleep with them.

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Men or women, the truth is I do not have any prejudice or rejection to the beauty she explained as she placed her perfect tits on the table,

in a sweet and retador- gesture. You guys have never done a threesome? -we asked a motherly smile, causing Fer no longer know how to sit.

The Truth is that we have said many times joke, but never presented us the opportunity replied with mock shamelessness.

“We Never have presented us with the opportunity”? Fer repeated one amazed.
Well no, never I said.

But Mary, now you talk about threesomes when even … He stopped not argue.

Well, maybe I callus -finalizó with that sexist gesture Smarty frustrated.

“Not even” … oral sex? Mischievous and funny asked Julia.

Noooo! Fer and we cried together.

No aunt. We are not so narrow of mind I added. He means that we have confessed anal sex as if he knew of life, causing a tremendous laugh.

No, we do not have … -sumó Fer, falsifying one bitter tone. But I still love! he went on with grace.

Faltaba Less! said Julia.

You have an entire wedding preciousness, but if I were you, we would have already practiced over a Greek -sentenció with a defiant smile.

Why do you think you would have me convinced? I asked, as puzzled as excitedly.

Because I know very well how to do it painlessly.

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Well, no pain at the time, discomfort is inevitable the next day he admitted. In fact, I always carry lubricant in the bag he continued,

giving me a knowing smile.

If want, you can start and teach me Fer said, apparently annoyed by becoming intimate conversation.

Ah! I can give you a practical lesson, but would need the back of your girlfriend and your member, said Julia clear astonishingly naturally,

encendiéndome with each of the words. And I’m not kidding …

Well, if my girlfriend wants, we can raise three to my room Fer said seriously, accompanying his decision as he got up and invited consummating what already seemed shared desires.

You look like you’re deciding what to do with my body … Instead of getting angry, you have made me very hot tipsy I admitted,

but fully aware of my excitement and moisture which surfaced in my crotch. We climb? I asked Fer, but the real question was implicit in the look that acompañaba-.

Yes, let us go said, reading my mind and tender tone.

Okey, Guys! He said a smiling Julia suddenly expressing an exaggerated happiness,

while showed that those released pleased to see that a couple open your mind to new sexual possibilities.

Can you catch the remaining cava, Fer? I asked as we left the hall, heading for the stairs.

Sure, queen. Do you want to upload something else? -we asked and with friendly security.

FER, Do not forget to bring your holiday gift package … Julia quipped, making us laugh and taking my hand upstairs.

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Do not forget me, come with me sarcastically replied Fer, entering the room and staring at our hands, now,

they are fastened on the sitting area where we had acomodado-.

I am the apprentice, so I’m going to sit on the bed to attend my first class in Greek.

You must not lose any details Julia’ I said, pretending to be a profesora-.

First, you have to kiss the neck until you feel the tension in the skin explained, and slid the tip of his tongue pressing against my jugular,

dry and hyperactive. It was so sensual that it took me to realize that there unbuttoned my shirt, to caress and pinch my nipples inside the bra.

I opened my eyes and saw how he enjoyed the moment Fer.

No Contadora she said with agitated breath.

No stop Julia replied shirt and sitting tearing me to pull down my pants.

Do you see how you have to start playing what lies beneath this beautiful piece of lace? he asked Fer,

while one of his hands massaged my clitoris in circles above her panties and the other, penetrated a finger in my vagina, from behind.

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I see, I see. I’ll put up the said circumstances, hastily undressing and showing his penis sum.

Hey Mary, the member of your boyfriend is huge. We’ll have to do it slowly ear he whispered sensually,

increasing the pressure on my clitoris and inserting one finger in my vagina.

Os Mind if I play? Fer asked us, completely naked and masturbating slowly.

A You do you care? He turned to whisper in my ear Julia. To me it makes me very hot added.

For Nothing matters between soft gemidos- replied. Fer, honey, masturbate close to me,

I asked, and when I noticed how my body burned and reached an excitement that had never even dreamed of.

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Come on, she ordered gently touch his Julia, pulling his fingers away of us. I’ll catch the lubricant.

Will ya put a doggy style? I asked, as a good student, while up and down the skin of the huge and incandescent member of my boyfriend.

Yes, but do not go to bed. You have to posarte on the sofa arm …

And the ass in pomp -the I interrupted, laughing. I’m coming, prof. But I have to first remove her panties

I continued mischievously and arranged my ass to your wishes.

Look,’ Julia said as she opened the package Fer lubricant.

I know how to get the lubricant from its packaging, Julia. I thought you were going to undress said Fer as a suggestion.

No, Fer. This is the first anal your girlfriend he clarified. Perhaps later he went on saying,

while lubricated the outside of my anus, and subtly introduced the tip of a finger.

You see how it is prepared? he asked, while he looked askance take position to observe next to Julia.

Can I try? he asked Fer, with perverse and sensual tone.

Give me your finger and make spiral movements with the lubricant from the outside in Julia ‘I said. Now make circles.

Ever wider, but without forcing. So, fine. In addition, we must stroke her clitoris at the same time,

but I heard that I will, as he noted how she caressed her sex and he opened me slowly with his finger, noting that frustration by being penetrated.

Mary you, are you comfortable? Julia asked.

Yes I answered remarkably suppressed excitement.

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Do you mind if I put an extra saliva on your boyfriend’s penis?

he asked, raising an arsonist my excitement level by automatically represent in my head the scene of his lips abducting the glans de Fer.

Do what you want, Julia. But I need penetration now!

I -articulé groaning, begging for sexual intercourse, any type of intercourse.

Come here, Fer said Julia, still touch me. Let’s get inside, slowly, in circles -describió, while I could feel my vagina contracted as received my first anal penetration.

You see how easy it is if done with love?

Yes muttered one Fer overexcited.

Plus! I -clamé with inordinate passion.

I’ll anillar fingers over half to enter the fair, said Julia Fer, while quickening the pace with his other hand on my clitoris.

I think not be for long admitted Fer, cut breath.

Me neither! I yelled, as he noticed how my skin took on nearly the same temperature and humidity that inside me.

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