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I saw a light in the background and when I thought it was the rebirth of hope turned out to be a train passed over me;

my husband told me he was leaving home and after a short dialogue asked me if I never realized that ours came plummeting to time;

which anyway I appreciated the two (grown) children and was still very cute and able to restart my life with another man.

I decided one single break and went and rented a bungalow in a very quiet place about 10 km of a village girl.

I am 40 years, I am medical clinic, well preserved, I walk by 90-65-100 or something, blond long hair,

Caribbean tan, medium height, even with the anger and frustration of the end of a marriage of almost 20 years.

I met her in the supermarket the people, do not know if even a teenager or already finished that stage; paints for hembrón well developed,

very chatty, loose and even wearisome;

He offered to help me at all as known to the beaches as few and I was as a bit depressing I could use the company talked so much that kept me thinking.

We carry things in my car and asked what time he had to bring her back home without implying a problem with their parents;

He laughed saying that if their parents knew I had insurance I would ask forever.

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Way home told me about the places and inquired about my family, to answer it regretted and said that perhaps the fate ruled the weekend but also the beginning of something wonderful.

It was loud and filled the house with noise when I helped with things, careless in his movements more than once saw her underwear beneath her miniskirt-jean,

helped me a lot and drove around the bungalow when we arrived at the pool regretted not having your swimsuit and suggested lend you a bikini.

If you accompany me Said.

He moved with the door open and his swarthy body seemed to me divine and voluptuous for that age.

She took my hand and we ran to throw us in the pool although the temperature still was not ideal,

we laugh with some cold but played around like fools in the water until I suggested going out at low temperature,

she climbed the stairs first and stay like an idiot watching your ass stripe and labia marked by the bikini.

I screwed up thinking it was an ordinary girl to appreciate that filled me with noises and conversations as banal as necessary.

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I brought a towel and when I covered gestured behind shrugging warmth; I felt so natural sexy but she wiped her back as she looked at me askance.

I began to dry off me and she began to observe me up and down.

– Something happens? -Ask Cutting.

-Only Envy. He answered.

Forty years and see that cute god, that back, you are the dream of anyone.

I looked sharp and she added

What woman would not be like you and that man would not you? Luckily I have no boyfriend.

I smiled and around noon we made a frugal meal unable to stop or she appreciate me.

I knew though not in depth of his home and given freedom commitments were having dinner together.

When I was alone analyze situations and feelings, that creature was the symbol of what we wanted to be as a crossing of forbidden fruit and renewal of energy.

I decided to leave fear aside and resign ourselves to things flow as would be available;

it was only distract me from my situation and was not for philosophical analysis told me, looked me or I think etc.

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I wore a smart casual dress and smiled at the thought if she would like; I would have thought that I see How do I make this comfortable what?

At night I went to look where we agreed, she looked very cute too but with youthful attire, when we arrived and saw me standing exclaimed,

Oh mama but cute you have left the black, please!

-Thank you.

I answered and went inward embraced as cordial. I made some light snacks and drank chopped eating,

chatting over and over and get to the subject of my husband I could not help myself pausada.Ella stroked my hair sentencing.

He’s a fool, believe me, look to lose a woman.

The silence was tense as we look; I suggested we went to eat and then made a funny and trigger error.

We prepare two glasses of red wine with peach syrup. Within minutes we were giddy and happy.

We ate chicken with mustard and tiramisu dessert, we sat on a mat outside.

I noticed as he lost the look on my leg that was exposed to be on its side and even with the cut of the dress.

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I admired her breasts as splendid which imagined very hard. Without removing eyes drank the last sip of each cup, let the glasses off,

I ran the hair, pressed her lips apart and then closed his eyes. I kissed her gently on the mouth and played around with languages,

that wise creature better than me to do, put a hand on her leg and stroking until my thong intensified the passion of kissing.

I took her by the hand and went to the bedroom, stripped off, picked up her hair and pulling my mouth pounced on the bed,

sucking my ear ultra sensual way and started down until my vagina.

It was hellish despair of my body to feel that spectacular tongue in my sex,

interlace the fingers and made me vibrate in his mouth, I moaned and writhed with orgasms to ask you to please leave me that it was my turn.

-Guacha Bitch, give me your shell that I want to suck.

She went to bed smiling and opening her legs parted her labia with the fingers asking.

I -Vení to suck, do me finish, want you to take my cum.

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The meats were hard and desperate to give me pleasure,

I took the hair standing up to give me kisses terrible tongue and was still sucks and sucks everything;

shell, ass, boob and take flows. We were exhausted caressing and laughing with pleasure.

I looked tenderly and pondered the rich ass apart from that big hole.

‘I have done recontra And you ?.

-Also And see that my husband had me followed, it is that expansion depends on many factors but you babe.

He grimaced smile and gesturing about twenty centimeters between coats said

-My stepfather.

I was speechless and I even felt stupid.

Mom is an alcoholic’s picked us up from the street and good will was giving, does not bother me and I even like doing it,

she only concerned with alcohol and he is a coolie who sometimes serves putos that pay well and has moved more than a veteran who also have paid for their services

even if it seems the lie is very respectful or who will not respect them kissing or touching.

Just out of curiosity I accepted the divine madness of knowing nothing-without commitment

She smiled forecasting.

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-You’ll be surprised; let me call and comes to touch, today has nothing to night.

The two were in their underwear when she arrived, she took her bra.

So it is quickly heated -Acotó.

I opened the door and walked in, he was tall,

neither fat nor thin, semi bald, athletic wear and talking dried mouth almost permanently by excess saliva.

He waved shyly and she took him into the living room after giving a peak; I think he noticed that cooled me and pulling down the jogging he said.

Look if you lie.

It was a black cucumber, he had never seen or imagined anything, including disproportionate depending on the rest of the body;

he smiled and she shamelessly stripped the leather back making the environment a smell of horse stable occurred.

He masturbated smiling and the monster began to straighten up.

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Give him boluda Come to try or start Do you prefer me?

It was a challenge and advance to encourage me to take the tip and felt his pulse to the extent that hardened,

I bent down and began to lick, taste was something horrible but I was fascinated that I did not enter the mouth,

I felt caresses her on my back and tail and suddenly I take my place with amazing mastery and looking at me askance taught me how to suck a dick.

-has That smell by hungry Said.

We went to the bedroom and as she sucked me like preparing all sat beside the bed and his own cock sucked.

‘Please take me that I pleaded.

She stepped aside and slowly, slowly entered me.

I searched her mouth and flooded mine with his baba almost without letting me breathe,

I moaned with passion and tried my love and hugged him looking his madness with my body.

While the flooding of streams I heard my girlfriend say.

– You saw it pays to be a bitch sometimes.

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She wants your ass love, I know.

I asked her not because she encouraged me and proposed that look like penetrated so inspiring.

I did not want to be less and I said that was my cock to suck me and break the ass. I felt his tongue and fingers in my ass,

I was scared but I wanted the challenge, that opportunity was unique.

I stood aside and standing up one leg between my buttocks felt advancing its huge member, sighed deeply, relax the body and closed my eyes.

-for My love god slowly.

She got into my legs licking my ass and cock male ass and balls; slowly he was coming and resisted halfway.

Until there papi, and divine far.

The last thing I remember was the cold sweat, his hands on my tits his tongue in my ear and the voice of my friend saying we viejita broken my ass.

When I woke up they had changed since wash the sheets and cleaned my legs and ass dung, she smiled asking if it was okay or wanted more

Shut up that you were you a week without sitting -The challenge him.

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I smiled sore and I went to take a bath caressing and kissing my man, when I finished my toilet as I dried in the mirror I wondered who it was.

A woman with a college degree, resolute life in the hands of an asshole that gave me an unpleasant but effective male,

who was or that things happened or confused; at one point he turned my status, my children, my practice with patients who idolize me,

my belongings and across a huge dick with a pendeja impertinent that overheats me and I want to tame:

like that wonderful member from the ordinariness I take a climax ever felt.

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