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I was then 19 years old and my mother had sent me where her dressmaker to make me a pair of pants.

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My mom gave me the address and told me dressmaker named Erika.

My mother knew about 5 years ago and always had arranged his clothes.

I did not know, only knew her for the things she told me my mom.

Reach a building, the address marked the 5th floor of a former departments.

Ring the bell when the door opened and out came a woman who was over 35 years very good body and beautiful face.

¿Mrs. Erika? Ask if she said with a sensual voice.

But do not tell me ma’am, tell me Erika.

He took me to a room where I had all sewing implements.

So you’re rodrigo, the son of Isabel? If answered.

Do not you told me I had such an attractive child? She said

I just smiled. I was bringing the fabric into a bag.

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Erika had a neckline that showed the goodness of the size of their breasts, detailing its shape and texture,

which were quite firm. He had a mischievous smile, and honey-colored eyes that ate me when I looked.

Ok, I said, take off your pants and subete to that bank. I’ll take your measurements.

I remove the pants and went to the bench, leaving my waist up to his head.

I was wearing boxer shorts calsonsillos type. First measured my waist.

He measured the length of my leg. From above I could see her breasts more detail.

Open your legs, and I measured the crotch. Without wishing me rozo testicles which made me very excited.

I take all measures and told me to get dressed. Finished getting dressed and told me to return in two days.

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After two days, buy a box of chocolates and Erika went home. I said hello, how are you doing?

Well answered, I brought you a little present. Humm said, I love chocolates.

Well, sacate the pants. I take it out and stay in very small slip, marking the size of my member.

Notice how she looked at my package while working.

This time she wore a shirt that showed her cleavage. revealing of her breasts.

See she said, put the pants. It was the unfinished pants. I stay pretty well.

Ellla said that even lacked enough and make a pinsados.

She took the pincushion and began to mark where to sew.

That was when she nail me a pin in the head of my penis, I jumped pain, and she asked me for forgiveness.

I tip my pants and told me to go to get water in the bathroom.

I skewer so strong that hint a little blood. She told me: Let me heal, see that I was a nurse.

And without hesitation, slip under me, leaving my penis to his care. Blood was the cuerito me, and ran very little.

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See she said in a patronizing tone, besandome about where the blood was.

This made my penis erectase immediately, bringing forth a little blood, to which she responded by introducing my penis in her mouth.

She turned her tongue in my glans into her mouth, making me enjoy as ever.

Metia and pulled my cock from her lips, which pressed hard my glans.

My penis had a full erection, and saw giant. She paused and took his tape measure,

began to measure my dick. 23 cm long by 5 meters wide.

And he’s returned to engulf this time introduced a whole, reaching the base of my testicles.

I did see stars, almost took my face.

So it was was like about 20 minutes mamandome cock until my cum landed on his face.

I asked to get dressed and to go find pants in a couple of days.

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