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By the time she was twenty-five years, worked in administration of our small-medium enterprises.

Married two children but a more than enviable physical condition.

Of medium height and though discreet to wear his tail, breasts and calves were difficult to hide.

With her long shiny black hair took several glances when passing through the production area and be friendly despite their treatment he was also sharp but polite.

As owner could feel a better approach because it was recommended and daughter of an old friend but like everything was limited by their nature to exclusively work.

More than once I intended to invite some excuse to lunch or business dinner,

but the limits were well marked and my middle plus the pride of his family age gave me no chance of anything and labor part was not to lose someone as competent by a cold sore apart from fear of the complaint;

It was so then decided to “suffer” conformándome with her and wait for the chance of something.

She did not fall quite right in my friend’s family since looked very materialistic and defend asked

But if your child is a humble boy.

He shrugged his shoulders showing signs of intrigue.

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Fate would (eventually doubted) that when trying to talk on the phone hooked another conversation,

she was online with someone agreeing where to deliver two boxes of one of the products we had in stock.

(By then the cell was newly surfaced thing).

With details at my mercy wanted to know what I discovered. He had a small car and usually came when almost no one was left on the ground.

I waited in the parking lot just as loaded hooking the first box (not saying the product obviousness); I froze at my smirk.

-I hear you. Sentencie-

-The Had to sell it tomorrow and be accountable. He defended himself.

Do not lie, do not tease, inadvertently heard the conversation line;

have good intentions would not draw something hidden;

tomorrow I’ll list liquidation and theft talk to my lawyers Do you know that crime is not the ant?

I turned around and went in, as expected kept telling me please listen. Di a touch of compassion and looked straight ahead.

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I’ve never stolen swear was only for a small motorcycle dues I want to buy for the neighborhood,

it will not happen again, give me but please do not report me.

– How are you did before, expect me to believe you?

-Please do not say anything. He pleaded holding my arms and looking at me with silence please-

I’ll do what you want Do not worth it? Added defeated lowering his head.

I took her to my office because there was no one inside, I sought his mouth but his teeth prevented my tongue enter her,

wanting to insist looked face with disgust that on another occasion I had angry but my excitement was very high for egos

lifted her skirt exposing her gorgeous thighs and a tiny red thong that barely covered the labia. I went down,

the shell as she licked her naked sex but she just sucked my dick when I put condom, had talent but did not show it.

He stopped and said hatefully.

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Give him finish already.

She herself came in and I had to move my passion and searched her mouth she dodged and had to take the jaws to straighten it and kiss something as he finished.

When I pulled my cock I felt her sob and saw her tears on her cheeks; then she bent down to put on the thong and when I saw her beautiful brunettes buttocks and devour underwear.

I wanted to kneel down to suck the ass but it sure would have enraged uncontrollably.

– You’re good? I asked for.

– How do you want this? – Said drowned in tears.

He took her purse and left swiftly.

The next day did not come grounds peak of fever and mixed in me the feeling that preparing something legal and be miserable for having abused someone who had the age of one of my daughters, although deep outside under the discovery of a crime.

The next day he returned to work and dodged my gaze. I wanted to apologize and seek a point where mostly do see life so send for her at my desk with a work excuse. He entered with glare asking

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– What does he want?

-Disculparme In the part that touches me, which I never do with any employee.

I know, we are numbers. He assaulted.

I decided to ignore him and followed him.

-Here Am the dream of all and you know, from the first day I wanted you to be mine and I suffered a lot not being able lograrte at least want to lower the tension and take this please.

I held out an envelope that took surprised and without changing the look; before retiring he said.

– And you say you liked? What a way to conquer a woman, for me it was nothing.

I thought I was wrong wrong with what he said and what was in the envelope, two checks with enough money to pay what he owed the bike;

It was a juicy figure; Alan Proust would perhaps right when he wrote if you want a woman to change her mind give her a new dress;

but it showed how regretful and I was guilty, and if there was despair in the background a hint of tremendous hatred towards micro

“we are a number.” I was a good time thinking up if in the act of giving an envelope would see from my angle as a purchase.

After two hours he appeared serious giving me an address where you see us at the exit.

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There is something clear and will not be here. He added retiring.

I stayed with my calculations of probabilities, the place was remote and lonely but good for lovers,

when the time had told me I loaded the gun and went to the same; angry or spiteful of women.

When you get parked next to him, there was no one and look at the plants around us looking for her husband or friend.

He opened the door up and there noticed the gashes in her tight skirt dress with black stockings; red rouge so intense and black hair.

She was prettier than ever and despite the fear I began to have an erection, smiled firmly and put the checks above the glove box.

I do not want this, buy your conscience if encontras but not me. He said angrily.

No let me talk was just a loan to get out of your problem but I was going to charge discounted your salary.

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My problem is not that; you have done something I should not hurry and do not afford for my mistake.

I got lost for a second and not strain my answer.

‘Well it was somehow a violation taking advantage of your mistake; but hell if there is only  he knows what I dreamed you and I would do it because’re worth,

go to if you like you vouchers underwent my head until I have pajeado with you.

Progress was made on me taking me by the neck and put his tongue in my mouth, I rubbed his fly and stop taking the cock,

and sucked down a dream way, I did not stop put his hand on all sides.

Pajeándome he straightened and opened his shirt pulling the wonderful and hard breasts offering them to my lips devoured anxious.

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We went to a motel in the car and as soon as we undressed throwing herself on the bed, which bonbon. kneeling back hair was collected,

showing off her beautiful ass, then lie on your back and snaking his tongue invited me with a cock and milk Give me until you get bored Want to fuck me? Vení servite old pig.

When I finally finished undressing I sought his mouth; standing on the edge of the bed I held her face and turned around making me suck ass despite his pleas;

bumble and ate the tail end into her mouth until we were exhausted from odors of sweat and sperm flow.

Underwent was great the almost everything he wanted and when he refused to tell me only limited

Pay me chorra, take open with your own.

At times he is whimpering but agreed to all insulting.

I never cheated on my husband but when forced me to take with you felt something had a score.

I have only to force, I thought reproaching and threatening So easy it was?

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