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Re-reading the Post “I want my wife to lie down with others” and after underlining and thanking the sincerity and value of the couple who have told their experience,

I wonder if what we really want men is that our partner

(we will ignore if Is wife, girlfriend, friend with right to rubbing, partner or any other modality of affective-sexual relationship to two),

that our partner, he said, fuck with others on their own or being present, whether we are voyeurs or participants.

By the way, fucking seems a little reductionist in this of sex, so I propose “to practice (different modalities of) sex.”

But, put to make the stipend, why also not to practice with a woman, or with a couple, well,

why not practice together the different sexual possibilities of a good exchange of partners?

In other words, instead of my wife practicing a duet with another

why not practice it together, with another duo or with a third @?

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The exchange (whatever the boundaries of each pair), seems to me much richer and interesting for a couple. I’ll explain. In the exchange …

There is an egalitarian relationship between two couples, where each contributes the same;

Can be made soft or hard; There may be penetration with others or not;

One can be a voyeur and exhibitionist;

can enjoy seeing our partner in varied and joyous positions and trances;

als can enjoy showing ourselves in that diversity of pleasures;

and We can give free rein to our bisexual desires, if there was one;

is no infidelity because we are present and we are accomplices in everything;

here is little risk of falling in love with others, because the context makes difficult love, intimate and affective situations;
charge the sexual batteries, an arsenal of erotic, sexual and morbid images and sensations, that will change the idea about our partner, about each one of us and even the way of being of our relationship until that moment;
probably learn other ways of practicing and living sex as a couple thanks to the new partners (in all areas of life we learn better in a group, does anyone think that sex is different?);

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Our confidence is reinforced with our partner, having shared those unique experiences where we may have transgressed the limits of conventional sex, our individual sexuality, our inherited values, what society considers correct;

discover the freedom of being able to break our individual and couple comfort zones;

ll have a good bouquet of conversations to recreate two and of images and secrets to recreate in the intimate moments,

whose intensity will multiply by several times;
We will see the world of sex and of sexual relations with other eyes;

Perhaps the inappetence and the anorgasmia begin to remit;

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