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When the relationship was saying my boyfriend took me to introduce his family.

Everything was almost normal, as mine to him until after a while in a general roast met his uncle Genaro;

is typical better positioned economically and for now criticized and envied voices silent.

It is plump and smiling up the habit, he laughs at anything merchant and his office has, but do not want, a touch of pride for presence of values and possess habit of command.

That is crossing service authority. It has been single for his infidelities cute secretaries and some other thus employed,

according to my boyfriend, boastful of his conquests and canchero the famous “lame me all.”

In a couple of times I caught him looking at me “complete” form fretting at some point as well considering that she was curious only for being the promise of future family member.

Before my boyfriend I pondered and talked about banal things informing each other and even places where my family had roots and how nice it was and as he liked to travel to visit them and etc.

At times I felt his look was as arrogant as realizing the bold and it apologized with an excuse to withdraw.

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I am 20 years long black hair, big body, white meat and firm both as young as the gym and I must admit,

I like his terisquear with men just to see how they end almost a plea out his male condition.

I could not help and trying to fall sympathetic despite his retirement approached me casually looking resume the conversation.

We talk about various subjects and we discovered that we both liked fishing and asked if we could go on any yacht in the river

He smiled and prolonging the voice said:

Noooo that is a place for those who are only interested me.

And he turned away before my rage.

I returned to the load to clarify something and said he did not take this the wrong way but that there was no contempt in his words if not just a joke and point and to forgive him but I had to talk to someone else.

When we returned home with my boyfriend I was going full of fury; I leave on my own and concealing boredom between home,

after dinner something very frugal with my parents I went to my room and ended up sleeping only between rage.

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In my work I could not get it out of my head and after three days I decided to call.

-What a pretty surprise! What do I owe this kindness ?. He said

– It’s just to ask if you screwed something for the way you treated me the other day, if so I apologize

– For any girl How can you think is not what leads you to think that? So who apologizes me.

– I thought you bothered my talk just for that.

– Oh we better talk with dinner Yes? We clarify everything and happy, okay? Tell her to my nephew where we are, I invite.

– He does not know anything about this and do not want him to know you hope not wrong. I answered sulky.

After a short silence he replied.

– Okay, you decided where you step to seek and speak Why not? It’s going to be fun.

– Let me see it. Answer and hung triumphantly.

We met one night, I put on the black dress, tight and short black stockings, I got in my car and I’m talking about a very discreet place.

We dined very well acclimated, smiling but without a word more, I sat around waiting for the moment insinuating haul for the snub but received another slap;

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I wonder just where I wanted to leave me, I silently waiting looking back over his words, he just yawned and repeated the question.

We said goodbye and went with all the warmth from all sides you can imagine.

Entire days thinking about it and how to generate another situation, there was no way and perhaps should understand that this conceited canchero that takes them all I did not like;

although it was not a frustration I had trouble accepting that situation to me that piropeaba I almost everyone and all ages;

For this case I decided to concentrate on my boyfriend and point.

A weekend told me to lunch with his family and chest swelled me, I waited anxiously to myself the day and get the same,

lunchtime we should start without Genaro, since much earlier announced that it would come and let apologies to all promising come next.

Consider that he did not have the same expectations that I and would be with any of your employees many of them married but eager to sleep with him.

One of those rare it started to rain and the water suddenly grabbed me through a square, stretchy dress was sticking to my body and I run up forcing me to hold it.

Across the street a car Genaro stood up and shouted my name from within. I got happier to see him, it was my salvation to the wet.

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By putting a foot inside I neglected my skirt and I must have seen it all and little difference because I wanted to have something with it.

It took me until close to home and because the weather was very pleasant conversation being arranged to meet for yachting that weekend.

– My nephew you warn you?

I was silent and with a forced smile I said yes.

We sailed in his not great but good yacht and drove around with snacks the beautiful view. It put me in a bikini my tail trying to stay in his sight and at times I sat in a sexy;

or an insinuating glance of him.

In mid-afternoon when everything starts giving returns guidelines I asked if I could trust something.

– Of course, if-I answer.

– Your nephew does not know this output, it is a lie that could not come.

He looked at me intently but with a smirk asked.

– And because?

– Really you do not know? I repregunté.

– No, decyl.

– Does not matter. I said upset.

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– Coward. He said attacking.

-It is necessary? I fought back.

– No, I when I want and something I believe in the game. He said.

– You’re not used to denigrate? It shows that you’re pattern.

– Next time I do not set anything unless you’re sure what you want. It retrucó

Stare into determined.

– I want to make love with you.

– I’d like to catch you but not make love. He replied brazenly.

– Let’s go already! A home- told drowned in anger.

He started the yacht and entered a delta, moored yacht and turned to me.

– What do you do? Come home do not want to do anything. I reproached.

– Now if I like, hysterical and sweet.

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He hugged me and when I went to refuse put his tongue in my mouth.

Had the force of gymnastics and I squirmed in his arms to disengage but could not and after a few seconds relented taking his chin and massaged his tongue with mine as I felt like I undressed gets banged cock and deepened his kisses with his hands on my ass.

I sat for him suck his cock while stroking my face, every so often I took her out to kiss me,

and after a while of refregarla all over my face stopped me, turned me, fingers ensalivó, I dipped the year, opened my buttocks and I go in.

My boyfriend’s dick is bigger and tougher but Genaro picked me as doing me a favor, every so often kept her out and put back until finished.

He untied the boat and we set off, you look furious and replied sarcastically.

– I picked Was not what you wanted?

When we went to dismiss told me we saw in two weeks, he was going to go over well with a new experience that surely ever had.

Do not answer and got dirtier desperate home. By Friday of that week he called to tell me where we would meet on Saturday;

I told him not go for lack of interest in it and only repeated place and time.

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We entered a building without talking too much and waiting for the moment to send him to hell saying that I was bored and picked up very badly;

in the elevator I touched the breasts and withdrew my hand. He continued his fondling and I reject it, knew it excited him.

When we got off the elevator and walked down the hall I put his hands between my legs well.

– Just pelotudo.-I whispered.

I just wanted to get curious and go to my tremendous surprise opened the door a transvestite from that / as, tall brunette, naked, nice tits and cock with firm and shapely legs.

We walked in and shut the door to see her beautiful ass, she looked me up and down sentencing

– That cute bitch brought me love, so I like morrudas.

Genaro began kissing on the mouth and between the disgust felt triumph. He takes them all is kissed a man, ideal for leave time laughing.

He took me by the waist and joined the three languages by giving up my attempt to laugh and run.

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Summarize, the pijas I put them in the mouth and the face refregaron sucked,

they held each other and made me double penetration for the first time in my life, ended in unison. I was exhausted.

Genaro went to bathe and / lla took me back as she whispered.

– I like you and this motherfucker never repeated, and you culeó and now leaves you but if you want you know my house, then I give you the phone.

She gasped and ejaculated in my mouth. Genaro me not picked up even though I asked him every so often,

as the transvestite I went a couple of times but Genaro was not the same. Today married with Genaro as dream guy the time to take me to bed again,

he is selfish and ordinary but I plan to beat him even once and does not think he cares because he knows my whim me made slave of his cock.

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