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They were having dinner at a European wave rest, drinking a rich tempranillo wine, and talking to as evolved as adults and as a couple, as was their third anniversary.

Although the bar had a traditional European style was very cool by the background music playing and people who habitually concurred.

They left the restaurant and went to her apartment. While she was to accommodate the hairstyle opened a new bottle of reserve wine bought especially for that night.

He approached her, who was standing next to the stove, gave the cup of wine and started playing Snow Patrol background, while he took her waist and kissed her neck.

Then he started down with kisses by the neck to the shoulders. He moved aside the straps to continue with kisses,

while he unbuttoned his pants button. Jean wearing a black, tight, color so that emphasized her perfect curves.

He parted his lips to her skin, only to reassemble them a few seconds later, but now, in her delicate skin below her navel.

She sighs were getting more intense. You could see the acceleration of her heart as the heat given off her body.

indo bokef

He began to pull and drop each piece of it very slowly to the ground. Once there was no longer pledge to withdraw,

knelt before her and began rubbing her legs with the tip of his tongue as he climbed almost touching his lower lip.

She exhaled loudly and began to stir. When she leaned forward to force the contact of his mouth with her lower lip,

and he immediately joined a few centimeters away. He opened the closet. He took a strip of soft red fabric and blindfolded him,

preventing him from seeing his movements and intentions. He took her hand, pulled her to the bed and laid her down

perpendicular to the way in which the bed usually used.

Tomo each hand and foot and tied her gently, but with total firmness result, leaving motionless, with his body taking a cross shape.

In this way she was with her blindfolded, looking up, though he could not see; her legs, showing the degree of excitement that was carrying,

given the moisture dripping from her vulva; his head and his mouth just where it ended the mattress, allowing him closer to the body part that he could think of.

indo bokef

She wanted to move. On the challenged. He told her that all she had to do was allowed to drink either wine or humidity him arising out of the warmth generated by their sighs.

Then he leaned back between her legs and began kissing her. First knees, then the adductors. Then below your navel,

until he finally fell, fulfilling the desire of that beautiful woman seething, and began to touch her very, very gently, the lips of her vagina with the tip of his tongue.

He gave to drink wine. After he retired, I look for a small bottle with a shiny yellowish liquid. It was lemonchelo flavored oil.

He began to place, with gentle, circular movement of his fingertips on her lips, neck, nipples, waist, hips and labia.

Once oil and placed him and maddened by the sighs of her, she rose, placed next to her head, took his member,

with the tip and wet, and pulled his head to her lips. As soon as she noticed she opened her mouth and started kissing him desperately.

She was so hot that desperate to kiss, suck and bite him. The screaming of pleasure.

indo bokef

When he was about to end it abruptly pulled back, again placed between her legs and began to kiss her clitoris intensively.

Unexpectedly, he, cut the kisses she was giving him, he stood up, went to the closet and returned with a toy. Lubrico it,

lit it and leaned on her vagina. As soon as she cry anxiety, desire and pleasure supported. With a quick reaction,

he took the vibrator head to the entrance of her wet vulva and introduced it to the base. She began to scream with pleasure regardless of whether the whole building could hear.

Peak-to-peak pleasure, she finished in such a way that its richest and intimate liquor began running between his legs and to form a giant wet spot on the coverlet.

Both liked to drink his honey, he did not care that she is at that moment after orgasm, when the ladies need a mini-break to recover from sessions pleasure;

and he began kissing her desperately, to drink every drop of its finished. She kept squirming with pleasure, sighing and groaning intercaladamente.

When all seemed finished, he took the gel heat and put plenty of it just below her vagina, so that the heat of her body,

the liquid comenzase to slowly fall until it reaches the hole in his anus, overrunning all its erotic zone for immense heat and delirious desire.

indo bokef

Then he broke his hand and her left foot, so as to put it on his side, and began to spoil the tail, and put a finger in his narrow tail.

When she was almost collapsed pleasure he got up, he took her to his penis with his left hand and kiss him intensely.

Finally he lay down beside her, with her still lying on his right side and began to penetrate very slowly.

As both were too hot and very close to an end, he began to make love very strongly. With each order of it, he increased his strength and speed,

until finally, both ended up flooding both pleasure and intimate body fluids.


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