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Every time I saw that woman, she looked like she was seeing a goddess. She was a very beautiful woman who excited him, who put a thousand.

What I am going to tell you then happened in reality four years ago, I met Lucia, a very pretty girl with white complexion,

tall, big breasts, impressive buttocks possessing a very seductive look, I measure 1.75cm brown complexion, hair Long,

my member is normal since none of the girls with whom I have had relations has said otherwise, at that moment I was 22 years old.

Enter Lucia as lovers, I was going to visit her house every afternoon one of those days was very late and I found her mother Cristina at the front door at first sight I saw a very good 37-year-old woman eyes Blue,

white skin of small stature, brown hair, her body very well formed and provided the naked eye with a goddess, for my luck was divorced.

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We were with Lucia more or less as a month of lovers when I invited to a party that she organized with her sisters, in this were people of our age had a great time,

during the course of the night her mother left her room to To realize that everything went very well,

I tactfully invited her to stay where Cristina did not refuse all night spend with her dancing talking, since as I liked I saw the opportunity to lift it,

get the end of the party Lucia Was angry with me and went to rest for the reason that he pays more attention to his mother than to her,

so in the end we were with Cristina both alone and under the pretext of helping her to fix the disorder we had caused,

To finish fixing we sat on the sofa, we talked about trivialities at the same time we drank liquor,

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every time to dissimulation I approached a little to her which I noticed and said nothing,

so much talk that in an instant without realizing our faces were Face to face I gave her a kiss which I did not reject and we spent kissing for a long time playing with our tongues unreasonable to feel pleasure,

this is how we got so excited that we went straight to her room, I lay her on the bed I put on her I started To kiss her with one hand explored all her body I took her breasts,

toying with them suddenly hear a noise she abruptly stands up and said that

we leave everything until that moment that it was better that I go to which I agreed as a whole gentleman

But getting very hot when I arrived at my house I masturbate in a brutal way imagining her body next to me.

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They spent the days imagining how I would do to tirarmela, is so that in the fifteen days I went to visit Lucia and

what a surprise Ifind her mother alone in the house was wearing a blouse tight to her body which showed small, round breasts,

A miniskirt that let you appreciate exciting legs and a well formed butt,

invited to pass I was very nervous did not know how to act, I take a glass of water and I take a seat in front of me,

the instant I cross the leg I could admire the thong That I was wearing which caused me an indiscriminate erection try to dissimulate but could not,

she took the initiative and we started to talk about what happened the other night to which she asked me not to tell anyone,

I very chivalrous I said do not worry that my lips will never leave but that what happened I did with much pleasure since

she is a beautiful woman and that any other man would feel envy of what happened Cristina blushed,

and thanked me at the same time He told me that I liked him very much, without thinking twice,

stood up and went to her side to take her face and kiss her playing with our tongues, her breathing was beginning to give rise to excitement,

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embrace without thinking my hands I found her on her buttocks between kiss and kiss I said in her ear very softly that I wanted to make love with her she answered by tying me by the hand and leading me to her room,

Already had my penis so swollen that it felt she lowered me the closing leaving it free Of the prison where he was he started me rubbing in a spectacular way a little,

he gets down on his knees and brings it to his mouth starting a blowjob as only Cristina knows how to do it by running his tongues over his head, he lowered his tongue over


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