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It was Saturday and it was the last day Mafer would be alone at home,

I wanted everything to be perfect in his meeting with Carlos and had prepared everything, some snacks, wine and soft music.

In the afternoon he dared to go to the home of Carlos and talk to his wife to ask her to talk to him so that you take care of the house while she went to dance and,

given the great friendship between Charles and father Mafer, in addition to it was a girl of just 17 years, the innocent wife suspected nothing.

Arriving home Carlos came with the surprise that his own wife asked him to go to the house of Daniel because his “baby” had a party and wanted someone trusted him home care, Carlos accept mumble.

After bathing wear light clothes and headed home where Daniel was waiting impatiently Mafer dressed in a black transparency that left notice a red lace underwear,

she was subtly makeup and hair was collected.

-These beautiful Nena.

It’s our first night together and I want it to be special.

You look like a woman.

– It is that I’m your wife, and tonight you’ll be my king and my owner.

They kissed tenderly and had dinner a little after a few glasses of wine, passion gripped their bodies.

– I want you to do what you want Carlos.

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You like what I’ve done so far?

– If my love, first taught me the thickness of your cock and as an orgasm, the second time did ejaculating me and made me a taste of your cock,

the third time I swallowed your cum and me you penetrate with violence, i want to continue learning with you.

We sleep together tonight and I’ll make something new, if you’re willing.

Of course my love, I’m ready for anything.

Carlos the besoo with passion and Mafer led him into the room, her dress was removed as he kissed her neck and fondled her breasts,

excitement was noticed on her nipples and bra stood aside to lips Carlos devour each of those tender breasts,

then took the panties and licked her toes to climb slowly to the young shell that was already lubed and ready,

Carlos slowly licked each labia sticking the tip of the tongue in pussy and fiddling with the clitoris.

His fingers rubbed inside the vagina and around the anus, Mafer not contain her moans and screaming.

– Take my love … Ohhh that ricoooo !! … Yesss so well !! …Follow, follow!!! … How delicious!!! ‘Ahhh … I love it !!

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The Multiple orgasms ended with a strong ejaculation and a cry of passion and fatigue.

Between fatigue and all Carlos undressed and lay down beside her, kissed her hard and took his hand guiding her toward his cock,

cock Mafer gently stroked, scratched eggs and ran smoothly.

When he was a little recovered wanted to return the favor to Carlos and got to cock and started licking slowly from the base of the eggs to the tip of the glans, tasting the white droplets barely peeked,

then opened his mouth as much as he could and swallowed the big hit of that member,

tried to shove it all in her little mouth but could not even get halfway, the rest ran hard and despair. Carlos was in heaven,

sometimes holding Mafer hair and helped with the blowjob and at times only watched part of his cock was lost between that little mouth;

After a moment Carlos ejaculated violently Mafer filling the throat thick hot milk and swallowed every last drop.

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They turned to bed cuddled and after half an hour of mindless conversation turned to passion,

This time Carlos climbed on top of her and began to penetrate slowly as he kissed her breasts and stroked her thighs and buttocks,

then his back he lay down and Mafer he climbed on top and shell cock ate completely, up and down with slow and steady pace,

he enjoyed with each entry and exit from that wonderful cock that made her delirious with passion until a strong orgasm lay on his chest .

Make me what you wanted me please, Carlos.

-Are you sure?

– Of course my love, I’m all yours.

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Carlos put on all fours and licked her buttocks and slit up to the anus, spat and with his fingers wet the edges of the still virgin hole,

then put some lubricant on the anus and the head of the cock and began to rub it in the ass,

that ass looked too small for the cock Carlos but he wanted to penetrate it.

Mafer felt just the tip of the cock in his hole, he jumped out of fear, but Carlos held her tightly hips and began to try to put the member.

He was very closed, not fall or tip and she ached a little each attempt, returned to lubricate,

made her put her face on the pillow and so have more standing ass,

and continued attempts until at last a strong attack managed to get his head Mafer clutched the pillow and said nothing but her frail body shook,

Carlos wanted to continue but heard the sobs of Mafer, was crying in pain,

he decided to take his head and could see his member with blood and a drop had stained the white sheet.

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– Forgive me Mafer not mean to hurt you.

– Do not stop Carlos, please follow.

– Not my love, it hurts a lot and you can not take it anymore.

– Carlos Just do not worry about me.

– No Mafer, go to the bathroom please.

Mafer could barely walk, her ass was on fire and felt bad, and in the bathroom Carlos the washed and wiped his dick,

returned to bed and slept cuddled. In the morning they returned to have sex like crazy and in the midst of passion Mafer promised that will soon be ready for anal sex.

He ended that night and Carlos went to his house while Mafer watched the red spot on the savannah,

it was a memory of that night and a promise to his beloved pending.

The following days and after soothe the pain in his ass, Mafer he researched about anal sex and got creams and dildos to practice penetration,

practiced whenever bathing and bedtime until he decided it was ready to Carlos. Quoted in a hostel in the afternoon,

Carlos asked permission at work and went to meet him, love samples were insufficient, so many days without being had seemed eternal.

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– Baby, my love How you been? I missed you a lot.

– I missed you so much my love, but I know it was worth waiting.

Both they undressed with despair and Carlos placed on all fours, but stood behind her, but beneath it in the opposite direction, in position 69,

and began to eat the shell with furtive desire Mafer not left behind and he took the cock with both hands and stuffed it into his mouth,

continued giving oral sex to each other until she reached the first orgasm, Carlos laid her on her back, lifted her legs and entered once,

Mafer felt the cock it was up to the soul and enjoyed as ever while Carlos was strong lunges with passion and exuberance until both ejaculated while inundating the shell with the juices of the two.

Carlos fell on top of her and surrendered without taking the cock.

– It’s the first time I feel so horny.

– You do not know all the desire I had to cacharte again, I have crazy,

– You also have me crazy, when you want just call me and I’ll come running like a dog to do what you want.

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Is everything all what you want … you sure?

Now if I’m sure, so I called you, I’m already prepared for you, my ass waiting for you.

Mafer him again suck cock to put it back hard, the anus lubricated and stood on all fours, offering his hole.

Carlos lubricated cock and slowly tried to introduce her head, but recalled the previous time and stopped.

– Mafer No, I do not want to hurt you.

– I am now prepared Carlos, just take me and penetrates my ass.

– Do not know, maybe it hurts and I do not want to see you mourn.

Mafer became convinced that Carlos was afraid and decided to do it herself, climbed to Carlos on his back and returned to lubricate your anus and cock,

stood up, placed his cock at the entrance of her anus and slowly was sitting on it , it hurt,

he could not deny the consoling he had used were not much beside the thick cock Carlos but he knew he could bear,

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Carlos looked scared that girl to efforts to dig dick in the ass,

watching the expression pain with every millimeter coming down until it finally reached fully seated.,

she opened her eyes and looked, he saw between amazed and satisfied.

– Now yes I am completely yours my love, can penetrate the ass as you want, anytime.

Carlos turned it and put it back slowly began to pump faster admiring that little ass gobbling his cock to the bottom,

it was amazing how he could support as many lunges until ejaculated within that beautiful and delicate ass.

After that day Mafer and Carlos looked almost daily,

he was looking for any excuse and she made sure it worthwhile, she had a teacher sex that drove her crazy and he had the most beautiful creature … your Nena .

Is the last day Mafer be alone at home and Carlos comes home with an excuse.

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