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Adolfo was named Managing Director of the company’s sales department after the last restructuring.

One of his first tasks would be to go to the department to meet with his coordinator, Carmela.

They had already been told that there had been some discipline problems with the staff,

which did not clearly distinguish that it was the managers who set the operating guidelines,

and that they were merely technicians who had to be limited to obeying orders.

It was a coincidence that they were all women, and He saw one of the problems there, aggravated by the fact that his predecessor was also a woman.

He thought that a little hard hand and a few lessons of submission would suit those girls very well.

The one who sent someone with pants would certainly increase the effectiveness.

Adolfo called Carmela on the phone, advising her of his arrival.

When he arrived, Carmela was waiting for him in his office, got up and said:

“Encouraged, Adolfo, I am Carmela, please sit down and explain how this works.

And he stood and stared at Carmela, who did not understand what was happening. Adolfo spoke:

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