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After that first time, Mafer kept thinking even one minute in Carlos,

despite having the age of her father and she only 17 years, had become delirious in bed and discover the wonderful feeling of an orgasm .

Mafer wanted to experience those feelings with her lover,

but he did not even getting her to lubricate, which entailed a painful penetration but his penis was thinner than Carlos.

This situation could not be sustained more and Mafer decided to end his love despite the claims, pleas and even tears of this,

however Mafer was determined, he would become the little lover friend of his father.

One September afternoon,

his parents had to travel urgently by a family issue and she took the opportunity to excuse himself with some tests and achieve stay home alone.

At 7 pm, while Carlos was driving home his cell phone rang, it was the number of the house of his friend, but hung answer the call;

This intrigued Charles, who changed course and headed home his friend.

Mafer met him at the door with a short contemplate leaving his long, thin legs and a wide blouse,

her hair down to one side and a wide flirtatious smile invited him to go.

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Hey, while you come back over here.

Be careful, they can hear you. I think your dad wants to talk to me.

Come in and wait for call Anything to drink?

-No thanks. I just wait in the hall.

Carlos sat in a room by the nervous attitude Mafer furniture, had been in disguise as they were not alone and thought that perhaps his friend had noticed.

A few minutes later appeared Mafer, freshly bathed and dressed in a transparent pink gown that left notice her small, pink nipples,

having no bra, and a small white panties that let out one or two emerging pubic hair, her look was something innocence, desire and malice.

What are you doing, are you crazy? You can find us well and.

Shhhhh, do not worry my love, my family traveled in the afternoon and will not return in a few days. I called to give this surprise.

‘But the neighbors could see me in! If your father finds out we get into serious problems here yet you are under age!

Take it easy my love, we’re here and you want to take these minutes.

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-Mafer This is not a good idea, I better go.

When he tried to stand Mafer pounced on him and kissed him in an uncontrolled manner that surprised Carlos,

to the astonishment happened to reciprocate the kiss as excitement slowly under his pants felt,

he stroked her buttocks and back while she He rubbed in his pelvis looking feel that lump grew and grew uncontrollably. Carlos had yielded.

While he continued to increase the intensity of his kisses and caresses, she started down shirt and opening the chest and licking her navel as he rubbed his cock was already hard over trousers;

Carlos trousers unbuttoned and got everything and underpants,

leaving thick freedom that and venuda cock who blew his first drops of pre-cum,

soft hands Mafer looked thinner still holding that thick phallus, the right hand of Carlos took Mafer’s neck,

while the left led toward his cock’s sweet lips Mafer who understood the message and opened them as he could;

red head barely managed to get into that small mouth and part of the trunk as well. Carlos felt in the sky admiring the scene,

his fat cock between bright and youthful lips Mafer, she was not as skilled at it, but she liked and wanted to learn and please Carlos.

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He finished undressing and she turned out the lights in the room and then undressed standing in front of him,

Carlos stood and lay face up on one of the chairs, she spread her legs and proceeded to lick this wet pussy before the soft moans from her,

noting the large amount of juice in the vagina started to poke a finger as his tongue went to the clitoris,

she puts two fingers into the vagina and moved up and down gently to the rhythm lick the clitoris.

Mafer soft moans changed by intense cries of pleasure,

arching her body clinging tightly to the armchair feeling strong contractions and urination.

-Stop! I have to go to the bathroom.

-Orina In my mouth, do not be afraid.

Doubtful Mafer wanted to let go but Carlos did not let go and ended up spilling large amount of liquid on the breast of Carlos,

that expulsion of liquid left severe muscle pain in legs and hips Mafer he could not move, which frightened her a little,

it was something new and did not know how to react.

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No panic, what you feel is normal

-What happen to me?

– You just experience your first ejaculation.

‘What ejaculation? But that only men do.

No girl, women can also reach that level of excitement and just experienced.

You’re lucky, many women never in his life come to feel this, now get some rest while you recover.

Mafer felt the cramped legs and hips sore but I was happy, tired but happy to experience it all.

Carlos dressed and gave him a sweet kiss on the mouth Mafer.

I have to go, tomorrow you will experience something else, now rests my child.

Mafer wanted to stop but could not stand, so let him go, being naked, wet, exhausted and very happy in the room.

Tomorrow another new experience awaits you with Carlos, who could be her father but it is not, however she is his baby.


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