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Good morning, ladies, I am D. Adolfo Sag, new director of sales of this company. Your coordinator will have already put you in the background.

I want a good working climate here, and only that. – –

You must attend to customers with correction,

and with respect to me I expect you to be model employees: disciplined and obedient, and especially professionals.

want a certain decorum in your attire, therefore you will always come well arranged and made up without excesses

always with skirt neither too long nor too short.

The pants keep them for your spare time.

As women, you must always be affectionate, so when I arrive in the morning you always greet me with a kiss on the cheek, and you will do the same at the end of the day.

You know that you will always treat me, I will tell you about you. Is everything clear?

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“Yes, sir,” they all answered in unison. – – I like it that way. Maybe you wanted to say something, but for the moment here it is only interesting what I say, so you can go.

Carmela, you stay. – Adolfo went with Carmela to the office and there he urged her to face the wall as punishment for all the clumsiness she had been committing all day.

Carmela protested that she had no right to do that to him. Adolfo replied:

– If I have or not right, later we will see, but you now face the wall, until I tell you, if you do not want to find a disciplinary file. I think I’m pretty clear.

Obey! Carmela had no choice but to submit and faced a corner in a firm position with her face pressed against the wall and her arms folded behind behind her boss’s instructions.

For about three quarters of an hour Adolfo was studying documents. When he finished, he gave Carmela permission to leave his position and go home.


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