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A few weeks ago I received an invitation to a dinner reunion of former colleagues of the institute,

something I did not feel anything but at the insistence of my dear friend Luciana I agreed to go.

And there I introduced myself, the excuse was the anniversary of our passage through this educational institution,

nobody cares what years.

I did not like going because I remembered my adolescence when my physical appearance was very different from now,

my face acne affected not made me the most sought after high school girls, on the contrary,

I suffered a painful marginalization.

I arrived at the restaurant with the very justito time, come and go directly to the dining room.

Someone obviously very malicious, had put little signs on the tables,

distribuyéndonos with a curious and even unpleasant criterion.

On a table were the boys and girls guais, the beautiful people of those high school years.

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To me they put me with the rare, marginalized.

Share table with “Pitagorín” of that Smarty repellent and now a polite, pleasant and attractive,

with a certain resemblance to a certain actor in Hollywood fashion child man not long ago.

It is a university professor honored with several awards and honors for his research.

It was the “hairs” a little girl with hair and now a successful woman in the business world;

continues its cloaking hair problems with a high quality wig, a detail that did not hide us.

If I do not buy it-he claimed hair but rightly brags. It was also “El Topo”,

a young man with a serious visual impairment marked by the years, but as always, friendly and funny,

is the first to laugh at himself.

He now lives comfortably in his work as a translator -See I do not see a damn but I have heard exceptionally.

There was also “Vicentín”, a shy and diffident that while it was silent was not at all little introverted,

quite the opposite was the sauce on the table for a long time;

as she was uncomfortable delighted us with comments on those who sat at the table of “beatiful people”.

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Was “Maripuri” easy Insti girl, almost all boys are attributed have slept on it.

Now is a mother, educated, cultured, and above all, tired of his role as easy girl.

During dinner he confessed that one of the things was true, but very few,

and made a comment about the size of the virile attributes “alpha male” of the central table.

The comment was supported with a wave of the hand, pulling the index finger and thumb.

I could not miss this table “Luis Ricardo Cantidubi” although his real name was only Ricardo.

The cruel nickname he received a character from a children’s television show,

a sort of Frankenstein monster tiny and walked like a robot. Ricardo, by a bone growth problem,

used a series of orthotics to help strengthen bones and straighten your spine.

Now an accomplished athlete.

Then there was “Bacon”, a fat, big boy, then shy and reserved with an obvious weight problem.

foto bokep

Martin, who is a name, had a very bad those years,

always with diets and treatments and suffering the cruel jokes of alleged companions.

Now is a computer expert, owns several companies in the industry and travels worldwide.

Physically it has grown further and remains a rather chubby boy.

Finally, “The Grain”, with my face covered with acne suffered the taunts of most of my companions,

except those who accompanied me on the table, who ordered that he hit us there.

All of us were too marginalized by others as well, martirizarnos among us.

My relationship with them was normal, but could not consider friends, but it was me who gathered in gymnastics or field trips.

My first night alone away from home was in a hotel in the Costa del Sol sharing room with “La Pelos” and “Maripuri”.

It was a very enjoyable week, we saw just between us and had a great time.

Too bad it was the last year of the Institute.

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